The Hidden LAW OF VIBRATION – They Call It The “REAL MAGIC” Of Ancient Egypt!

Different geometric forms 
based on the shape caused wave,   Create different energetic effects, but
there’s a deeper level behind that. And   That is different geometric forms 
actually resonate with different  Levels of creation or what Dr. Karim calls 
planes of nature. So this is called the Ibrahim   Karim Universal
Pendulum,   And it actually combines shapes of , that all 
have particular geometries that resonate with  Them. This means that by using 
the correct geometric form,   The ancient Egyptians understood they
could create a direct resonant exchange, like with   An antenna based on the sacred geometry. Sacred
geometry became an antenna to resonate with a   Particular higher plane. So 
for example, if we take a  Look at this level, what in the 
human being is the emotional body   And emotional function and refer to as
an outer plane in the Western tradition   As the astral plane. Astral coming 
from a root ”Aster”, meaning  Star, meaning a source of light. And the 
forms that connect to that are the form of   A hemisphere or a
pyramid.  So when they use the form of a pyramid, it wasn’t 
just for pyramid power as an energy. But what  Pyramid power actually is, is the negative 
green ray that was identified by the French,   The penetrating
carrier ray,   That comes from this particular form. Both a 
hemisphere and a pyramid create that negative  Green emanation. But, the reason why that form is 
creating the emanation is because the shape itself  Acts like an antenna for the 
astral plane. And that’s why,   They knew further that by modifying the shape
on the pyramid, by making a slight indentation   In the center of the four 
faces of the pyramid, it’s so  Slight you can’t see it from the 
ground. You have to see it from the   Air and from the air, you can see
here, the slight indentation at   The faces of the major pyramids at 
Giza plateau. What that did is it  Changed the resonance of the pyramid 
from the general astral plane,   Where the lower astral has some
questionable energetics to resonate   With the higher astral.
And when you do that,   It cleans up the energy that’s being 
projected by the pyramids. So one of the  Great secrets is, the geometries act like 
antennas to resonate with higher planes of   Creation. And then as
a secondary effect,   They will emanate through the shape caused 
wave, a particular vibration. That is the  Result of that particular connection. 
And they knew enough about it. In fact,  

To work, not just with the
general negative green ray,   As we see here, but actually to work 
with sub bands or sub energies inside  The general band. So the placement 
of the King’s chamber inside the   Great pyramid is not in the exact
middle, where you might expect it   To be. It’s not in the middle, it’s 
about 6 degrees, 15 minutes off of  Center. And so that’s to get a 
particular carrier wave within   The negative green band, that’s a sweet spot
in the entire band. A sweet spot for being able to   Connect a person through a carrier wave to higher
dimensional levels, which is why that place in   The King’s chamber was used 
for these energy initiation  Rituals, as described by 
the free masons and others.  So this is the vertical and horizontal 
wave pendulums. For each of the bands,   The energy may either
propagate parallel to the   Earth’s surface. They called a horizontal 
wave, or it can move perpendicular.  And we call that a vertical wave. 
They create different biological   Effects. And so we have two different
pendulums to be able to detect it.   And they’re fairly simple to use, so 
they can be set to particular angles  And then you can detect any of the 
vibrational bands that you care to. To   Detect the energy of the
center, the BG3 energy,   We have a particular pendulum that is 
designed in such a way that it resonates  Like an antenna with those vibrations. 
And this not only can be used for   Design purposes to design things
that have the strong vibration   To them. It also can be used to test 
things that naturally have this energy.  So what makes a spiritual power spot 
in nature, is that it has a strong   Concentration of this universal
harmonizing force, the BG3. Every   Classical tradition is the guardian 
of particular places on the Earth’s  Surface that are their spiritual power 
spots. And now you can tell a true power   Spot from a false one.
One that’s been falsely   Claimed to be one is that it has a strong 
concentration of this BG3 vibration, if it’s  A true power spot. In the microcosm of a human 
body, those power spots appear as the chakras,  Acupuncture points, cells of the body, all 
of which naturally have this BG3 energy as   Well. One of the core concepts is that 
in the ancient Egyptian temple science,   They had a grid pattern that I
showed you before. And the 19   Level grid was connected to the 
archetypal energy body of the human  Being, what we think of in the 
west today as the causal plane  

Level. But ancient Egypt, they had different
names for these things. But on the causal plane   Level, this energetic grid was used to pattern out
everything on the temple walls so that they   Had a vibration on the wall like 
it was a living being. And that  Grid itself was adapted by Dr. Karim 
after he discovered it, to become a   Vibrational tool that allows us to
actually detect on what we call the   Human archetype ruler. Putting a 
sample here, moving up the central  Axis, we can test on 10 different 
BG quality levels. Once we add in   A secondary axis here, it makes the
entire thing come alive. When the two   Axis are together, it activates 
the dormant energy. And at that  Point, we use it as an energy balancing 
tool and as an energy projector.  Now, this was one of the fundamental sciences of 
the ancient world. They understood that the entire  Earth is based on a vibrational grid 
network that then manifests on any   Particular point of land in a set
of energetic lines that superimpose   In particular ways. These energy 
lines may either have a detrimental  Energy quality, what we call geopathic 
grids, or they may have highly   Beneficial qualities because when
they’re on a sacred power spot,   They’re running the BG3 energies. 
So for example, here is a particular  Church in Germany. And when you do an energetic 
analysis of where it’s situated, it has to be on a  Power spot. Today, we’ll put a church 
in any old place, we’ll put it in a   Strip mall, we don’t think anything
about the energetics of it. But in   The ancient world, you would never 
build a temple for any tradition,  Anywhere, but on a sacred power spot. Otherwise, 
it simply wouldn’t have the right energetics that  You’re trying to connect a person to.
It wasn’t just an abstract intellectual   Thing. You had to connect a 
person’s energetic field, their grid  Pattern back to the larger energetic 
grid through a sacred power spot.   Where is the largest beneficial
energy line running within the   Sacred power spot? That’s going to be 
the central access of the building.  Then where are the different energy lines coming   In and where the majority 
of beneficial energy lines  Are crossing together? Whenever 
energy lines cross together,   They create a vortex. And if it’s a beneficial
energy, then it’s a beneficial BG3 vortex.   And so that’s going to be where 
they place the altar. So they’re  Actually using the Earth’s own energy lines 
to pattern out everything for the temple,   Because the temple
has to operate like  

An organ in a living body. The building has 
to rise up out of the Earth’s energy field,  Like a living thing. Now, again, that 
was for all the different sacred sites   Of every great tradition.
Feng Shui, Vastu Vidya,   The Egyptian temple science, all based 
on similar concepts. But of course that’s  When the energies are beneficial. 
When the energies are detrimental,   The Germans in the last 100 years
have identified the way that these   Toxic subtle radiations coming from 
the earth grids have the effect of  Scrambling the energetic 
information and living beings.   Now in the German research, some of which was
paid for by the German and Austrian government,   They identify the way that these subtle radiation
grids, when you sleep on a crossing of the earth   Grids, it leads to all types 
of degenerative processes in  Whatever part of the body is 
over the crossing. Particularly   Cancer is described in great detail in the
German publications. And so this gives an example   From one of the German texts of what actually
happens, whether in a human body or on plants,   That detrimental radiation 
scrambles the information  At a cellular level that leads 
to healthy cell replication.  And so this is what you see in the plant. You get 
these tumorous growths from the scrambling of the  Information, this so all the 
different earth lines that are   Crossing at this point. And unfortunately the
German research shows the same thing in a human   Body for the creation of tumors and scrambling of
the field. And so that’s why the German   Dowsers and then from them got 
picked up by the British and  Then the Americans, et cetera. 
Would then use mental dowsing   Because they didn’t know the vibrational
techniques. Mental dowsing was a thing   That spread more easily, because 
it’s not a technical field. The  Vibration rate esthesia is highly technical 
and deeply scientific and it takes a longer   Time to teach people, but it goes much deeper 
in its potential. But using mental dowsing,   They were able to identify the
placement of the grids. And primarily   What they try to do is identify 
where the grids are crossing at a  Person’s bed so that they can try to 
protect the person from those effects.  Now, what’s used in north 
American mental dowsing circles   Is primarily trying to block the grid or divert
the grid in some way, but that’s not the Egyptian   Technique. The Egyptian technique is to be able to
transmute the detrimental energy in   The grid to a beneficial energy. 
Transmute, the detrimental energy  To the universal harmonizing 
energy, the BG3. That’s a  

Whole nother level of operation that is much
more beneficial and requires a much deeper level   Of knowledge. But whenever you go outside and you
see that there’s a hedge growing normally,   But in one particular place, 
it goes all the way down to the  Ground, it’s all brown and decayed, 
earth grid is passing through that   Point. See a line of ant hills in the
earth. Ant love the earth radiation   Lines. They’re building their hills 
directly on the line. Whenever you  See termites things that are nature system to tear 
down and destroy and reprocessed physical matter,  It’s all connected to these detrimental grids. 
You don’t want to be sleeping on those grids.  It’s also connected to accident areas on the road 
and that’s well known in north American mental  Dowsing circles because the Germans did projects 
where they would hook up a person’s brain to EEGs  And then expose them to 
crossing of toxic earth energy   Lines. And you immediately see the brainwave
scramble. So when a person goes across these areas   On the road, the brainwave scramble, they lose
their focus and there are repeated accidents at   The same location. Now what most people in Western
mental dowsing circles know for the earth   Energy grids are the grids that 
come up from inside the earth  And rise straight up like walls. 
That’s what’s being shown here   With these green lines. They’re coming
from below and rising straight up like   Walls in the space and then they 
cross, and the crossing points are  The most dangerous.
But there are other lines   That are shown here with red lines that 
Dr. Karim has identified in recent years  That are earth energy lines that 
are cutting across horizontally   In the space as well. Those are not well
known to mental dowsers in the west, but they’re   Very important, very significant. They can be very
toxic and they must also be addressed. Again,   These horizontal earth energy 
lines may be beneficial or  Detrimental. The problem is that we’ve created so 
much electromagnetic radiation in our environments  That the electromagnetic radiation is turning this 
energy highly detrimental because the quality of  Energy to run the energy on the Earth’s own 
energy meridian lines, the earth grids is the same  Vibrational quality as the energy that 
we’re using to project electromagnetic   Fields. That means the two
will couple together and   Whatever you have for electromagnetic 
fields in an environment will couple  With the earth energy grids, make them more toxic 
and become something that is a problem that has to  Be solved. And that we go into great 
detail on in the BioGeometry work.  But this was something the ancients knew about 
too. And those days the grids were not so toxic,  Because they were smart enough not to 
cover the earth with a range of toxic  

Vibrations, the way that
we’re intensifying year   By year in our modern electromagnetic 
technology. So that’s why the Germans  Were able to identify, that if you 
go to Giza plateau, they did not   Level Giza plateau, the way that you
would in any modern building project   Today. You would level the entire 
thing, so everything’s flat and  Then you would build the three different pyramids. 
They didn’t do that in Egypt. Every one of the  Pyramids, three major pyramids at Giza plateau has 
a different foundation level, they’re at different  Heights. So how did they know how to balance them? 
The Germans found that the horizontal grid lines  Were used for leveling of the placement 
of the base of each pyramid, so that   Identified for them exactly
where the baseline would be.  Just like I showed you before, when 
they built the temple, they built it   On the earth energy lines. They
used the horizontal grid lines   To be the foundation of the entire 
structure and to be the foundation of  The different rooms or chambers in the structures. 
There is a particular creation pattern that you   See Dr. Karim has put into form here where 
it’s two . And in the human energy field,   This actually operates as
one that goes through the   Central axis of the body. And it’s what 
you first do is the spiritual access. And  Then there’s the time space 
access that runs more on the   Horizontal access through the body. And so, a
bulge appears on one of these because when the   Independent being begins to perceive within space
time, it creates an expansion from the center   Outward and it creates the bulge you see here.
Now what this leads to then is that Dr.   Karim found that there was a 
resonance when he broke the two  Forms apart to be two pillars. Sometimes 
he refers them as the pillars of wisdom.   This one here without
the bulge, without the   Space time perception resonates very 
strongly with the right brain hemisphere  And the intuitive perception of a human being. The 
one with the space time perception, that grounds  Things into physical reality has 
the bulge coming out from the center   From space time perception, that’s
connected to the rational faculties   Of the left brain. Dr.Karim then 
added our Bio Geometry dials to the  Top that allows us to tune in 
different vibratory powers.  So what you can do with this, this 
is you can actually tune any person’s   Brain hemispheres to specific
vibratory states so that you can   Activate different functions in their 
body. So one of the things that we  Demonstrate is that if you activate 
the person’s visual cortex in their  

Brain in properly tuning it in with
this tool, what you can then do   Is from the visual cortex, you can 
fill it with the BG3 unified source  Vibration and anything the person looks at will 
immediately harmonize with BG3 energy. They will  Become a harmonizing force straight 
through the visual ray coming out of   The eyes. This is going into
then practical things that   They would do in the Egyptian temples 
with modern technique. So this is the  Balancing of the brain hemispheres.

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