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Crossing that river of change The creative process now gets exciting Because what thoughts do you want to Fire in Wire in your brain what kind of Attention and intention Do you want to place so that that Becomes the loudest voice in your head And if you keep practicing it the Hardware becomes a software program and It’ll say You can do anything uh you live in no Time and accomplish everything You’re unlimited you just gotta hang With it on the other side of this is Greatness Whatever you want to program in there You get the program in there If you sat down and say how am i going To be with my wife my husband My partner how am i going to be with my Kids i’m going to be at work with my Co-workers how am i going to be in Traffic And you close your eyes and you begin to Rehearse in your mind If you’re truly present the brain does Not know the difference between the real Life experience and what you’re Imagining So now the brain goes from a record of The past to a map to the future now You’re installing the hardware keep Practicing it it becomes automatic comes

Easier now it’s a software program You may just start behaving differently And then if you said well listen i’m not Going to wait for my healing To feel gratitude i’m not going to wait For my new relationship to feel love I’m gonna actually teach my body Emotionally what that future feels like Before it happens Now this is a big turnaround for a lot Of people because We’re so reliant on the outer world to Change our inner world Waiting is not creating i mean period They could have the greatest intentions In the world But if they don’t combine that with an Elevated emotion There’s no signal because the elevated Emotion is the carrier it’s the energy That carries the thought So then when we’re in separation in lack Waiting for our wealth to feel abundance We’re Basically living our whole life in pain Right So then if you reason this and a person Can get up From their meditation and they literally Feel differently And they’re feeling the emotions of Their future before it happens this is Turning The whole process around they can’t be

Looking for Why would they be looking for it if they Felt like it there it already happened Now there’s no separation now this is When those serendipities and Coincidences and opportunities begin to Show up in people’s lives so It’s work but then when they start Seeing the experience in their life All of a sudden they start believing They’re more of the creator of their Life And less of the victim of their life i Say to people when they come to our Workshops Oh i’m going to take you way further Than where you normally stop Because you’re only gonna have two Choices you’re gonna let your energy Drop and suffer and Get into the time and my body and when’s This gonna end and i’m hungry And those are all primal drives or You’re gonna apply a formula And in the unknown you learn how to be Comfortable in the unknown This is so funny because you stretch a Person outside of the known And it’s not scary nothing happened to Them and all of a sudden They relax more into the present moment They’re not thinking about what’s going To happen tomorrow they’re not going to Think about what happened yesterday

Now i watch 1500 people just by the end Of an event just Totally present it’s completely Different people and where you place Your attention is where you place your Energy There’s energy for them to heal they Have energy They can execute so it’s something that It’s hard to You can only talk around you know you Can’t tell me any longer that You’re too sick to do this work i i have Seen In the last couple years blind people Seeing deaf people hearing people with Strokes that were paralyzed Moving their limbs people with Parkinson’s disease that had tremors or Paralysis Moving ms lupus rheumatoid arthritis Rare genetic disorders tumors there it Is Then they’re it’s gone you can’t tell me You’re too sick to do this Work i mean of course people come up Against themselves And when they come up against themselves Those sick people came up against their Fear like You’re gonna die in three months and They had every reason To not do the work but they showed up in Spite of their fear and they overcame

Their fear a little bit more There were people that had self-doubt And they their condition was getting Worse and their family was worried about Them They could have doubted and said i i Give up but they showed up for Themselves Again and they overcame their doubt a Little bit more there were days that They were Really feeling sick and their body was Really failing and they could have said I’m too sick to do this meditation They did it sometimes two or three times A day because nothing else was working And they overcame their body They could have said i don’t have enough Time i got kids i got obligations i got A job but they made the time to do it And That was the overcoming process you Can’t tell me that you’re too out of Shape You’re too old we have elders in this Work i can show you brain scans that are So Elegant and so beautiful and the arousal That they’re having is ecstasy it’s Coherence in the brain so you can’t even Tell me that you’ve never meditated Before because husbands Who get dragged to our events by wives Who are sitting there going who is this

Guy They’re listening to the science and it Makes sense and Comes down to the practical they follow The exact Formula someone who’s been meditating For 40 years if we said I want to be wealthy or i want to be Healthy well you want to be that because You’re not It so the initiation of going from not It Here to it here you’re going to have to Climb some steps And there’s going to be some blind spots So you try it out and it doesn’t work Well that’s because there’s a part of You that’s still in a habit there’s part Of you that’s still unconscious okay So what is it about myself and that Circumstance That i am feeling about that Circumstance And that feeling is causing me to think About it so you say oh it’s impossible They’ll never change I’ll hire a hitman i’ll hire the mafia I’ll hire an attorney I’ll have my friend’s friend to talk to Him and nothing changes right well You’re not separate from that experience You’re Involved in it and how you think and how You feel broadcast energy into the field

So Your energy is the same every day and as Long as your energy is the same Nothing’s going to change in your life Either And nobody changes until they change Their energy So then what piece of knowledge what Piece of information What would love do what would greatness Look like okay i don’t know All right well certainly somebody in History has faced this problem Don’t get on facebook and say does Anybody have any answers don’t Get go look it up and study and read and Learn you’ll own it and you’ll say wow That person that was wealthy They failed 500 times well hell i had The wrong view of wealth Okay then failure is not a thing i got To overcome failure Well yep just climbed a step okay i’m Reacting to that circumstance with the Same emotion That emotion is firing the same thoughts I’m broadcasting the same energy into The field If i were facing that circumstance and Situation again with that person that Circumstance What do i learn from that circumstance How could i do it differently the next Time

Find out a solution and rehearse it Install the circuitry so when you get in The circumstance you’re not going to Respond in an automatic habituation Now you’re at a greater level of Consciousness now you’re looking at Possibilities that you weren’t looking At before because you were unconscious Now That process of trial and error is so Important In the spiritual path how many times Do we have to forget before we remember And then we remember and we forget again And it takes constantly remembering Until we stop forgetting and when we get To that point now we’re conscious Now there’s wisdom and wisdom is the Memory of the experience without the Emotional charge now you’re ready For the new adventure so then people Draw conclusions and say Oh it’s that person that ripped me off Now you don’t create your reality you Only create your reality when things are Good Well somehow you got to tango through This somehow your Objectivity in not reacting emotionally Is going to change the energy of how you Address this situation so then We keep going in introspection at the End of the day If you really wanted to be wealthy say

How did i do today Did i make the right choices was i Ethical was i purpose driven Am i interested in making a difference Was i fair was i tempered Did i really think before i spoke what What did i remember reading about that Book about that person that did it How’d i do when did i fall from grace When did i lose it Okay i want that opportunity again i Want another shot at that And i’m going in this way what would Love do in this situation what would Greatness do And now you you evolve your experience And somehow There’s a door there’s an opening Something shifts something’s changing And now here we go we climb another Ladder and then all of a sudden there’s Another challenge And then people who finally arrive at Their abundance they could care less if They’re abundant they’re Already knowing that they’ve earned the Right for it so sometimes a shortcut in The process If we really learn we really get it but The trial and error is so Important because not only is the person Earning the right to be wealthy But they’re earning the right to live And worthy

Worthy to receive like people come to Our work all the time for a lot of Reasons and one of the common reasons is They want to get healthy Because they’re dealing with a very Serious health condition and i always Say the same thing to them Stop wanting to be healthy learn the Formula On how to get healthy learn the formula On how to heal And the healing will be the side effect Of it if you’re obsessing about why am i Not healed You’re still the old person you’re gonna Become that person every day right Turns out that when you sit down and the People that we interview that have had Significant changes When it’s no longer about their health But they Are out of the bleachers and they’re on The playing field And they are coming up against the Belief like one lady said I always thought that this work really Worked These concepts are the truth but i never Believed it worked for me And i was in a car accident in a Wheelchair and she made the decision That she was going to overcome that Belief now it was no longer about her Healing

It was about overcoming the belief and I’ve showed up every day for herself When you believe in yourself you believe In possibilities when you believe in Possibilities you got to believe in Yourself you don’t show up for yourself You don’t believe in it and that’s why People don’t do the work i mean If you you believe that your thoughts Created reality you would show up every Day and create and so A lot of people believe in their past More than they believe in their future a Lot of people fall in love or more in Love with their past or romance their Past instead of Romance their future or love their Future it’s it’s that simple so The initiation process of life is always Going to be that you’re Always going to be challenged if if you Want to be a master Well then you better learn how to heal Someone else and you’re going to fail a Lot of times And if you think that you’re a failure Then you’ll quit but if you Feel like you just didn’t quite ding it Yet and you show up again To just ding it and you keep evolving Your experience and go deeper how much More can i open my heart How much more can i surrender into this Infinite field

How much more can i become can i walk is It with my eyes open people Do meditations and they have great Meditations me included And then you get up you open your eyes And you’re back in the program And people want to know why they haven’t Healed them we have testimonies of People They’re speaking the truth they said my Ms My rheumatoid and my lupus never went Away I had great meditations i felt better And then i realized with my eyes open i Was still that person And now next level they’re in the game Catching themselves or catching how they Speak or watching how they think They’re not letting their body fall in The same emotional state to put them in The same past experience that the body’s Believing in now This is the great part and when a person Finally breaks through from the chains And there’s a different consciousness of Freedom that happens They look back at their past they want To change One thing in their past because it Brought him to that present moment That’s the path No longer existing that’s the freedom so Is it worth the effort

Yeah it’s no longer about healing it’s No longer about abundance it’s about who You’re becoming So those people then want to be healed And they live in fear that fear has to Be addressed I mean and it’s not easy because it’s Hardwired Deep in the limbic brain it’s just a Safety net it’s a mechanism so then Imagine being in the unknown that the Instinct and the unknown is it’s a scary Place Wow imagine not having a body and we Practice Lingering without a body in an infinite Space and Not without a name without a face Without a culture without a job without A Social security number without a disease Without a diet just as an awareness you You practice that you’re going to be Comfortable in the unknown you’re going To relax more into it that’s Going against thousands of years Of programming and the people who Actually overcome their fear And they trade it for gratitude their Immune system gets stronger Their genes up regulated brain changes Their heart rate variability They feel differently it’s being Measured and and some of these people

We’re measuring this now in our events With with reputable scientists and Universities they’re shocked at what They’re witnessing on a cellular level On a brain level on a heart level They cannot believe the capacity of the Body

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