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I think that this might be one of the greatest 
and most effective manifestation techniques that   I've shared on my channel so far which is saying 
a lot trust me when I say that you are going to   Want to try this as soon as possible and honestly 
when you do please please bookmark this video and   Report back your results because I want to hear 
all about them trust me there will be results   In this video I'm going to show you a very 
effective manifestation technique that will   Completely transform not only what you attract 
but also your entire life allowing you to not   Only manifest the things that you want but also 
just start to attract amazing situations all day   Long for real just a constant influx of good 
news Miracles and things going your way and I   Know you may be sitting there thinking well that 
sounds too good to be true but guess what that is   Your new standard too good to be true is now only 
what you're available for your life being better   Than you imagined is your new standard got it 
good really start raising in your standards   And watch how everything shifts but like I said 
this exercise is really quick really effective   It's five minutes honestly probably even less 
I think it's actually only four and a half but   It's broken down into three timed sections of just 
one minute and 30 seconds so I'm telling you every   Single person has time to do this it's four and 
a half minutes of your day just a minute and a   Half three times and this is also very strategic 
so listen up very closely you want to make sure   That you understand exactly what to do and how 
to connect to it in your own way as you know I   Always teach that manifestation is not a one size 
fits-all approach every single person has their   Own way in which is why one technique might work 
for someone and it doesn't work for you everyone   Has their own subconscious programming their own 
beliefs their own ways of learning and interacting   With the world around them so don't feel bad or 
beat yourself up if one technique didn't work   For you that worked for somebody else I'm going 
to show you how to customize this exercise to   You so that it works best for you in the most 
effective way I like to customize things to   Actually get your resume so if you are ready to 
try this technique go ahead and hit that little   Thumbs Up Button below even if you're one of those 
people who never actually does it maybe today is   The day I know some people don't like the idea 
of it but it lets me know that you're getting   Value and I put so much effort into making these 
videos that cause transformation so I want to see   That it's helping so I continue to make more of 
these so once you do that let's get right into   It hello and welcome back to my channel and if 
you're new here I'm Mary Kate and I'm a mindset   Coach and manifesting expert focused on getting 
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We know each other a little bit more let's get 
into the technique and what to do and how this all   Works like I said this is very strategic so follow 
it like this let me explain there is a specific   Part of your brain call all the particular 
activating system that I talk about here a lot   On my channel because it's extremely beneficial if 
not crucial when it comes to manifesting I like to   Combine the spiritual and the Practical exploring 
brain science and how it connects to manifestation   And I don't want to waste too much time I go way 
more in depth on this in some of my other videos   I highly recommend actually watching the video 
where I talk about manifesting with butterflies   This dives into reticular activating system a 
little bit deeper so I will leave a link to that   Up here and down below but to sum it up quickly 
the whole purpose of this particular activating   System it's inside your brain to act as a filter 
and give you evidence of whatever that you're   Feeding to it I always say you can think of it 
sort of like a little self-fulfilling prophecy   In your mind whatever your focus is it's going to 
continue to show you that it's extremely powerful   For both survival and manifestation and this is 
the part of your brain that you're going to sort   Of activate and Prime during this exercise that 
I'm going to show you you're going to Prime this   Part of your brain three times per day for just 
90 seconds that's all it takes and it's extremely   Easy to do but the key is in the connection so 
this is what you're going to do I find that the   Best way to do this is to set an alarm on your 
phone one for morning one for afternoon and one   At night so that you don't forget because it's 
very easy to forget things like this during your   Day and you really want to honestly and sincerely 
commit to this for a week if not longer give your   Brain some time to start giving you the evidence 
that you're looking for so for these three alarms   Choose whatever times work best for you there's no 
right or wrong times whatever time you want in the   Morning whether it's 5 a.m 10 a.m noon it doesn't 
matter if you're a late Riser or you wake up early   It doesn't matter the only detail that matters 
is that these three times should be relatively   Evenly spaced out during the period that you're 
awake so you don't want to do it back to back   Let's say you wake up at 7 A.M and go to bed at 
10 pm the best times to set an alarm for this   Then would be about 7 A.M 3 P.M and 10 pm right 
before bed you just want them evenly spaced out   If that makes sense so basically morning when you 
wake up middle point of your day and then again at   Bedtime and like I said this is just 90 seconds so 
don't panic about it it's quick now this is what   You're going to do for those 90 seconds make sure 
you set a stopwatch on your phone so you can kind   Of monitor how long you're doing this for and I'm 
going to share the way that I like to do this but   I'm also going to show you how to customize it for 
yourself if the way I like to do it doesn't really   Resonate with you okay so once you set this timer 
on your phone for 90 seconds for that 90 seconds   You are going to repeat one simple phrase over 
and over and over again while connecting to it   By connection I mean let the words resonate with 
you you have to feel it it's not about just saying  

Words just to say them so that's why I'm going 
to show you how to customize this so that you   Can connect with whatever you're saying so here's 
the phrase that I like to use but I'll also show   You how to customize it for yourself so the one I 
like to use is I always see evidence of blank and   Insert that in that blank spot whatever it is that 
you're wanting to experience I always see evidence   Of blank you can keep it General something like 
I always see evidence of everything working in my   Favor I always see evidence of Miracles supporting 
me I always see evidence of wealth I always see   Evidence of success so you can keep it General 
like that or you can get very specific if there's   Something very specific that you're wanting to 
see or experience or have something like I always   See large amounts of money or I always see ten 
thousand dollars in my bank account or I always   See evidence of a luxury vacations or I always 
see evidence of being a millionaire do you see   What I'm saying if you want to get specific you 
can but I like to keep it General so this phrase   Doesn't always have to be I always see evidence 
of blank style phrase you could choose a phrase of   Whatever it is that you want to create whatever it 
is that you want to manifest choose a phrase that   You want to see evidence of instead of I always 
see evidence of blank you could say things like   Money flows to me with ease people love to pay 
me I always get what I want or better I have   More money than I could ever possibly spend pick 
basically an affirmation that resonates with you   That's going to give you evidence of whatever it 
is that you're repeating these are just examples   Decide what you want to manifest whatever it is 
that you want to see evidence of and discover   Create make an affirmation that supports that and 
can give you evidence of it choose something that   Resonates with you don't just choose words because 
I told you to say them if it's money choose a   Money affirmation if it's relationships choose 
a relationship one if you want to get General   Go for it if you want to get specific go ahead use 
what works best for you this is your time and your   Results there is no one-size-fits-all approach and 
the reason I personally like to keep things more   General is because I find that a lot of times it 
actually opens you up to even better possibilities   Than you ever could have imagined sometimes 
when you're getting really specific you're   Actually limiting yourself to what's actually 
possible for example I always see evidence of   Massive abundance that opens you up to maybe more 
than you expected more than you thought possible   Rather than if you had just set the limit at I 
always see evidence of twenty thousand dollars   Maybe forty thousand dollars is possible maybe 
a hundred thousand dollars is possible do you   See you don't want to close off this specific 
Source or the specific amount of abundance   But whatever phrase you choose whatever Focus you 
choose make sure you do that for all three times   All three sets of 90 seconds choose the same focus 
and phrase in the morning middle of the day right   Before bed say it with connection like you believe 
it you are using your reticular activating system   To start giving you evidence of what you're 
saying so you have to commit to believing it  

Get your brain on board and the longer that you 
start to believe it the more it starts to form   A strong core belief and core beliefs are the 
things that really change your life sorry if   The lighting changed the landscapers just came so 
I had to quickly stop filming and we're back I'm   Telling you this isn't just a simple manifestation 
technique this is basically a life hack that will   Change everything in such powerful and amazing 
ways for you this affects so many different   Aspects of your life it's not just manifesting 
certain things when you form a core belief   Everything around you starts to shift so try this 
out and leave me a comment below with your results   Because I love hearing them I really hope that you 
enjoy this video and if you did be sure to give it   A thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and don't 
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