PRACTICE THIS And Anything You Wish Will MANIFEST !| Dr.Joe Dispenza

They no longer have to go anywhere and Get it they’re actually going to Collapse time and space or the Experience is going to be drawn to now They’re the magnet We’re not doomed by our genes we’re not Hardwired to be a certain way for the Rest of our lives we are marvels Of adaptability and change so then what Does it mean to change change means then To be greater than your body Greater than the body that has been Conditioned emotionally to be the mind Greater than the body habituated into a Predictable future to be greater than The environment to be greater than the Conditions in your life And if you’re not being defined by a Vision of the future and you wake up Every morning It makes total sense then when you see The same people and you go to the same Places and you do the exact same thing At the exact same time Now your personality is no longer Creating your personal reality your Personal reality is creating your Personality because every person every Object everything every place is mapped Neurologically in your brain and since You’ve experienced your boss since You’ve experienced your co-workers since You’ve experienced your ex The moment you’ve experienced them at

Some point there’s an emotion associated With them so then all of a sudden people Wake up and if they’re not aware of this But their environment Is influencing the way they think and The way they feel so when things are Going good they feel good when things Are bad they feel bad which means They’re victims To their environment Why are you unhappy well this person Made me unhappy which means Unconsciously that person is actually Controlling the way i feel and the way i Think now i’m a victim to that Circumstance so to change then is to be Greater than that environment so then You would have to Reprogram the way you’d think and the Way you’d feel to no longer return back To the same state of being now that’s That’s the mastery because it isn’t just Having a great meditation And then getting on the freeway and Flipping everybody off or judging your Co-worker you just return back to the Old self you got to be able to maintain That modified state of mind and body Your entire day and if you can get ready Because weird things are going to happen In your life so the person who’s Starting to Try it out in a curious way like let’s Just do the experiment let’s just see if

I change my energy i change the way i Think i feel and feel is there going to Be some effect in my life When they start seeing that They’re no longer like oh i got to go Create my you know my life today They’re actually excited to do it Because they don’t want the magic to end They want to keep it going now That’s when it gets kind of cool because This is when you start believing in Yourself And when you believe in yourself you Believe in possibilities right when you Believe in possibilities you got to Believe in yourself when you stop Believing in possibilities you can’t Believe in yourself so people are waking Up and going wow it doesn’t matter your Skin color doesn’t matter how rich you Are it doesn’t matter how healthy you Are it doesn’t matter how young you are How old you are how in shape out of Shape Not even not even if you’ve ever Meditated before it doesn’t even matter It’s a formula and you don’t need 40 Years of dedication to meditation to get It you just got to understand the Formula and like playing ping pong or Hitting a golf ball or dancing the salsa You’re going to figure it out sooner or Later and it’s going to get easier and It’s going to get fun i assert that if

You’re not in the present moment you’re Running a program paying attention Is being present And it’s a skill just like anything else The more you practice it the better you Get at it and you know when someone’s Present with you in your life because They’re paying attention to you and you Know when they’re not present with you Because they’re not paying attention to You So where you place your attention Is where you place your energy So if you have all of your attention in The present moment You’re conserving a lot of energy to Create with If i’m talking to you and you’re Thinking about where you’re gonna go for Lunch and who you’re gonna go with and How you’re gonna get there and i’m Talking to you you left the present Moment and your attention went to some Future and your energy will go down and You won’t be able to comprehend what i Said if you start thinking about what You should have said at the staff Meeting three days ago and i’m talking To you and your your mind is back in the Past you’re siphoning energy out of the Present moment into the past So People are constantly siphoning their Energy into a familiar past or

Predictable future because that’s where Their attention is And the stronger the emotions that we Feel to certain problems and conditions In our life the more we pay attention to Them so we give our power away to our ex We give our power away to that big Problem that’s creative energy that we Should be able to use to create a new Future So then when a person’s sitting in a Meditation And they’re doing absolutely nothing And it’s eight o’clock in the morning And their body for the last 10 years has Been going in traffic and getting angry And frustrated in traffic and now They’re sitting in a meditation at eight O’clock in the morning the body’s gonna Say hey you’re off schedule so the Body’s gonna start looking for that Emotion and it’s gonna start influencing The mind and you’re gonna start getting Images and and memories just so you can Feel that emotion now the person’s back In the past but if they become aware That they’re siphoning energy out of the Present moment into the past and they Settle the body back down into the Present moment that’s a victory And those victories add up and you’re Telling the body in that moment That it’s no longer the mind that you’re The mind and that’s a victory and then

People get frustrated and they say i Can’t meditate oh really well actually You’re doing it right that’s actually What meditates you’re doing exactly what You’re supposed to be doing and then all Of a sudden the body says well It’s 8 15 now this is when you normally You know go get something to eat and you Have your coffee and your body’s Starting to want to get up and do Something you become aware that your Body wants to get up and move and you’re In the meditation and you tell your body Uh You bring it back to the present moment You settle it back down you are training The animal that’s a victory now you’re Executing A will That’s greater than the program because Most people lose their free will to a Program now you’re telling the body i’ll Tell you when we get up not when you Want to get up you’re not the mind i’m The mind and that’s a victory now we’ve Done the research on this If you keep doing this And you stay with it Sooner or later the body’s going to Surrender to a new mind and when that Happens there’s a liberation of energy The body is freed From those habituations and those Emotions the bodies going from particle

To wave from matter to energy and all of A sudden you’re dialing down the anger You’re dialing down the vigilance and The body now is being conditioned to a New mind that is the present moment and When you’re in that present moment Something really amazing happens You forget about you All of a sudden you’re not your face You’re not your culture you’re not your Marital status you’re not your diet You’re not your your past You’re basically just an awareness You’re in the unknown and that is the Perfect place to create from So it turns out that when people do this Properly they heal themselves of anxiety Why because they’re no longer obsessing About some future when they find the Present moment they heal their from Their depression because they’re not a Bit hopeless and powerless in their past The body’s conditioned now And so then when they overcome Themselves in their meditation And they step out into their life they Are more present they can connect they Are more patient they are more loving Because they overcome the animal part of Themselves And the beauty behind that is is that All of a sudden you’re not predictable I’m noticing he’s not behaving the same Way you’re out of the known right you’re

In the unknown and all of a sudden People it’s no longer what you’re saying To them It’s who you are they’re just kind of Scratching their head going hey he looks Like he’s really happy i want some of That and now we’re out of the Philosophical theoretical realm we’re in The practicum which is where really the Magic happens so the eternal present Moment the sweet spot Of the generous present moment is the Place we create from and when we are When we’re there we disconnect from our Bodies we become nobody We disconnect from people in our lives We’re not thinking about our ex or our Boss We are no one we’re not thinking about Our cell phone or computer we are No thing we are not thinking about where We live where we work where we sleep we Are nowhere and we’re not thinking about The predictable future in the familiar Past we’re in no time and when you’re Disconnecting or dissociating from Everything known You’re in the unknown and that’s where The magic happens word meditation means To become familiar with that’s exactly What that symbol means Familiarization so if you’re sitting in Your meditation and your brain is going You can’t quit it’s too hard

You’re becoming familiar with those Thoughts that’s a meditation there’s no Such thing as a bad meditation there’s Just overcoming yourself you’re sitting There and your body wants to get up and Do things and check your email and check Your texts And you become aware that it’s doing That you become familiar with that You’re in a meditation if you’re Realizing that you’re angry and Frustrated and resentful and all you’re Doing is sitting there That’s in there now you’re becoming Familiar with that old self that’s a Good thing and if you start saying what Thoughts do i want to fire and wired my Brain and you keep firing and wiring Them you’re going to become familiar With those you start Reviewing who you’re going to be when You open your eyes and you keep Reviewing it keep reviewing it reviewing It You keep firing and wiring it’s going to Become familiar to you if you trade Resentment and impatience for gratitude And freedom and joy you start making Those chemicals In your meditation every single day i Swear to you you’ll get familiar with That so the process of change is Unlearning and relearning it is breaking The habit of the old self and

Reinventing a new self and we use Meditation As a way to change our brain and body to Be different Be greater than the environment to be Greater than our our emotions and and Habits and be greater than the Predictable future in the familiar past So meditation Is a way then to get us in the right State of mind and body so when we Present ourselves to the world We’re a better expression of it and then Practicing and staying aware your entire Day so that You can actually master something about Yourself now what’s the what’s the side Effect of that You’re more in love with you because you Overcame you and as you overcome And you overcome and you keep overcoming You’re going to become somebody else The beauty behind that is then your life Begins to change in really mysterious And unusual ways And people say oh my god i was so happy I forgot about my back pain or my neck Pain or i forgot about my food allergies Or whatever people are dealing with it Something biologically shifts in them And they’re freer they’re more whole They’re less Separate you know they feel more pleased And and satisfied with themselves and

They really don’t care what people think Of them And they really stop judging other People because they’re not judging Themselves any longer so you could only Talk around these concepts you really Have to really apply them to really Begin to see the fruits of your efforts But um common people around the world Are doing the uncommon because of it This is a big thing for people to wrap Their head around because you’d have to Step out of The classical physics of the newtonian World where we live in this realm of Three-dimensional reality we experience With our senses and everything has Height and depth and width and we narrow Our focus on the material world and we Navigate In this way And This realm has an infinite amount of Space space is eternal and we experience Time as we move through space so we move From one point of awareness i’m here the Door is over there that’s another point Of awareness and as i move my body from One point of consciousness to another Point of consciousness as i move through Space i experience time so if we’re Going to create matter to matter you Know Three-dimensional reality and we’re

Going to get things done it’s just going To take time for us to get the new house A new car because we got to work and Save our money and do all that stuff Well that’s playing by the rules Of newtonian physics and Three-dimensional reality when you play By the rules of the quantum In the quantum there’s an infinite Amount of time now time is eternal now Imagine if you had an infinite amount of Time how many things could you get done Infinite number of things equal to your Thoughts right That’s the quantum so the quantum is Time is eternal and there’s all Possibilities exist in the present Moment in the quantum so in Three-dimensional reality newtonian Physics it’s about the predictable the Quantum Is immaterial nothing’s local yet in Space and time all possibilities exist As frequency as energy as vibration as Information as consciousness in the Realm of thought So in the quantum Anything is possible And it’s no different than looking um in A dressing room where there’s mirrors This way and mirrors this way and you See an infinite number of views That’s there’s an infinite number of Possible realities where one

Small thing has changed Just one small thing you shaved with Your left hand today that now you’re in A different reality you did your Meditation you connected you come back You just moved out of that dressing room And now you’re in a dressing room that Looks just like that but something’s Different Your your wife still looks the same Everybody looks the same but all of a Sudden here’s that phone call here’s That email here’s that opportunity Now i’m in a whole new a new dimension Right So In that quantum realm then Because it’s non-local We have to actually create Not with our bodies we have to Dissociate from our bodies we can’t Enter the quantum field as a somebody we Have to enter as a nobody so teaching People How to pass through the eye of the Needle Is that moment they become nobody no one No thing nowhere in no time that’s the Moment their pure consciousness now Teaching people how to create from the Field instead of from matter Has taken me many many years but Now people that are doing it are seeing Those kind of instantaneous changes

Taking place because when they begin to Change their energy and all potentials In the quantum field exist as Electromagnetic potentials and thoughts Are the electrical charge and feelings Are the magnetic charge and how you Think and how you feel is broadcasting Information on a daily basis so when a Person changes their thoughts and Feelings and they’re creating from the Field When there’s a vibrational match between Their energy and that potential in the Quantum field and they’re creating Connected to the source And that source energy is actually Connecting everything material They no longer have to go anywhere and Get it in fact they’re actually going to Collapse time and space or the Experience is going to be drawn to now They’re the magnet that’s when they Start drawing experiences to them now They’re not going anywhere to get them Now they’re coming to them that’s that’s When it gets fun

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