We are literally in a new era right now And this era is about information And in an age of information Ignorance is a choice Technology affords us the ability to Research anything we want to research And every time you learn something new You make new synaptic connections in Your brain In fact learning is making new Connections And the nobel prize laureate candel in The year 2000 found that when people Learned just one bit of information and They concentrated on it for an hour They doubled the number of connections In their brain from 1300 connections to 2600 connections But if they didn’t review that Information if they didn’t think about It if they didn’t repeat it over and Over in their mind those connections Pruned apart within hours or days So if learning is making new synaptic Connections then remembering is Maintaining and sustaining those Connections keeping those connections in A long-term relationship And that information then begins to Become installed in the circuitry in Your brain The question is though what do you do With that information That if you can then take that

Information and apply it Personalize it demonstrate it initiate It in some way If you can get your behaviors to match Your intentions if you can get your Actions equal to your thoughts If you can get your mind and body Working together you’re going to have a New experience An experience then enriches the Philosophical circuits in the brain Laying down networks of neurons And the moment those neurons string into Place the brain makes a chemical And that chemical is called a feeling or An emotion And the moment you feel like a leader The moment you feel more unlimited the More you feel gratitude from some Experience Now you’re teaching your body chemically To understand what your mind is Intellectually understood And we can say that knowledge is for the Mind and experiences for the body and in That moment you are embodying the truth And for one moment your mind and body Are aligned to a new destiny and it is The environment and the interaction in The environment that actually changes Genes and we’ve measured this that in Four days people can change their Genetic expression if they begin to Think differently

Make new choices Do different things create new Experiences create new feelings they Will change their genetic destiny So then in that moment then if you’ve Done it once Or if you’re training somebody To modify their behaviors and they’re Able to do it once then they should be Able to do it again yes or no And if you can repeat an experience over And over again over and over again You’ll begin to neurochemically Condition the mind and body to begin to Work as one And when you’ve done something so many Times that your body now knows how to do It as well as your mind Now it’s innate in you It’s second nature it’s automatic You’re beginning to master that Philosophy we have studied brains in Change we’ve done over 8 500 brain scans And we now know there’s a formula that You can teach people to change we work With ceos and companies all over the World from coca-cola to google to Sony to cisco to pfizer in an interest To work with upper management to teach Them a model of change and when you Change individuals you can change a Culture my interest then is to not only Measure just the brain but we also know That it requires two ingredients

For a person to begin to make a Significant change number one is a clear Intention A vision an idea of the future And when a person begins to select a new Idea in the future If they can begin to emotionally embrace What that future is going to feel like Because they’re so caught up in their Inner vision They begin to feel an elevated emotion An emotion like gratitude an emotion Like inspiration an emotion like Motivation And you can actually measure what Happens to the heart When this occurs So then when a person starts Feeling the emotions of their future In that instant their heart begins to Respond very differently and we’ve Measured this The heart begins to become more coherent It starts to beat in a more rhythmic Pattern And that by living by the emotions of Fear and resentment and frustration and Impatience Actually causes the heart to beat out of Rhythm And people spend 70 percent of their Time of their lives living by those Stress hormones Living in stresses living in survival so

The fundamental question is can you Teach people then how to create a more Coherent brain And can you teach them how to regulate Their heart and be able to control how Their heart responds And our research shows that that’s Absolutely possible and you don’t have To be a buddhist monk You don’t have to be a nun with 40 years Of devotion you don’t have to be a Minister a scholar an academic that Common people can learn how to do this The side effect of this Is that they begin to produce chains in Their immune system changes under gene Expression diseases go into remission We start to see people having very Transcendental moments that begin to Redefine who they are So then a clear intention an elevated Emotion allows the person then to begin To see a new possibility The question is then can they sustain That state Now your brain Is organized to reflect everything you Know in your life Your brain is a record of the past It’s an artifact of everything you’ve Learned and experienced to this moment So most people wake up in the morning And the first thing they do is they Start to think about their problems

And those problems are memories that are Etched in their brain And those memories are connected to Certain people at certain places with Certain things at certain times And the moment they begin to think about Their problems we could say that they’re Thinking in the past Now every single one of those problems Has an emotion associated with them So then the moment they think about a Problem The brain turns on circuits that are Connected to the past And then all of a sudden they start Feeling unhappy they start feeling Unworthy they start feeling fear or Anxiety now thoughts are the language of The brain And feelings are the language of the Body And how you think and how you feel Creates your state of being So most people start their day From a state of being that’s completely Derived from the familiar past And when people live in the familiar Past they will create a predictable Future Then they get up and they do a series of Routine automatic behaviors they stretch Then they grab their cell phone they Check their whatsapp they check their Text they check their email they check

Their facebook they take a picture of Their feet and then all of a sudden now They’re connected to everything known in Their lives And then all of a sudden they go through That same routine behavior From waking up Getting a cup of coffee taking a shower Driving to work and they’re in a program And then we could say them their body is Dragging them into a predictable future Based on what they did in the past And 95 Of who we are by the time we’re 35 years Old it’s a set of memorized behaviors Emotional reactions unconscious beliefs And perceptions hardwired attitudes that Function just like a computer program so You think sixty to seventy thousand Thoughts in one day Out of those sixty to seventy thousand Thoughts that you think in one day Ninety percent of those thoughts are the Same thoughts as the day before so if You believe that your thoughts have Something to do with your destiny and Ninety percent of those thoughts are the Same thoughts as yesterday your life is Going to stay the same because the same Thoughts always lead to the same choices The same choices always lead to the same Behaviors the same behaviors create the Same experiences and the same Experiences produce the exact same

Emotions and those same emotions Influence your very same thoughts and Your biology Your neural circuitry Your neurochemistry your hormones and Even your genetic expression is equal to How you think How you act and how you feel but if you Can teach people how to change the way They think change the way they act and Change the way they feel they will begin To create a new life So then most people try to create a new Personal reality Has the same personality and it doesn’t Work That you literally have to become Someone else Now think about this i said to change is To be greater than your body the body as The mind that’s been conditioned over Time emotionally and habitually to Change then is also to be greater than Your environment to be greater than the Circumstances in your life and every Great person in history understood this That they were defined by a vision of The future so much so that they began to Live As if that future reality was already Manifesting they weren’t waiting for it To happen they were creating it so then When it becomes time to change the Hardest part about change is not making

The same choice as you did the day Before And the moment you decide to make a Different choice Get ready It’s going to feel uncomfortable It’s going to feel unfamiliar there’s Going to be some uncertainty you’re not Going to be able to predict the next Moment Now most people say well look I’ve suffered for the last 20 years Today i’m not going to complain i’m not Going to blame i’m not going to make Excuses i’m not going to feel sorry for Myself no more self-pity i’m just going To stop Now they’ve been thinking and feeling This way For 30 years and all of a sudden They’re going to stop first two hours Goes really well then they break a Fingernail Or they run out of toilet paper and Their day is ruined And all of a sudden then the body is Saying hey You have been feeding the same chemistry To this body by feeling the same emotion And now there’s a disruption now Remember the body’s the mind So the moment the person makes a Different choice the body starts saying Well let me influence the mind

And all of a sudden a person starts Hearing these voices in their head you Know start tomorrow This doesn’t feel right it’s your Mother’s fault it’s your ex’s fault I’ll never change it’s too hard and if People respond to that thought as if It’s true that same thought leads to the Same choice the same choice leads to the Same behavior the same behavior creates The same experience the same experience Produces the same familiar emotion it Reaffirms their identity and they say This feels familiar That going from the old From that means then people say to me i Am in change and i can’t predict my Future and i always say the same thing To them the best way to predict your Future is to create it not from the Known but from the unknown what thoughts Do you want to fire and wire in your Brain What behaviors do you want to Demonstrate in one day And the act of closing your eyes this is Neuroscience now you can teach people How to do this and have them mentally Rehearse what they’re going to do we do This in corporations All of a sudden the person gets so Present what they’re about to do and They start rehearsing it in their mind That their brain doesn’t know the

Difference between what’s going on out There and what’s going on in here and All of a sudden they start to install The neurological hardware in their brain In preparation for that day the brain Looks like they’ve already done it And if you keep doing it over and over Again the hardware becomes a software Program and all of a sudden this person Starts acting like a happy person well They installed the circuits to do that They start thinking in new ways there’s No magic there can you teach a person How to emotionally condition their body Into the future Which means then they’re not going to Wait for their life to change to feel Gratitude or to feel wholeness to feel Loved that is a antiquated model of Reality people spend their whole life Waiting for something outside of them To change how they feel inside of them But when they begin to emotionally teach Their body what that future feels like Their body as their unconscious mind Begins to believe that they’re living in That future reality in the present Moment And the side effect of that now is they Start feeling like it’s already happened And now they’re no longer looking for Change in their life they are the change In their life

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