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When you begin to create from the field Instead of from matter The only way you can do that is you have To learn how to take all of your Attention off your body and become a Nobody Take all of your attention off all the People in your life that you give so Much of your attention and energy to Because you have an emotion associated With them And get beyond all the people in your Life and go from a someone to a no one If you’ve worked your whole life being a Someone or if you’ve been working your Whole life thinking that you’re your Body you have to work a little harder Because that’s your identity that’s what You’re associated with so then you have To go Get beyond all the things in your life Your cell phone your computer your car And literally go from something to Nothing if i take all your attention off The place you work the place you live The place you need to be the place You’re sitting and go from somewhere to Nowhere You got to stop thinking about the Predictable future in the familiar past And go right into the present moment and Go from some time to no time and if you Do that properly You become pure consciousness and that’s

How you enter the field now once you are Pure consciousness You’re taking all of your attention off This three-dimensional reality now where You place your attention is where you Place your energy so if you’ve taken all Of your attention off of everything Material There’s only one place you’re going to Wind up and that is the in immaterial Realm called the quantum field an Invisible field of energy that unifies And connects everything material So now when you’re creating from the Field and you combine a clear intention With an elevated emotion and you’re Connected and you feel connected The suggestion of an alternative way to Create Is that when there’s a vibrational match Between your energy And some future reality You actually no longer have to go Anywhere to get it you’re actually the Vortex and you will collapse space and Time and draw the experience to you and You can’t predict when it’s going to Happen or how it’s going to happen Because if you can predict it it’s known So then you have to lay down the very Thing You use your whole life to get what you Want For something greater to occur now that

Goes against Generations untold of conditioning and a Lifetime of habituation believing that We’re trapped in this material world and Yet i can say to you without a doubt That once you understand that formula And once you know how to create that Kind of brain and heart coherence The side effect of that Is a change in biology Neurologically chemically hormonally Genetically we’ve measured it we’ve seen Gene regulation changes in four days More brain coherence more heart Coherence your brain’s working better Your heart is you’re trusting your heart It’s open there’s different chemicals That are released oxytocin suppresses Survival centers resets the baseline of A person’s trauma or shock Your immune system goes up you lengthen Your telomeres we’ve measured that too So you’re changing the future of your Body you’re extending your life that’s Evidence right so we we have the Evidence to know that it could happen Because we’ve measured it but the real Evidence Is watching the testimonial of someone Who says i had stage four cancer I was told As a 41 year old woman that i wouldn’t Live for more than two months And i have no

Evidence of cancer in my body at all or Someone that’s a physician who has Parkinson’s disease that’s tried Everything from the medical route and Has one transcendental moment and their Tremors and their pain are gone that now They’re chewing food they’re swallowing They’re blowing their nose they’re Standing up on their own that’s energy Affecting matter so we have hundreds and Hundreds of testimonials Of people that not only healed their Body But created profoundly magical things in Their life So you have evidence in the scientific World you have evidence in the practical World and evidence Is the loudest voice right now and the Accelerator Of that whole process is witnessing it And when they Feel optimistic when they feel inspired When they feel grateful when they’re Changing their emotions or energy They’re combining a clear intention with An elevated emotion and of thoughts of The vocabulary of the brain and feelings Of the vocabulary of the body and how You think and how you feel creates your State of being They just move from their past present State of being into a future present State of being they began to change

Their brain and body by thought alone in Depression studies where they give Someone a placebo and they say this is The best drug for depression four out of Five people That are in the placebo study get better Or do as well as people who are taking The actual antidepressant that’s that’s 80 percent but here’s the deal They’ve been taking that sugar pill For about eight weeks Every day taking that pill and combining That clear intention with an elevated Emotion they’re moving into a new state Of being so that now what that means is You gotta do the work that means you Actually have to practice sitting down Getting beyond all the people in your Life all the things you need to do the Place you need to you gotta you gotta Get beyond your body wanting to get up And go because it’s been programmed that Way and you gotta tell your body you’re Not getting up until i say Now This is when you come out of the Bleachers and you get on the playing Field because now you have to Go from the known self disentangle from Those programs and exist in the unknown In possibilities so then the person Who’s combining the clear intention with An elevated emotion and not relying on Some external or exogenous substance or

Doing it by thought alone changing their State of being i guarantee you it’s Going to begin become a habit and They’re going to know when they’re there And when they’re not and the word Meditation means to become familiar with So then the more you become familiar With How you feel in changing that state of Being the easier it will be for you to Do with your eyes open as well as your Eyes closed and if you go back to the Old state of being There’s a good probability that your Pain or your condition will come back so There’s this kind of waltz that goes on When people are Learning how to heal and change they Take a few steps forward and then a few Steps back and then Three steps forward and only one step Back and they ought to practice practice Self-regulating they got to practice What they’re paying attention to what They’re unconscious of And if you if you stay with it For a long enough period of time All of a sudden now the person reaches a Point we’ve measured where their Chemistry changes so dramatically that They’re literally in love with life now Imagine what happens when oxytocin is Released in the quantities that we see Oxytocin signals nitric oxide nitric

Oxide signals a chemical called Endothelial derived relaxing factor and That’s a big word or set of words that Just means a chemical that signals the Arteries in your heart to literally Expand and when they expand you’re Getting more blood flow in there and Just like when your sexual organs are Aroused and there’s blood flow in there Now with the same intensity you’re going To feel it right in your heart and it’s Going to be Way bigger and now the person’s heart is Wide open so here’s the question The person feels those emotions do you Think they’re going to want to judge Somebody else in that moment you think They’re going to want to hold a grudge They’re not going to try to forgive They’re going to feel so amazing they’re Not going to want to lose this feeling And they’re just going to say i forgive You now that’s the side effect Of true transformation the side effect Is a greater level of consciousness the Side effect Is a greater Skill set in life and i think that when You start getting good at this Then all the things you thought you Wanted You no longer want because When you’re creating more brain and Heart coherence you feel more whole

And the more whole you feel the less you Live and lack so how could you want Many things If you feel whole it feels like you Already have them and and that’s Actually When you start to see those wonderful Miracles those synchronicities those Serendipities those coincidences Happening in a person those are Experiences coming to them that’s the Field dropping breadcrumbs saying keep Going Keep going and there’s a synchronization Between that person’s energy and their Future and the side effect of that are Signs and and that’s when it gets to be Exciting now you’re not going oh i have To meditate today oh jeez i gotta create My life you’re like oh my god i don’t Want the magic to stop happening i’m Going to get into it and every Synchronicity creates that elevated Emotion and you use that energy for the Next creation and people climb out of Their lives come out of their past every Single cell in your body except red Blood cells makes proteins muscle cells Make muscle proteins actin and myosin Skin cells make skin proteins collagen And elastin your stomach cells make Stomach proteins called enzymes your Immune system makes immune proteins Called antibodies or immunoglobulins

Your eye cells make eye proteins called Keratins your body is a protein Producing machine And in order for those cells to make Proteins A gene has to be regulated so then they Used to say genes create disease lie It’s an absolute lie there’s a very Small percentage about five to one Percent of people on the planet are born With a true genetic condition like type 1 diabetes the other 95 to 99 percent is Created from lifestyle or behaviors a Two identical twins sharing the same Genome one dies at 52 the other one dies At 88. well what what happened there it Was the reaction to the environment That caused their Genes to be Switched on or upregulated to make a Healthy protein Or down regulated to make a cheaper Protein and it turns out that when You’re living in stress and living in Survival you’re living in emergency mode And that’s not a time for growth and Repair that’s a time to to mobilize all The body’s energy all its resources from Some endangered situation Real or imagined in their life so if You’re living in emergency mode for an Extended period of time And you keep signaling that gene Well my goodness it makes sense then

That over time the gene is going to Begin to wear out just like taking a Copy of a copy of a copy of a copy Sooner or later you’re going to start Making a cheaper protein so the Expression of proteins literally is the Expression of life is it possible then To signal the gene ahead of the Environment the answer is absolutely yes Because if a person’s waiting for their Wealth to feel abundance if they’re Waiting for their health to feel Wholeness and gratitude if they’re Waiting for their new relationship to Feel loved they’re living by the old Model of reality of cause and effect Waiting for something out there to Change to make them feel better and here Take away their lack or emptiness But the moment the person embraces the Emotion ahead of the event if they Understood what they were doing and why They were doing it then if the Environment signals the gene and it does And the end product of an experience in The environment is an emotion when you Embrace the emotion ahead of the Experience you’re signaling the gene Ahead of the environment and if genes Make proteins and proteins are Responsible for the structure and Function of your body you begin to Become that very person so it’s not our Wealth it’s not our health it’s not our

New relationships it’s not the things we Accumulate it’s who we become so we Overcome the old self which takes a Great act of will and awareness and we Become somebody else so then when you Become it nobody can take that away from You in fact you know that you know how To do it or you know that you know that You are it and an abundant person Doesn’t say i’m abundant i’m abundant or Abundant or a healthy person doesn’t say I’m healthy i’m healthy in hell they Don’t say that they are it so then most People have just been fooled by their Senses because five percent of their Conscious mind is holding the intent but Their body is habituated into a Predictable future or emotionally Conditioned into the past they’re saying I’m healthy i’m healthy i’m healthy i’m Happy i’m happy and the body’s going You’re miserable you’re unhappy that Thought can’t even make it past the Brain stem to the body So then teaching people how to Self-regulate they have no idea when They started changing their emotional States the amount of Biological and energetic changes that Take place within them and all around Them develop that skill And get really good at this Then for the most part you wouldn’t be So interested in

So many material things you would be Interested in facing off with yourself Every day and asking what is it that Stands in the way between me and my Future what is it that stands in the way Between me and my connection to the Quantum field i think that’s the real Question

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