She turned everything around in 3-minutes | Neville Goddard

Here in New York City many years ago This lady A lady of considerable means She left her a home in New York City and Went off to Paris with her two children Leaving her home And her maid Before she returned the maids Took all of her furniture and took it Away when she returned the apartment was There rent was paid every month But there was no furniture now let’s Sing in it Seeing employed a private agency told The police department told all the Authorities in New York City and plus Her private agency at the end of a few Months they did not turn up one thing Concerning that stolen property She came to see me I said all right Your seat is there and I’m seated here In my apartment aren’t we Now you are not seated in my apartment You are seated right now close your eyes You’ll see it in your own apartment And you had a grand piano she said no I Had a Vienna but it wasn’t the one it Wasn’t a concert where it was Grand but Not a concert brand and on it I had my Pictures of my two children and I had Pictures of the wall she told me what They were and the furniture I said all Right refurnish that place as you left

It you have a memory she did Now when I when I stopped talking it’s Because you have refurnished that place To me Now you’re going to go in and you aren’t Going to see your apartment from my Apartment you’re in your apartment And you can feel your chair and get off Your chair and feel the piano and see The children the pictures of the Children and that’s what you’re going to Do She agreed she would do it And then we simply broke the spell what Did it take two minutes three minutes That week she went to her bank on Madison Avenue As she was coming out of the bank She had a past history of our little Mental state where she was put away for A while because she needed a psychiatric Treatment And the falls on this window Reminded her of her past history And therefore I will do for a while so She came unto Madison Avenue and turned South instead of turning North where she Should have When she discovered her mistake she was At the end of the block When she got there and discovered her Mistake she looked down and two very Familiar ankles were standing right Before

She came up to the face that’s her mate And the maid started started to scream She went over to the maid and grabbed Her Before the light changed and hailed the Oncoming taxi and said you’re taking me Right now and the maid who could have Killed her she was so big and strong was So reduced to impotently because of the Discovery and the maid took her to the Place where she had stored that Furniture She said I’m not bringing action against You I want my furniture And she got it back into her own Apartment within the week A silly mistake was the way the father Later All I asked is to go to the angels If I go to the inn and give thanks to The angel and for the end it’s done now Let the one in the depth of my own being Devise the best means to take me to that End The end is where I start the end is my Beginning And that is a story that I know from Personal experience so do not attend To devise the means And tell the one that you ask to pray For you how it should be done He will lose all interest and turn his Back as it go elsewhere You don’t go into a doctor’s office and

Tell him what he should do If you go to him because you trust him Well then you either could have trust Him and continue or are you going to Lead him Well if you go to someone that you Really believe who knows how to pray Don’t tell them how to do it and what Means you’ll be employed in order to do It he is going to go to the angel if he Knows how to pray The end is where we begin In my end is my beginning And we’re always ahead of our evidence So I go to the end I see the whole thing done And then drop it And let it happen in my world

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