The Power of Your Mind Manifesting to Grow Your Wealth

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Today we continue our sermon series absolute power with this sermon the power of your mind absolute power can transform every one of your problems into an opportunity for Success absolute power will birth a new dawn of Hope in your life help you realize the goals and dreams with a birth of confidence personal potential and communication absolute power will make the impossible possible absolute power will take sorrow and transform it to Joy defeat will become Victory stress will become peace doubt will become faith and fear becomes hope God has given you absolute power for your life it’s in the word of God you are a child of God in the kingdom of God which rules the Earth therefore you have the right to have access to that power read with me Romans 12:2 and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God father God thank you for the joy of being in the house of the Lord today help us to discover the power that we have that our lives shall be filled with the joy and the blessings of God in the auth of your name we pray and ask it and all of God’s children said amen amen you may be seated when you read the word of God you have to consider the power of your mind our thoughts are the decorations inside the sanctuary where we all live what does that our thoughts the human mind what a wonderful thing it happens to be I am told by authorities that you have the mental capacity to remember everything that’s in in a set of encyclopedia that you have the capacity to learn at least six languages fluently now obviously I’m not fulfilling the full capacity of my mind cuz I can’t do that the Bible says you will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you why because he trust in you Isaiah 26 and3 the Bible says be not conformed to this world but you be transformed by the renewing of your mind that that you may prove what is the acceptable and perfect will of God Ephesians 4:23 and be renewed in the spirit of your mind that you put on the new man which was according to the word in true righteousness and Holiness true righteousness is something America must ReDiscover the Bible says let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus Philippians 25 the message in the entirety of the word of God is clear if you want to change your life for the better you have to control your thoughts change your thoughts and you can change your life the Bible says it this way as a man/woman thinketh so is she or he say that with me as a man thinketh so is he the power of your mind can transform impossible possible to possible this book says nothing is impossible to you and if you really believe that that will transform your life that’s a fact the power of your mind can transform I can’t to I will sorrow into Joy defeat into Victory stress into peace doubt into Faith David said Thy word have i hidden in my heart what did he mean by that hidden in his heart mean he memorized it do you read the Bible enough to have any of it memorized because when you get in a spiritual battle you don’t have time to listen to a tape series you need help right then from the word of God David said Thy word have I memorized in my heart that I might not sin against God that means to miss the mark of God God’s word says nothing is impossible to those that believe say that with me nothing nothing is impossible to those that believe and when you start believing that simple verse your life will never be the same Give the Lord Praise In The [Applause] House change your thoughts and you’ll change your world if you think you can you will if you think you’re beaten you are if you think you will fail you will fail it’s not what you’re going through it’s what you’re going to that makes the [Music] difference this Bible says in so many words if you’re in a storm keep growing just keep growing you’re going to reach the shore don’t worry about the winds don’t see the waves just keep roaring the boat God’s in the boat with you and you’re going to make it to the other [Applause] side if you’re in a fight fight to win there’s no such thing as a half-hearted fight fight to win if you’ve been knocked down get up you’re not defeated until you stay down Proverbs 2416 says the righteous fall seven times and Rise yet again if you’ve been KN down get up wipe the blood off your face and get back in the hunt you will prevail St Paul said like this this finally Brethren whatsoever things are true these are eight things whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are noble whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are of good report full of virtue praiseworthy think on these things you think on those eight things and your life will instantly began to feel the presence of God and the peace that God brings your thoughts become words your words become actions your actions determine the quality of your life the quality of your marriage the quality of your business the quality of America and eventually your Eternal Soul what comes out of your mouth is the mirror of your heart your mind and thoughts you think are reflected in what we call your attitude you are responsible for what you think about what you brood about what you worry about how many of you looking at me right now and some of you by television there are certain topics in your life that when it goes into your brain suddenly you start to brood about it and at about five minutes you have steam coming out your ears you’re accomplishing absolutely nothing I mean you feel like you could bite a nail in half your attitude is contagious fear is contagious courage is contagious you start sharing that in your family or in your prayer group and suddenly it becomes a different family St Paul said in 1 Corinthians three the three greatest words in the human language are faith hope and love and they are all contagious once you adopt them it instantly begins to flood your family with that it’s your choice which thoughts you allow to enter into your mind and determine your decisions and your quality of life what is an attitude it’s the advancement of who you really are your roots are hidden but the fruit will always come right out of here it’s your best friend or it’s your worst enemy it draws people to to you or people are repelled from you because of your sour and bitter attitude it’s never content until it’s expressed it determines your success or your failure your thought life does not depend on the circumstance we have a rock rib confidence based on the word of God that endures no matter what the circumstance happens to be listen to these three words ability is what you’re capable of doing motivation determines what you do and attitude determines how well you do it again the Bible says as a man or woman thinketh so is that person you are what you are and you are where you are because of the thought life that you have embraced in your life your attitude determines your attainments compare the lives of St Paul and doubting Thomas St Paul writes in the Bible that he was beaten and left for dead in the streets of Jerusalem he was stoned he was Shipwrecked a night and the day in the in the Deep he was bitten by a deadly Viper he shook it off and people began to worship him because the Viper was so deadly they couldn’t see why he wasn’t even getting sick he was thrown into prison in Chains and sang in The Midnight Hour and then Paul puts pin to parchment and says these light afflictions say that with me these light afflictions I guarantee you any 21st century Christian who was beaten stoned and thrown in prison for their testimony would be writing a book about wine and shine Paul said these light AFF fictions are not worthy to be compared with a joy of the reward that God has prepared for those that love him we’re more than conquerors through Christ Christ nothing is impossible to those that believe the Victory Is Ours through Christ the lord the Bible says rejoice and again I say rejoice the victory is yours over all things over every situation nothing can defeat you because nothing is impossible Give the Lord Praise in the [Applause] house from the Apostle Paul to death sh in Thomas after the resurrection of Jesus Thomas said I can’t believe that he has risen from the dead until I touch his body now when you’ve had Jesus for a pastor for three and a half years that just is no better but here is this whiny thumb sucking believer saying unless I can couch him I’m just not going to believe well hoay for you stop saying saying I can’t and start saying I can do all things through Christ who strengthens [Applause] me as the world around us seems to take a very dark turn you might ask yourself is it possible to prosper in every area of life even in such perilous times the answer is yes are you trusting him to lead the way and show you what steps to take next in him you have the ability to prosper to help you grow in your faith and learn how to trust the Lord Through Your Storm we want to send you a copy of our inspiring 100 day devotional title stormproof and a set of stormproof magnetic bookmarks this invaluable resource is our gift to you for your support of any amount for your generous donation of $150 or more we’ll also send you our stormproof journal and a bundle of 100 uplifting scripture postcards aligned with the themes of the stormroof devotional to carry these treasures and more we’re pleased to include our stylish anchored tote bag when you fill your mind with the word the eny can no longer control you because your mind is set on things not of this world call the number on screen or go to storm this book said you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you that power is absolute power it’s power over the World the Flesh and the devil it’s power over powers and principalities in the heavenlies it’s power over sickness power over disease power power over poverty it is the Lord that gives you the ability to prosper power over fear and insecurity lo I Am With You Always even to the ends of the Earth our God is an awesome God He is an all powerful God rejoice and be exceedingly glad Give the Lord Praise in the [Applause] house it will be impossible to estimate the numbers of jobs lost from otions missed sales not made marriages ruined church is destroyed by whiny thumb sucking pity poot Bible thumping babies who have no grit and no fortitude to fight the fight let me tell you something church we are in a fight for the soul of this nation we are going to fight the good fight we’re going to seeing Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to war we’re taking no prisoners in God we trust and in this book we stand Give the Lord Praise in the [Applause] house one of my favorite quotations of all time is given by President Calvin coolage he says press on nothing in the world can take the place of persistence Talent will not nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful men with Talent he continues by saying genius will not the world is full of educated derel and having attend three universities I can tell you that’s the truth persistence and determination alone are omnipotent end of quote life is like a wheelbarrow you get nowhere till you start pushing sitting down and whining about it is never going to get you anything because nobody cares you need to understand that you and God can accomplish anything if you can get it here and here and it matches here you’re on your way to Victory absolute Victory absolute power in an absolute God give the Lord a shout of Praise in the house [Applause] the attitude of fortitude turns adversity into Advantage if what you’re doing doesn’t have resistance then what you’re doing is not worth doing every project I’ve ever tried to do in the kingdom of God there was a self-anointed resistance committee saying you can’t do that we don’t have the money to do that we’ll never get that done but we did why because it was God’s will be based on God’s word for God’s glory god funded it and we put it together thank God for what’s here it is to the glory of God who says nothing is impossible to those who believe and will try to do it resistance look at resistance as a friend resistance of water without resistance of water a ship cannot float without the resistance of air a Jet Plane can’t fly without the resistance of gravity you can’t get up and walk out of this room have you run into a stone wall then go over it go around it go under it fight the good fight quitting is not an option quitting is not an option you will prevail nothing is impossible adversity is opportunity to those who possess the attitude of divine fortitude a rubber band is effective only when it’s stretched a turtle gets nowhere until it sticks its neck out remember the tea kettle though it’s up to its neck in hot water it sings its best song kites Rise Against the Wind not with the wind I love this statement by Winston Churchill the nose of a bulldog is shaped back so he can bite and breathe without turning loose I love that what do you see when you look at a at a Mighty Oak Tree it began out as a tiny seed in the soil that had to struggle and push its way up through the rock to the sunshine it fights its way up to air only ter restal storms then comes Frost then comes snow before it can become a Mighty Oak it doesn’t happen overnight it accomplished over the adversity because adversity leads to achievement adversity leads to achievement God uses no one who does not graduate from his university of adversity look at the Bible Joseph came to the throne of Egypt through the pit his brothers threw him in he came through the slanderous charge of Piper’s desperate housewife who accused him of rape Joseph went to an Egyptian prison for 12 years because of what that woman said he became the prime minister of Egypt the most powerful man in the world in 24 hours think about this from the jailhouse to the penthouse in 24 hours the favor of God in one day can erase the failure of 12 Years if that 12 needs to be 40 40 years God can take you where he wants you to go and no one can stop you adversity in Joseph life was the furnace that transformed this fuzzy faed teenager with a wild sport coat into a Statesman of Steel who by the way saved the world from starvation his words of Declaration crushed the chains of slavery for the Jewish people his words liberated the Jewish people to leave slavery in Egypt for the milk and honey of the promised land because words and thoughts go together to make a mission that’s possible why he had grit he had fortitude he rode the Winds of adversity to the highest Pinnacle of success when he opened his mouth when he got in front of pharaoh he didn’t say oh terrible times are coming he said we’re going to have seven years of abundance and we’re going to save and when he saved enough food to feed the world the hunger times came but they had plenty because there was a man in the camp who had God’s mind and God’s Will and the world was saved by this teenager who went through a university of adversity Moses tended sheep for 40 years on the backside of the desert he was listed in Egypt as Public Enemy Number One before God sent him thundering into Pharaoh’s Court shouting Let My People Go the point is God uses no one until he puts you in a blast furnace to check out your fortitude factor and if you say this is all I can take then that’s where God will let you level off for the rest of your life but as long as you stay the course and keep pursuing the purposes and will of God he will take you from glory to glory to glory the fights will get bigger the enemies will be tougher but God will show you a strength you didn’t dream ever existed and you will be victorious in the end I promise [Applause] you Abraham Lincoln became America’s greatest president after being defeated 12 times for public office he ran the 13th time against impossible odds in one he pushed and he proded the Congress of the United States to pass the 13th Amendment forever ending slavery in the United States of America God blessed the sacred memory of Abraham [Applause] Lincoln a small businessman’s clothing store was threatened with extension by a national chain that bought all the property in the block surrounding that little store the big store came to the guy little guy with a little store in the middle and said sell out or we will break you he said I’m not selling the mega Corporation true to its threat built a massive store surrounding that small little store that store stretched all the way to the end of the block it consumed the block and when they got through they had a huge advertising campaign and they put up a banner stretching the whole width of the store that said grand opening and the little guy with the little store right in the middle put across his business main entrance that’s what God’s looking for little is much when God is in it if you have a little faith and you can practice this there’s nothing that God assigns for you to do that you can’t do if 10 people in a row come to you saying you’ll never get that done it’s proof positive God is in it never ever doubt the faith and the mission that God gives you now there are some of you in this room and some of you watching by television that have fear of the future self-doubt some of you lack self-confidence to try some of you in your life have an absence of Peace because of the problems you’re going through some of you have fear that strin your hope for tomorrow I assure you that when you commit that to the Lord you will be victorious in every dimension of your life how many of you in this room can say Pastor I recognize I need to change my thought life now to accomplish God’s mission in my life let me see your hand would you please stand I want to have a prayer with you those of you that are watching by television join us extend your hand toward the television screen and pray this prayer Heavenly Father heavenly father I Surrender my life to you I Surrender my life to you I Surrender my thoughts to you I Surrender my thoughts to you and from this day forward and from this day forward I rebuke every thought I rebuke every thought that destroys that destroys or impedes or impedes God’s assignment God’s assign from being fulfilled from being fulfilled in my life in my life right now right now I receive confidence I receive confidence I receive peace for the future I receive peace for the future I receive hope for tomorrow I receive hope for tomorrow because God is with me because God is and nothing and nothing shall be impossible shall be impossible unto me un to me amen amen Give the Lord Praise In The House of God we have received many praise reports from those of you who have honored the Lord by giving your first fruits we thank you for blessing this ministry with your financial gifts and prayers to God be the glory for the lives you have helped us change now stay tuned for pastor heggy delivering a blessing heggy Ministries continues to proclaim the truth of God’s word around around the globe together we are providing humanitarian Aid across Israel community service initiatives at home and abroad and transforming the lives of young mothers at the sanctuary of hope your partnership today ensures we reach the generations of tomorrow through many of today’s social media platforms and live web streaming become a legacy partner today call the number on your screen or go to partner here at heggy Ministries we’re excited to announce our digital web platforms that provide you with live streaming services special messages and series all through our video on demand applications our heggy Ministries channel app is now available on Apple TV Amazon and Roku streaming platforms you can also watch our services live on your favorite social media channels including YouTube Facebook or online at slatch you’ve been watching hegy Ministries if you need prayer call our prayer line or visit our website and now your blessing with Pastor John haggy receive your blessings and now may the Lord bless you and may the Lord keep you may the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you giving you his peace may you know that God is leading you in Paths of righteousness for his name’s sake may you know without a shadow of a doubt that his power and presence make you more than a conqueror that our heavenly father has gone before you and defeated your enemies if you will surrender your burdens He will carry them and see you to the other side now let the Lord fill you with his goodness and mercy so that you can walk in the victory that he has already given you in the authority of jesus’ name receive this blessing for yourself and for every member of your family amen amen

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