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We’re built to walk uphill when you Reach the pinnacle of the hill you want To stop and appreciate the vision but The next thing you want is a higher hill In the distance because it’s from the Uphill climb that we derive our value And i mean this technically so almost All the positive emotion we feel Especially the emotion that fills us With enthusiasm and that’s to be filled With the spirit of god by the way Because that’s what enthusiasm means That’s Experienced in relationship to a goal And so in some sense and this is part of The religious enterprise you want a goal That you could never attain Right so you can always move closer to The goal that recedes as you move Towards it you think well that’s Frustrating it’s like sisyphus pushing The rock uphill but it’s not because as You pursue that goal you put yourself Together and your life does get better And richer and more abundant that’s why The highest levels of virtue and goal Are in some sense transcendent You want them to be above everything You’re doing so you can continually move Towards something that’s more sublime And better That’s what you are you’re here to live Not to sleep And the problem with the vision of my

Ties on the beach is that well first of All that’s an envision that’s a vision Of of drug induced Unconsciousness second it’s only going To work for about a week third you’re Going to be a laughingstock in a month And depressed and aimless And and goalless you want a horizon of Ever expanding possibility and so it Does happen to people as they because They’ve staked their soul On the attainment of an instrumental Goal and it can be a pretty high order Goal but then you think Now i’m there now what Well the answer can’t be well i’m going To live in the lap of luxury and never Have to leave the fa what do you want to Be a giant infant with a gold bottle you Never have to do anything but lay in Your back and suck it’s like Well you see the problem with that as a Conceptualization it’s no you want to be Like an active warrior moving up hill With your sword in hand and that’s Dynamic that’s exciting and that’s why So many young men disappear into video Games it’s that’s all acted out in the Video game they have to act that out in Their own life not that i despise video Games because i don’t but they’re not a Substitute for life they might be good Training under some conditions for life People complain about their phones but

They carry them with them everywhere They go and i’m not cynical about that The phone it’s not a phone god only Knows what it is But it’s definitely not a phone It’s not surprising that since it just Appeared and it’s so insanely powerful That we don’t know what to do with it And that might even wreck everything Like god only knows twitter itself could Bring civilization to a halt we we don’t Know how to manage the unintended Consequences of our technological Prowess and technology does alienate us Because of its artificiality and its its Coldness and its mechanistic nature all Of that and Well we have to contend with that wisely And Then you ask well how do you contend With things wisely and i would say well Don’t pollute your thoughts with deceit You compromise your own wisdom How are you going to make intelligent Not intelligent decisions wise decisions That’s why you shouldn’t lies you’re Warping the mechanism that orients you In the world do you really want to do That This is a brutal world man and i’ve seen This in my clinical practice People whose houses are built on Foundations of sand and the wind starts To blow and the floods start to rise

They are in such trouble Such trouble If you’re lucky And something terrible comes your way And you’re Reasonably honest and your relationships Are in good order Maybe you won’t end up in hell and i Mean hell i don’t mean death there’s Lots of situations you can get yourself In where death would be far preferable To what you’re going through you need to Be afraid of that it’s like don’t lie i In my clinical practice in 20 years Working with every sort of person you Could imagine I never ever saw anyone get away with Anything even once we’re all subject not Least to the judgment of our own Conscience try to escape from that No one can escape from that if you sit On the bed and say okay man i’m ready to Learn something like what What’s one thing i’m doing wrong That i know i’m doing wrong That i could fix That i would fix It’s like You meditate on that you’ll get an Answer And it won’t be one you want but it’ll Be the necessary one it’s often Something that will point you to small Things

So carl jung said people in the modern World don’t see god because they don’t Look low enough And so imagine you’re in your messy Bedroom You know and you’re sitting on the edge Of the bed trying to have an honest Dialogue with yourself and the little Voice says You know it’s pretty disgusting in here And you think well i’m way above such Trivial niceties as organizing my room Now that’s pride that’s arrogance If you’re above Organizing What’s actually yours How in the world are you ever going to Organize anything else and so you get on Your knees and you think Well it’s time to take a brush to the Toilet And maybe that’s where you start And so and that works like that works You start making those micro Improvements like real micro Improvements real on the ground actual Micro improvements to things you know That are wrong You’ll improve unbelievably rapidly You have these opportunities and this Existential guilt and the way you Expiate that and atone is by Doing your best to live the best Possible life you can manage to speak

The truth to treat people with respect To abide by the principles of the Dignity of the individual and to put Your house in order And that’s how you pay for your unearned Privilege all of us And we all have our privileges and our Curses you know all of us have that That’s why it’s not useful to be envious Of people You know you see some you’re a young man You see someone drive by in a ferrari With a blonde and you think my god He’s got everything and you know the Woman in the car is a prostitute who’s Got a cocaine addiction and her life is Just one catastrophe after another and He’s had to lie and cheat his way into This position and he’s afraid that Everything’s going to come crashing down On him and that’s what you’re jealous of It’s just not that profound You don’t want someone else’s fate man Your fate’s enough and your adventure’s Enough it’s plenty it’s more than you Can ever fully realize don’t be so sure That your position and your room is so Damn trivial it might be your attitude Towards it that’s trivial and if you’re In dire straits and dire circumstances Just look at how much opportunity you Have to make things better people are Often resentful if they see that Responsibility has been abdicated why

Isn’t that person doing their job It’s like well hey man step in At your workplace in your family you Know when you think well i don’t i Shouldn’t have to do that extra work Well you shouldn’t be a slave you Shouldn’t allow yourself to be Tyrannized but If something bugs you because a Responsibility is going unfulfilled There’s a great opportunity for you Maybe you want to avoid responsibility And you can understand why You can understand why you hide from it One of the biblical stories abraham he Stays in his father’s tent till he’s Like 80 and then god gets fed up and Tells him to get the hell out and grow Up and everything that he encounters is Catastrophic he encounters tyranny the Egyptians conspired to steal his wife he Encounters starvation and war That is what you encounter if you go out In the world you think who the hell Wants that i don’t want the Responsibility it’s like well yes you do There’s nothing better than Responsibility now you know i say that With some caution i think that i’ve been Overwhelmed by my apparent Responsibility But i think it’s also kept me alive and I mean that literally you need a meaning To sustain you through suffering and it

Is the case that you find that in Responsibility and so it’s good advice For anyone who’s at work you’re Resentful about this and not Because people aren’t pulling their Weight pull it See what happens You become indispensable instantly You’ll know everything And maybe that job won’t be for you or Maybe that relationship won’t be for you But you’ll take your hard acquired Wisdom go elsewhere and flourish there Kids stop me in a restaurant one day When i was walking in he said he had an Undergraduate degree and he was working As a waiter in a chain steak place he Stopped me and he said you know about Six months ago i was watching one of Your lectures and i decided to stop Being resentful about my job and he was Resentful because he had a university Degree and he’s working as a waiter he Said well i decided i’d start trying at My job like really trying as if it was Worthwhile He said he got three promotions in six Months like he’s just rocketing up the Power hierarchy well it’s not power it’s Competence if it’s well run you know and Places are full of opportunity if you Start to take responsibility And that goes sideways you’re not being Credited with that well then that’s an

Indication that you need to Restructure the situation something’s Corrupt about it or if you can’t do that You should go somewhere else where that Is valued it’s a sign that things aren’t Right if you bring your best to the Table and that isn’t appreciated there’s Something wrong with the table you know That and this is something we should all Get straight when we think about Hierarchies it’s it’s an axiom of the Left that hierarchies are predicated on Power it’s like no Only when they’re corrupt well they’re Always corrupt well yes That means they’re all Hierarchies are contaminated with power Well that that isn’t the essence of the Hierarchy the essence of the hierarchy Is distinction of value and you need the Distinction of value because you can’t Tell what to do otherwise you have to do The first things first that’s a Hierarchy of value that’s not power Unless you’re being compelled And then it’s corrupt and you should Resist it if something still has Emotional resonance so it’s plaguing you It’s it’s possessing you you can’t let Go of it it’s your baggage you don’t Want to think about it now this is look If if you’re in the midst of a Catastrophe dwelling on the catastrophe Is not necessarily a good idea i’m

Talking about we could use as a rule of Thumb things that happened more than two Years ago that would be safe because Otherwise maybe they’re still going on And you’re immersed in them and you Can’t make sense of them And dwelling on them just makes the Catastrophe worse old memories things You know you should be over if they’re Still emotionally resonant especially if It’s the emotion is negative anger fear Hatred resentment something like that Then there’s information locked up in That that you haven’t unpacked and what That means see because you build Yourself out of the information that you Encounter in the world What that means is that part of you is Still stuck it’s as if part of you is Still stuck in that experience and or It’s as if There’s territory that you traversed That you haven’t mapped and so you might Fall into the same hole again and your Emotions are indicating that there’s Danger here there’s unprocessed danger Here Attend to it well you don’t want to and No wonder You have to dig into it and then you Have to map it and Your map is effective when you’ve Rearranged your perceptions or your Behavior so that that event is unlikely

To occur again in the future that’s Really the purpose of your memory is you Remember things so you don’t make the Same stupid mistakes again that’s the Pragmatic utility of memory and so You see this to some degree in Psychotherapy the freudians in Particular emphasized Past trauma and you can emphasize that Far too much like it’s not as if a Therapeutic process should be Necessarily obsessive concern with your Childhood if you’re still plagued by Memories You can’t let them go they’re not mapped It’s an indication that you have not Fully benefited from what you’ve been Offered There’s wisdom laying there And so you can do that by writing This happened this is what i remember This is how it makes me feel well why Did it happen What could have i done differently What’s the significance now am i Misinterpreting this there’s a lot of Clinical stories that i modified because You know concern for my client’s privacy But i kept the stories intact you Reconfigure your personality by dealing With what you have not yet dealt with And then it stops interfering with your Present wouldn’t it be lovely to be able To

Enjoy someone else’s happiness it’s like Happiness is precious and rare And why deny yourself that If it’s from someone else Thank god they get a break from their Catastrophe of their life and wouldn’t It be wonderful if that was happening All the time you closed yourself off so Badly being resentful because everyone Else’s good fortune is equated to your Misery how terrible and that’s part of The pathology of this Insistence that our culture is nothing But a tyranny if that’s the case then Anyone who attains anything within it is Only a tyrant And that makes everyone’s Accomplishments an imposition And theft from everyone else how awful You know i say grace with my wife every Night and i need to do that I actually think in some ways it’s the Best part of my day strangely enough It’s very useful to remind myself to be Grateful and the worse your situation The more important that is paradoxically Because you can have a terrible Situation and then also be ungrateful be Resentful and then it’s worse It’s much worse so it’s courage what do I have to be grateful for And to maintain that that’s better for Everyone else i know that it’s it’s not Helpful to be resentful it’s better to

Be grateful and you can do that without Being naive it’s an act of will at least Something to practice [Music]

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