THIS MESSAGE IS MEANT FOR YOU | What Is About To Happen [CHOOSE A PHOTO] 99% Accuracy

I am back today with one of the most requested 
and one of my favorite videos to make and this   Video is even more important because I'm not 
only going to give you the exact message that   You need to hear today but I'm also going to give 
you a prediction about what's going to happen for   You this month this is very specific and you 
are going to love this and I'm also going to   Give you a meditation to use based on which 
photo you chose if you feel like you've been   Waiting for the answer on something or stuck 
in kind of a holding pattern waiting for that   Next download or that guidance or what you 
need to know or do next listen up because   You are about to hear exactly what you need to 
know these videos are so unbelievably accurate   That time and time again people tell me how 
shocked they are so I can't wait to dive into   This video with you if you've been here before 
you know the drill but just in case you're new   How it works is that I'm about to put four 
photo cards up on the screen and then I will   Give you an accurate prediction and message 
that you need to hear today as well as the   Meditation to use based on which photo you 
chose and if you like these types of videos   I actually created a whole playlist called the 
choose a photo playlist it's linked right down   Below where you can find more of these videos 
and get all of your messages and predictions it   Becomes addicting and really quickly if you're 
new here I'm Mary Kate and I'm a mindset coach   And manifesting expert focused on getting you 
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value from these videos so once you do that   Let's get right into it now like I've mentioned 
in my other videos this is not tarot it's not any   Kind of psychic thing this is actually based 
through psychology energy visualization and   Interpretation and like I mentioned you will most 
likely be very shocked at how accurate this gets   So here's how it works in just a moment I'm going 
to put four different photos up on the screen at   The same time and without overthinking it or going 
too deep or going back and forth you are going to   Choose just one which one are you drawn to and 
from there I will tell you what it means and   What's about to happen for you and the meditation 
and the prediction and everything I'll get very   Detailed and as I also always mention don't fall 
into the Trap of overthinking it or getting torn   Between two trust yourself trust your instincts 
notice the first one that your eyes are just drawn   To you will know which one to choose I encourage 
you to trust your instincts trust where your   Attention is drawn to and I also highly recommend 
coming back to this video in a couple days weeks  

Months maybe even a year or go through the other 
choose a photo playlist videos and see if you   Get a different message or the same message it's 
always fun to see kind of what's happening so here   Are the four photos and again just pick one and 
I'm going to tell you the message and prediction   Based on which photo you chose are you ready here 
they are and you have just a few seconds to choose Okay hopefully you picked one and if not go back 
and pick and now let's get into the messages and   Predictions so if you chose the first photo of 
the spotlights shining up in that hallway here   Is the message and prediction that you need to 
hear let's start with the message first so if   You chose this photo you likely have some type of 
Big Goal or dream or achievement that you're going   After right now but you have no idea how this 
is all going to work out based on your current   Circumstances and the things that you have going 
on in your life right now this goal or dream might   Look impossible from the outside but the truth is 
is that this big goal or dream is going to happen   For you and you are meant to achieve this whatever 
it is that you want whatever goal or dream that   You've been hoping to achieve is not only possible 
but inevitable it is going to happen for you your   Message is is that no matter what things look like 
right now and no matter how unlikely this big goal   May seem it's your job right now to commit to it 
complete to decide to have it without fear without   Worry without overthinking decide to have it now 
it's game time it's yours end of story choose and   As you make this decision look for any part of 
you that might actually be possibly scared of   Having it or any part of you that worries about 
the changes that might come with it or maybe any   Other feelings associated with maybe not feeling 
good enough or worthy enough notice any fear or   Doubt and decide to let it go and commit move 
forward with unwavering Faith towards the school   Or dream being certain of the outcome that it's 
yours because it is because you chose you have the   Power of choice and while right now you may have 
no idea how this is going to look or what's going   To happen next or how it will all work out while 
you may not know all those details allow yourself   To be guided you can kind of imagine it like this 
right now you might be in complete darkness not   Knowing how you're going to get from where where 
you are right now to this thing or experience or   Where you want to be it's somewhere out in the 
distance and you can't quite see it clearly yet   But as you instinctively move forward that path is 
going to light up guiding you step by step towards   This end goal that you want every action every 
decision everything will all come to you and light   Up this path for you you don't have to know all 
the steps yet trust yourself and commit and your   Prediction is that sometime this week after seeing 
this video and after committing to this big goal   Or dream committing to a completely undeciding is 
that you are going to see some sort of evidence or   Proof that it's working in your favor so be on the 
lookout and be open to it it could be extremely   Subtle or it could be completely obvious it might 
be through something someone says or a commercial   Or something you hear but look for confirmation 
of this big goal or dream coming true because it's  

Gonna happen it's happening and if you chose this 
photo be sure to listen to the Manifest in Portal   Meditation I'm going to leave a link up here and 
a link down below for that if you chose the second   Photo of the road with the universe above it here 
is the message and prediction that you need to   Hear let's start with the message first for the 
past few weeks or months or maybe even since the   New year you have been in a sort of creation mode 
getting clear on what you want why you want it and   Deciding what you want in all aspects of your 
life to put it simply it's almost like you've   Been building your mental vision board for a while 
now slowly but surely piecing together what it is   That you want what you desire but as you've been 
in this creation mode deciding what it is that you   Want to have notice if you're actually deciding 
what you actually want or if you're settling are   You truly lit up and excited about these things 
that you desire or are they maybe just slightly   Better than what you have now or do they just 
sound good on paper are you really going for   Your full potential stop settling your message 
is to aim higher to raise your standards and and   Allow yourself to go bigger and better than you 
ever even thought possible dream bigger and then   Go there there are no limits to what you can have 
so create unapologetically and go bigger lead by   Light lead by light lead by light that is your 
specific message lead by light what lights you   Up and what also makes your soul feel light step 
into that light because it's all possible limits   Are truly just lies that you chose to believe so 
as you create let go of these lies and raise your   Standards it's all possible whatever that you're 
going to manifest how can you open up to more to   Better to massive abundance and miracles after 
watching this video I want you to write down   Three to five things that you are manifesting 
things that you desire to have and then how can   You open up to a little bit more leaving some room 
for magic and as you write these things down also   Write down any limits you feel about it and begin 
to notice that these limits aren't actually facts   They're not true it's just something a thought 
that you bought into go bigger lead by light what   Lights you up and what makes your soul feel light 
start playing around with the affirmation I am   Only available for my expectations to be exceeded 
is going to be the game changer for you your   Prediction is that after using this affirmation 
and doing this work of going bigger dreaming   Higher raising your standards is that you will 
get some sort of immediate evidence this month   Something turning out even better than you thought 
or expected some sort of Miracle or unexpected   Abundance showing up to support you and to remind 
you to raise your standards and keep them high   And if you chose this photo be sure to listen to 
the higher self-guided meditation this is going   To be so crucial and beneficial for you if you 
chose the third photo of the nature landscape   With the circle reflection here is the message 
and prediction that you were meant to hear let's   Start with the message first there is some sort of 
pattern that you keep repeating that is affecting   The outcome of something you desire truly again 
let me let me repeat this for you because it's  

Important there is some sort of pattern that you 
keep repeating that's affecting the outcome of   Something that you want something that you desire 
so if you aren't seeing results in a specific area   Or if you aren't experiencing what you want it's 
time to look within and before you roll your eyes   Or shut down this idea because I know people 
don't like to look within it seems very vague   And unclear it's in important to understand that 
your external reality is largely a reflection of   What's actually happening within you and I don't 
mean just like your feelings or that you need to   Be more positive or anything like that it's not 
what I'm saying let yourself be you but notice the   Thoughts that you have because these thoughts then 
form your actions and your actions shape your life   And your actions and thoughts create patterns in 
your life whether you realize it or not a lot of   It's on a subconscious level for example let's say 
you're struggling to manifest money so you keep   Trying to manifest it and you do all of the things 
but you're still focused on the lack you go and   Check your bank account you see a low number then 
you start thinking thoughts of Panic or worry and   Those thoughts of Panic or worry are going to make 
you take actions like refusing to spend any money   Or gripping onto it or fearing it or feeling lack 
of it and you're going to try and work harder and   Do more and try harder and do more and it keeps 
you stuck in a cycle repeating the same thing   Over and over and over again get off that hamster 
wheel break yourself free you are not stuck in   This cycle not anymore so notice if you have any 
of these kind of like holding patterns around the   Things that you struggle or the things that you 
don't like because I can almost assure you if   You're experiencing something you don't like and 
it keeps happening you have some sort of pattern   It's up to you to discover this pattern this is 
something that only you can do and it actually   Requires you to look within do that work it's 
worth it what thoughts are forming your actions   That form a specific pattern that's keeping you 
stuck this is all kind of Journal prompts this   Is going to be an ongoing question that you have 
to take time and work through because once you   Do everything can shift quickly in your favor you 
have far more power than you think you do have you   Ever heard of the phrase As Above So Below there 
are different realities that are available to you   At all times so reflect from within what you want 
to see on the outside think the thoughts take the   Actions be in alignment with the reality that you 
desire your prediction is that after doing this   Work of identifying the holding pattern that you 
keep Heating and beginning to shift it and work   From the inside out is that you are going to start 
seeing Miracles both big and small daily yes daily   This is truly great news because I'm telling 
you this will be not just once or twice this is   Going to be every single day this is going to be a 
natural occurrence for you how amazing is that so   Be open to receiving these Miracles and be open to 
noticing them when they happen so often we sort of   Rush through the day with blinders on not really 
realizing and acknowledging all the good things   That happen both big and small the Little Miracles 
that happen all the time without us realizing it  

So notice that be present start to enjoy your 
reality within so much that it will show up on   The outside everything will shift in your favor 
and these Miracles will take all sorts of forms   So be ready to notice them like I said and if you 
chose this photo be sure to listen to the belief   Reprogramming meditation I'm going to leave a 
link up here and a link down below and if you   Chose the fourth photo of that Golden Flower here 
is the section and message that you are meant to   Hear let's start with the message first something 
that you are trying to manifest is already here   And it's trying to make its way to you which is 
extremely exciting it's here and it's ready for   You but right now you are standing in the way 
with trying to control all of the details that   Aren't up to you there is some sort of control and 
attachment that you have to let go of in order for   You to have this thing that you desire it's here 
and it's ready for you let go of the control maybe   You're trying to control when it will come or 
how it will come or in what specific timing or   Deadline that you're stopping it from showing up 
so how can you start to sort of loosen your grip   How can you let it be more flowy and less forced 
how can you indulge in a feeling of relief and   Release knowing that it's already here and it's 
certain and that you get to have it so that you   Can stop worrying and forcing all of the details 
that aren't in your control it's time to soften   It's time to open up to the Unseen forces working 
in your favor I know that's easier said than done   I'm a very type a controlling type of person 
I like details too but let all of the details   Unravel and reveal sort of like the petals in this 
photo at their own time at their own pace and the   Best way that it's meant to be this flower isn't 
sitting there saying okay this petal needs to open   And Bloom right now and then this one tomorrow and 
wait now all of the petals need to open in this   Way or else no eventually all of these puddles 
are going to open and Blossom so it doesn't matter   What the order is or what the details of how or 
when because it will so play around with one of   My favorite affirmations I don't know how or when 
but I know that it will get into that surrendered   State and choose to be certain of the outcome 
and let the details be worked out for you it's   Very freeing when this happens allow yourself to 
be supported by the things that are out of your   Control that aren't up to you it's all working out 
in your favor what you want is here and it's ready   For you so let go of that grip allow yourself to 
receive and your prediction is that this week you   Are going to start seeing flowers everywhere I'm 
sorry but it's true it could be on billboards on   Books in your yard on a walk at a restaurant you 
are going to start seeing flowers everywhere and   These flowers use them as a subtle reminder to 
let go into the open to receive so when you see   These flowers allow yourself to be in that sort of 
humbled moment where you can kind of laugh and say   To yourself okay I get it soften let go I get it 
these flowers are your gentle reminder but truly   Notice how often you start seeing them this week 
you are going to see them everywhere so make sure   To notice when you do be open and present and in 
the moment so you can remember when you see them  

And take in that reminder and if you chose this 
photo be sure to listen to the surrender and let   Go meditation I'm going to leave a link for that 
one up here and a link down below for you so those   Are the four photos let me know which photo you 
chose if it was one two three or four and also let   Me know if the message resonated with you truly 
these are some of my favorite comments to read   I love hearing the results from this and like I 
mentioned if you want to watch any of the other   Prediction videos like this one there is a link 
to the choose a photo playlist Down Below in the   Description box I really hope that you enjoyed 
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and I will see you in the next one

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