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The question is when does it go to Fedcoin? When does a dollar become Bitcoin? We’re not just messing
with money. We’re messing with world history right now. And once you understand how the fed
operates. So what happened, there was a third federal
bank. It started in 1913. You know what else
started in 1913? The IRS. So you put two and two together and what do
you spell? You’re being
screwed. This is the future of the US dollar. It’s a piece of paper and millions of people
are working for this. They’re chasing Bitcoin, which is not a bad
idea, but this is God’s money. It’s been here since the planet
earth was started. It’s just not this, that’s all I’m saying. I want anything but this, but every school
teacher, because they’re all highly unionized. This is what they want. And my complaint over the years
is, why don’t they teach kids about money At school? But the reason is, those idiot school teachers,
they Love this stuff. Every teacher loves this stuff and they teach
this to the kids. You should love this stuff. Oh, it’s 10 million [Zims 00:01:15]. Which would you rather have? A $30 gold Eagle or 10 million Zim. Probably the most important question. All of us, whether your real estate goals
[inaudible 00:01:26] Bitcoin or Ethereum or whatever it is. The question is, when does it go to Fedcoin? When does a dollar
become Bitcoin? Right now, it’s called the transmission mechanism. The way the money gets into the
economy is they need people like me, entrepreneurs

Basically, who can borrow large sums of money. So
$160 million, we [inaudible 00:01:51] sign The paper to it. That meant $160 million was credited out of
thin air. So us entrepreneurs go in there, we create
$160 million, but the banks give it to us. Guys like Goldman
Sachs or Wells Fargo or Bank of America. That money is just created out of thin air. And it’s pumped into
the economy. The problem is that the current transmission
system, only rewards people like me, real Entrepreneurs who can handle large sums of
debt. You see, without people like me who borrow
money Or the CEOs who borrow money to buy back their
stock, money doesn’t exist. So the people who are whining and complaining,
they’re saying, ”Well, how come the rich are Getting
richer?” Well, they don’t understand the transmission
mechanism of money. So I have to borrow money
for it to come into existence. And most school teachers can’t even afford
a credit card. So all you have is
a credit card. They don’t need you. And then they’re going to charge exorbitant
rates for that stupid Credit card. Or they’re punishing kids with student loan
debt or payday loans. So the transmission
mechanism is the current banking system, Wells Fargo, the hedge funds and all that. If it goes to Fedcoin
or Eurocoin or Yuancoin or Yencoin, the banks Are gone. It’s the same thing as truck drivers are replaced
by driverless trucks. I think that’s 35 million jobs. So just
think of yourself. As you know, I went to Wharton. I have my MBA in finance. I’m working for Goldman
Sachs and suddenly I can’t even drive a truck. How does a guy like me access money? And for most
people, it’s a credit card.

You’re always bitching and moaning. You’re like, ”Suze Orman says, cut up your
credit card. Dave Ramsey says, cut up your credit card.” I love my credit card. I loved it. You see, real financial education means you
have to know how to use debt to take down Large chunks of
money. That’s how money is created. That’s this book here, The Creature from Jekyll
Island by Griffin. Money is created when we borrow. That’s what happened in ’71 when Nixon took
the dollar off the gold Standard. So again, the word is the transmission mechanism. And the big banks like Wall Street and all
that, they got rich because of the transmission System. But if the fed says Fedcoin, every banker
better Be looking for a truck driver job. In the past, Powell said they were in no rush
to launch a digital currency. They’ve since changed tune
here. Does the issue of privacy here concern you,
Robert? If this is the road we’re headed towards and
they will be able to know everywhere we’re Shopping, everywhere we’re going, what kind
of world will We be living in if all central banks will
be releasing their own digital currencies? Orwell wrote a book about it. It was called 1984. It’s the Big Brother is watching. That’s where it’s going. I’m guessing. Right now, I can tell you the price of this
is probably 30 bucks. Silver Eagle. If they go to the
central banking system, this becomes more Valuable. But so does Bitcoin. What I’m saying to the
Bitcoiners, I say ”You Bitcoiners are just

Peeing in the ocean.” I said the financial market is so big. Look at
the bond market. Look at the derivatives market. And these guys are yacking about a little
Bitcoin. I’m going, ”Grow up, kids.” So the point here is this though, if it does,
the transmission system is taken Out, but this and Bitcoin become more valuable
because it’s outside the system. If it goes to Fedcoin or
Eurocoin or El Salvador coin, what we’ll have Valuable, no matter what and is untraceable
by technology. So you don’t need money to make money. Once you understand that, how do you think
a guy becomes A billionaire? Getting a job? It’s up here. I love capitalism, but we teach socialism
and Marxism in school. The story of Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a story
of a Marxist versus a capitalist. That’s the story. So my poor
dad always said, he says he wanted me to join The labor union because he was the head of
the teacher’s Union. And it was Marx who said, ”Workers of the
world unite, you have nothing to lose but Your
chains.” It was Stalin who said, ”If you want to destroy
capitalism, raise taxes.” And it was Lenin who
said, ”If you want to destroy capitalism, Debauch the currency.” Exact words. And that’s what happened in 1971 when Nixon
made this toilet paper. And our schools are still telling
our kids, ”Oh, save toilet paper, work for Toilet paper and pay toilet paper taxes.” And that’s why it goes
back to this book here. The Creature from Jekyll Island. In 1913, the fed was created. It’s not federal.

not reserved. There’s no reserves. It’s not a bank, but it also created the Internal
Revenue Service so They could collect the taxes. So Biden today is raising taxes and printing
money. Now, Janet Yellen earlier this week came out
saying, ”Hey, despite the trillions of dollars Entering the
system now, we shouldn’t expect to see runaway Inflation.” She also hinted that perhaps we will be
headed towards a higher interest rate environment, Thoughts on the possibility of runaway inflation? And I just want to add to that, Deutsche Bank
issuing a warning this morning, that that Is where the
global economy is headed. Particularly the US one. The real problem is the fed, the treasury,
Biden and Wall Street. They all work together. The question is,
when we step back and look at, if we don’t Have inflation, we have depression. So they’re terrified right
now. They have got to do everything possible to
pump as much money in to keep this fake balloon Floating. That’s why it’s booms, busts or [inaudible
00:08:12]. So they’re trying to keep this hot air
balloon in the sky. If there is deflation, this thing comes down. So they’re pumping as much hot air into
this balloon as possible. So is there going to be inflation? Well, think about it this way. If there isn’t, it’s what [Records 00:08:31]
has been calling for, the biggest depression In history. But it depends on which economists you talk
to. The guy I like the most is Lacy Hunt. So Lacy Hunt, he was with the Dallas fed,
I think. He says, ”Inflation
is transitory.” So they pump money in and it escapes. They pump money in and it escapes.

I think Lacy
Hunt is more accurate than that con woman, Jenna Yellen. I can’t believe how stupid she is. Or this guy Powell. So they don’t keep pumping money in, it’s
going to… So they have to keep pumping more money in. And the tear it gets bigger in the balloon. I think we’re
gone. The economy is destroyed. We’ve destroyed one of the greatest economies
in world history. That’s what Rickards and I write about, is
that we’re not just messing with money. We’re messing with
world history right now. He talks about, there is something that happens
every 1,500 years, I forget Now. And we’re on it, we’re on it right now. We’re on it. And so this could be the biggest collapse,
collapse of the Roman Empire, collapse of The Chinese Empire, the English Empire. So we’re messing with history now, but we’re
messing it through this stuff. And this stuff here. Throughout history, the Roman Empire came
down when they started putting copper into Their coins. That’s called Gresham’s law. Good money went into hiding when bad money
entered the system. This is
unprecedented how much fake money they’re Pushing into the system. It’s unprecedented. So I
wouldn’t be worried about the price of gold And silver or a Bitcoin. What poor people do is expel wealth. They said, ”I’m not interested in money. The rich are greedy, capitalists are sons
of a bitch.” That’s an
expeller. That is a poor person speak.

Every time I hear that, I go, ”This person
doesn’t have a prayer.” That’s like telling a fat guy, eating a
piece of pizza, ”I’d put that pizza down.” ”Don’t tell me that. I know that.” The words are, ”I know.” They
already know because their being as a fat Being or they’re being is a poor being. The psychologist, that’s
the word, but I’ll just expel the [bot 00:10:58]. So I was just having those conversation. I have a trainer at the gym and she [inaudible
00:11:04]. I said,
”What kind of man are you looking for?” She’s like, ”I can’t find any men.” I said, ”Well, there’s plenty in
this gym.” I said, ”What are you looking for?” She says, ”Oh, I want six inch biceps and
packs and all this.” I said, ”No, what’s inside his head?” ”I don’t care.” I said, ”I would care more about what’s inside
his head than how big his biceps are.” I said, ”Why don’t
you find out what they think about money?” ”I’m not interested in money.” At that moment, I knew she
was probably going to marry some bodybuilder Who was broke like her. That’s what they say. ”I’m not
interested in money.” Right. That’s the expeller. ”I can’t afford it.” That’s the expeller. And we determine our future by what’s
between here and in our hearts. So I said, ”I don’t like coming to the gym,
but I show up. I learn from
you.” She teaches me a lot about health, but she’s
not interested in relationships or money. And guess
what? She has no relationships and no money.

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