Helpless: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Feel Helpless?

If someone was able to take a step back and reflect on their life, what they may find is that they often feel helpless. This could be how they have experienced life for as long as they can remember.

Needs: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Lose Touch With Their Needs?

There are a number of things that are part of the human experience and having needs is one of them. This comes down to the fact that human beings are interdependent; they need others to survive and thrive.

Law Of Resonance: Can Childhood Trauma Make It Hard For Someone To Manifest What They Want?

Many years ago, in 2006, the law of attraction came bursting onto the scene thanks to a documentary film. However, this law wasn’t new, it had been around for over a hundred years by name and the teachings themselves had been around for thousands of years.

Critical Thinking: Does A Large Part Of Humanity See The Government As A Parental Figure?

There will be the needs that a child has and then there will be the needs that an adult has. Now, some of these will be the same whilst there will be others that are different.

Law Of Resonance: Can Inner Child Work Allow Someone To Change Their Resonance?

At the deepest level, so beyond mere appearances, it has been said that human beings and everything else for that matter, are vibrating energy. This is might not be something that someone is willing to just accept.

Critical Thinking: Are Human Beings Being Victimised By Their Own Unconscious Mind?

When the mainstream media gives exposure to a story where someone has been mistreated, there is a strong chance that this person will be seen as a victim. What took place won’t have had anything to do with them.

Nervous System: Can Childhood Trauma Overwhelm Someone’s Nervous System?

If someone is in a position where they are often all at sea and find it hard to feel at peace, their life is going to be far more difficult than it needs to be. With so much going in within them, they are not going to need to live a stressful life in order to feel stressed.

Why Is It Hard For Someone To Realise That Their Outer World Is A Reflection Of Their Inner World?

If an area of someone’s life is not how they want it to be, they can see themselves as being “unlucky.” What is going on is then going to be out of their control and there will be very little, if anything, that they can do about it.

Can The Need To Feel Safe Consume Someone’s Life If They Experienced Childhood Trauma?

For some people on this earth, feeling safe is something that is a normal part of their life. This is not to say that someone like this won’t ever feel unsafe; what it means is that this is something that they will rarely experience.

Navigating the Sea Change in Communicating – In the New Normal

The global pandemic has, contrary to expectations and beliefs, achieved some sort of a miracle. It has millions across the planet – kicking and screaming or glibly dancing – into the digital era. People everywhere, whether a hip 20, a learning 60, or a doting 80, are suddenly on technological and digital communication platforms, whether out of necessity or choice. Clearly then, it is time for a rethink of what we have always thought of as traditional communication skills. It is time to enact a paradigm shift in how we talk to people, and how we present our content.

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