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I think one of the biggest lies we’ve Ever been told is that we’re linear Beings living a linear life I now know that we’re dimensional beings Living a dimensional life and And when the doors of dimension open to Us and you have one of those Transcendental moments think about it as A Full-on sensory experience without your Senses Now if we’re sitting here and your Senses were heightened by 25 percent Everything you were seeing everything You were hearing everything you were Smelling everything would taste Your awareness of everything around you Would be heightened well awareness is Consciousness And you can’t have consciousness without Energy so what happens is you Find a person all of a sudden immersed In another dimension Just a whole different reality that Appears more real Than this because you’re more aware but Their eyes are closed And they’re not using their senses so Then There are latent systems in the brain That switch on That cause us to all of a sudden wake up To a greater level of awareness of how Reality is in some veil

Some conditioning is removed we talked About the pineal gland tiny tiny little Ground a little bit a little bigger than A grain of rice It sits in the limbic brain the the Chemical brain the midbrain And right next to the Pineal gland there are these two Junction centers called the ones the one They’re called Thalamus so you have thalamus on one Side of thalamus on the other side And it’s like a train station all the Fibers from the body from the spinal Cord Come up and attach they connect like This and then there’s a Big ring and then all the fibers that go Up to the other parts of the brain Connect there and there’s just can go Relay in all different directions the Penalty sits right between there So how are you going to activate that Gland well We now know that once you open your Heart and you can create a kind of level Of love and gratitude You can begin to open the center this Center is the center of oneness and Wholeness this is our connection to the Unified field In fact when this center becomes Coherent by practice It begins to produce a measurable

Magnetic field And that energy is a frequency and that Frequency causes a change in Information wearing meaning so once Energy makes it here it shows it acts as An Amplifier to cause more energy to move Up into the brain so now we have more Energy going to the brain so We practice doing that as a community we Do a breath a specific breath To begin to take all the energy that you Use for orgasm all the energy used to Digest the meal And metabolize all the energy that you Use for the stress response and Emotional reactions instead of Those those first three centers are Energy consumers We draw from the field we draw from that Field around our body and we turn it Into chemistry we’re tapping the life Force when we do it it’s a choice You do it over too much time you you Shrink your energy field now your matter Trying to change matter And we tend to feel those emotions and We think equal to how we feel if you Feel like a failure you think you are a Failure and the more you think you’re a Failure the more you feel like a failure And The repetition of that cycle is taking Thought

As energy and storing it emotionally in These lower centers a lot of people have A lot of stuck energy in their body so The breath is designed To pull that energy up the spine all the Way to the brain And we get to the brain we contract Those muscles and we squeeze and when we Do that We’re moving what the fluid inside the Closed system Of the spinal central nervous system the Brain the skull the spinal column the Spinal cord There’s fluid in there called cerebral Spinal fluid and as we accelerate that Fluid They’re made of charred the fluid is Made of proteins and salts in solution Charged molecules so as you accelerate a Charged molecule You create what’s called an inductance Field so as you inhale and you squeeze You start accelerating these Charged molecules and it begins to cause Energy from the body to move up into the Brain Get to the all the way up you follow it All over the top and you squeeze like That The actives compressing that fluid Into the back of your brain causes Pressure against the pineal gland and The pineal gland

Can respond because it has tiny little Crystals in it Stacked on top of each other and when You compress those crystals You take a mechanical stress and you Begin to create an electrical charge It’s called a piezoelectric effect and So the act of doing it over and over Again as you Start to compress those crystals begins To electrically Charge that system and now This pineal gland begins to produce a Resonant Electromagnetic field and the crystals Can only stretch So far and then the field reverses when It reverses it compresses the crystals Again Now you have a little antenna going on There now When energy finally starts to move to The brain all of a sudden the Sympathetic nervous system switches on And now your brain goes into what’s Called gamma brainwave patterns very Super conscious super aware state now When you go into gamma It’s the ultimate state it’s the Ultimate state of heightened awareness Now the type of gamma that we’re Capturing in our brain Research is so far outside of normal Not a little outside of normal like

There’s a bell curve where most people Exist you know like if you were to Measure eyesight or height or A hearing or liver enzymes we took a Hundred people you would see the same Curve you have Of most of people in the normal then you Have a little better a little worse and Then a lot better and a lot worse and That makes about 99 of the population And we could say if you divided it Equally they’re called Standard deviations three standard Deviations above normal three standard Deviations below normal makes up Ninety-nine percent of the population no Matter what we’re measuring the Measurements we’re getting 200 300 400 500 standard deviations outside Of normal the amount of energy in the Brain during that moment Is not coming from some thread in the Outer environment it’s coming from the Energy the very life force that’s stored In the body Now when that happens the pineal gland Then begins to release very powerful Chemicals That are going to take that frequency The brain is processing And turn it into very profound visual Imagery Melatonin the the nighttime Neurotransmitter gets an upgrade

Now you go lucid now your brain becomes More electric just The same chemical found in an electric Yield brain all of a sudden moves into Stasis It releases benzodiazepines just a Sister molecule which is valium The analytical mind is sedated and now The autonomic nervous system we see this On our brain scans is on fire When that happens i mean we we look at Light The moment our brain perceives light Sends a signal right to the pineal gland And The brain starts making serotonin Serotonin’s the daytime neurotransmitter That kind of gets us up we process beta Brainwave patterns we’re aware of our Body in space and time When night comes along the inhibition of Light takes serotonin turns it into Melatonin melatonin is kind of a Nighttime neurotransmitter So what i’m saying is is that the Wavelength of visible Light causes us to function in this Three-dimensional reality So then what happens when the pineal Gland is activated Your eyes are closed and all of a sudden It starts picking up frequencies that Are faster than the speed of light Wavelengths faster than the speed of

Light einstein said equals mc squared The ceiling of everything in this Three-dimensional reality is the speed Of light Anything that travels faster than the Speed of light matter turns into energy Now you’re going quantum so what happens Then when the pineal gland starts Picking up Frequencies that are faster than the Wavelength of light now we’re in the Quantum now that frequency is carrying Information And if the pineal gland the research Shows is a transducer It’s going to take that frequency that’s Carrying information and turn it into a Profound Visual experience and when it’s visual Like that the hallucinogenic chemicals That’s created Now you’re not just dreaming melatonin Makes you dream now you’re Really dreaming melatonin gets the Upgrade and you go lucid Those chemicals fit in the same receptor Sites and now you’re In the dimension because that’s where All of your awareness is And this world literally disappears now What’s the importance of that Experience enriches the brain experience Produces an emotion And we’ve seen people when they hook up

To this Have rashes that they’ve had their Entire life disappear Tumors go away well because The body is getting a biological upgrade So then we see This crazy switch go on in the brain And now right in the top of the head on Our brains against this area Is very very activated so energy is Moving Out as you start to accelerate those Those charge molecules you’re creating a Magnet You’re moving those charged molecules And right to the top of the head And now it’s producing this very Powerful electromagnetic field towards Field Now once the pineal gland is signaled The pineal gland Sends a signal right to the pituitary And now the pituitary has a posterior Aspect and the pituitary begins to Release two profound chemicals Oxytocin and vasopressin oxytocin Is the love chemical oxytocin signals Nitric oxide Nitric oxide causes the arteries in your Heart And lungs right in this area to begin to Swell Now you’re feeling an incredible love For life a joy for existence you are so

Grateful for the moment Now gratitude is the ultimate state of Receiving when you get something Give thanks the signature means it’s Already happened emotionally So once the center swells and you feel Grateful you’re in the perfect state to Receive Now there’s a reverse field this field Is going this way once you feel Gratitude now there’s a reverse field And we see it Right in the brains again right here That energy is coming right down Into the body and people say it’s like My body was filled with light What’s that why is that important Because the second chemical is called Vasopressin Antidiuretic hormone what does that do It causes The cells to retain water into swell So water is the perfect conduit for Electricity For electromagnetism it needs a medium So now the cells swell so they can Tolerate A greater frequency and all of a sudden Inside the Cell if you were to take a cell and you Were to blow all the snot off the cell You would be left with these skeletal Structures called microtubules Many scientists call them the seed of

Consciousness the tiny protein filaments And they vibrate so all disease is a Lowering of frequency An incoherent message and if cells you Start to understand Cells emit light and information and When i’m emitting a frequency and You’re another cell and you’re emitting The same frequency that frequency Can the cell can share information we’re On the same radio station But when cells are no longer have the Light because we’re in that survival State They can’t communicate so now all of a Sudden the cell is swollen with water You’re in a state of receiving that Energy is moving right into the body And those microtubules begin to shimmer In a very coherent orderly way because That frequency is a greater degree of Oneness and wholeness it’s a greater Degree of order So the cells all of a sudden start Vibrating in coherence The whole body does and we would Describe that as love or wholeness or Grace or gratitude and in that moment Those cells Vibrating at the same frequency all of a Sudden get a biological Upgrade and they’re emitting more light More coherent information And all of a sudden the person gets

Their hearing back they get their vision Back Because now this is the great question You and i We live by the hormones of stress when We live by stress this very stress Response Causes our senses to be heightened and We’re materialists we Narrow our focus on the cause the danger On the threat on matter So people become habituated and all they See is matter in their world Now when you start connecting to that Field Above the speed of light you have to First become Nobody no one no thing nowhere in no Time you have to take all of your Attention off your body Every element in your environment and Time that’s the moment in your pure Consciousness We teach our students then as an Awareness as a consciousness You can’t experience the quantum with Your senses it’s a realm beyond the Senses it’s around beyond space and time To begin to connect to that frequency to Pay attention to it to stay present With it to experience it to surrender to It and as they begin to connect to it They start feeling Less separation because the stress

Hormones create separation They start feeling more oneness more Wholeness So then as they move closer and closer To that quantum Consciousness time is created by the Separation of two points of Consciousness If i’m standing here and i want to walk All the way to the other side of the Room Here’s one point of consciousness There’s another point of consciousness i Got to drag my body through space And it takes time so then when you are As a consciousness starting to connect To another greater consciousness there’s Less Separation between two points of Consciousness means the closer you Are to the field the shorter amount of Time it’s going to take to appear in Three-dimensional reality And the more whole you feel during the Process The less separation and the more whole You feel then That’s a greater level of energy and all Of a sudden people they have this There’s a delicate balance i think Between intention and surrender Intention is getting clear on what you Want but if we’re Experiencing separation then when we

Over Intend we’re trying and so then you’re Trying to create something from lack That’s when you over intend surrender is Like trusting in the outcome but if you Over surrender you’re lazy and lethargic So it’s a razor’s edge so so the person Who is involved in activating those Latent systems that’s their intent So i now know that the more people Understand What they’re doing and why the how gets Easier so we provide The knowledge the science the Information so that they can begin to Reason what they’re about to do And they repeat it to the person next to Them as they talk about it they’re Building a model of understanding They’re preparing themselves Neurologically for the experience so the Intention Then is to activate those latent systems All the things we’re doing Opening our heart drawing that energy of The brain surrendering into the field Activating that gland they understand What the outcome is going to be There are other intentions that are not The primary intention Because they’ve gotten very clear on who They want to be in their future Part of the knocking on the door their Future

Is that they’re whole and they’re Healthy but they’re not going into the Experience for wholeness and health They’re going into the experience to Have the mystical moment You have to give up every aspect of Yourself for something great You’ve got to go from selfish to Selfless you’ve got to go from Somebody to nobody to everybody from Someone to no one to everyone from Something to nothing to everything from Somewhere to nowhere to everyone from Some time to no time Every time that is the quantum and so The bottom line is It’s not matter that emits a field it’s The field that Creates matter change the field you Change matter That’s the way it is

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