“Nikola Tesla Was Hiding This TERRIFYING SECRET of Great Pyramid!”

“The day science begins to 
study non-physical phenomena,   It will make more progress in one decade 
than in all the previous centuries of   Its existence.”
– Nikola Tesla  Nikola Tesla was a forward-thinking scientist 
with groundbreaking ideas on energy and  Technology. He was a futurist, a man who lived 
far ahead of his time. His work has had a  Significant impact on the modern world, with 80 
percent of the inventions we use today, such as  Mobile phones and X-ray machines, having roots 
in his research. Tesla believed that it was  Possible to harness the energy trapped between 
the Earth and its upper atmosphere and transform  It into electricity. He even designed a World 
Power System, a way to broadcast electrical energy  Wirelessly to everyone on 
the planet. Unfortunately,   He never got the chance to fully realize this
dream, but his vision of providing free   Energy to the world lives on to this day.
But did you know that an ancient civilization   May have also had a similar concept? The Great
Pyramid of Giza, a structure that has stood   For thousands of years as the tallest man-made
structure on Earth, is believed by some experts   To be a power plant that creates wireless energy.
The materials used in its construction,   Its design, and various features 
all seem to support this  Theory. In this video, we'll 
explore this fascinating   Idea and how it may be connected to Tesla's
own vision of a world powered by clean energy.  Despite his numerous achievements, Tesla remains 
a relatively unknown figure, even though he  Was the one who developed the 
alternating current technology   That we rely on today. He was a
true visionary, a man who believed   In the possibility of bringing 
electricity to every corner of the  Globe. His contributions to science and 
technology have made him a forefather of modern  Technology, and if his revolutionary ideas had 
come to fruition, some of the technologies we use  Today might be entirely different.
Tesla firmly believed that the   Electrical potential of the Earth 
could be harnessed to transmit  Electricity across the globe. In 1905, he filed a 
patent titled "the art of transmitting electrical  Energy through the natural medium," which included 
designs for worldwide generators that could  Bring electricity to even the 
most remote parts of the planet.  According to Tesla, the ionosphere, a layer of 
the Earth's atmosphere, was filled with electrical  Energy that could be easily converted for human 
use. He saw the Earth itself as a giant electrical  Generator, spinning around two magnetic poles, 
and believed that an endless supply of energy  Could be extracted from the 
planet using the right technology.  To tap into this energy, Tesla proposed a device 
with a triangular shape, similar to a pyramid. 

This device, known as the Electromagnetic Pyramid, 
was intended to harness the Earth's energy.  Tesla also built two facilities – the Tesla 
Experimental Station in Colorado Springs and the  Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island – to further 
his research in this area. It is said that these  Facilities were positioned according to the 
laws used by the ancient Egyptians to build   The Pyramids of Giza, located at a point between 
the Earth's elliptical orbit and the equator. The  Design of these towers was intended for 
the wireless transmission of energy.  But Tesla's fascination with pyramids didn't stop 
there. Let's delve deeper into the connection  Between Tesla and these ancient 
structures as we explore how his   Interest in pyramids ties in with
his work in electricity.  For decades, we have been told that pyramids 
were tombs used to bury Pharaohs and their  Valuable artifacts. But did you know that the 
Great Pyramid of Giza lacks the usual artifacts,  Hieroglyphs, and elaborate wall art found in 
other pyramids? Mainstream Egyptologists claim  That the granite sarcophagus in the king's 
chamber of the pyramid once held Pharaoh Khufu's  Mummy. However, testing has shown that this 
sarcophagus does not contain any chemical  Evidence of a buried body.
So if the Great Pyramid was not a tomb, what   Was its original purpose? Some theories suggest
that the Great Pyramid was actually a kind of   Power plant. Edward J Kunkel was one of the first
to propose this theory in his 1973 book,   "Pharaoh's Pump." He 
described how the Giza Pyramid  Functioned like a hydraulic ram pump. John Cadman, 
on the other hand, described the pyramid as  A hydraulic pulse generator. There is 
evidence to support both of these theories.  So what do these theories mean? Could the 
Great Pyramid be something other than a tomb?  There is evidence that suggests it 
may have served a different purpose.  One piece of evidence is the materials used to 
construct the pyramid. While most of the Great  Pyramid is made of nummulitic limestone, a type 
of rock found near the site, the builders also  Used other materials that were not found locally. 
The exterior of the pyramid was once covered in  Bright white limestone, known as the casing 
stones. These stones were polished smooth and fit  Together so tightly that the pyramid appeared 
to have flawless sides with no visible seams. So  Once upon a time, this gigantic structure would 
have reflected light like a mirror. The casing  Stones were cut and shipped from a quarry nearly 
500 miles away. These limestones were special  Because they lacked magnesium, which made 
them excellent insulators. However, a massive  Earthquake in 1303 destroyed many of the casing 
stones, leaving only the inner core of the  Pyramid standing today.
The inner chambers of the pyramid, including   The king and queen's chambers and tunnels, are
also built with a type of granite sourced   From hundreds of miles away. Granite has a high
concentration of quartz, which can generate a high  

Amount of electricity when pressure is applied
– a phenomenon known as piezoelectricity. This   Granite interior may have turned the pyramid
into a power plant, as the granite ionizes   The air inside, creating a chemical reaction and
increasing the conductivity of electricity.Granite   Is one of the toughest stones to work with, 
and it would have been much easier for the  Builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza to use 
limestone, which is more abundant on the Giza  Plateau. However, the granite used in the 
pyramid was sourced from a quarry in Aswan, more  Than 500 miles away. It is believed that the 
granite blocks were transported to the pyramid   Site by
boat.  The Great Pyramid stands 
at a height of 139 meters,   With a base area of approximately 13 acres.
In total, the construction of the pyramid required   2.3 million blocks weighing 6 million tonnes. It
is estimated that a workforce of 4,000 to   5,000 men spent 20 years building the pyramid.
But the Great Pyramid was not built with random   Proportions. If you multiply the height of the
pyramid by 43,200, you get 3938.685 miles. That   Is within 11 miles of the polar radius of the
Earth. If you multiply the perimeter of the base   Of the pyramid by 43,200, you get 24 734.94
miles. That is very close to the Earth's   Circumference at the equator. 
Some skeptics may consider  This a coincidence, but it's worth noting 
that 43,200 seconds is the length of a day   And night on an
equinox.  Christopher Dunn, an engineer and author, has 
published several books and articles on his  Theories about the Great Pyramid's significance 
as a power plant. His most notable works on this  Subject include "The Giza Power Plant:   Technologies of Ancient 
Egypt," published in 1998, and  "Lost Technologies of Ancient 
Egypt," published in 2010.  According to Christopher Dunn, the pyramids 
of ancient Egypt were not just tombs, but also  Sophisticated power plants using advanced 
technology to generate and harness energy. Dunn  Believes that the process 
of generating electricity   In the pyramids starts in the subterranean
chamber, where underground aquifers produce   Sound waves as the water flows through cavities.
These sound waves resonate with the natural   Vibration of the Earth, 
and as they move up through  The pyramid, a special process is 
used to convert them into energy.  But that's not all. There is also evidence that 
the queen's chamber was used for a chemical  Reaction that produced hydrogen gas. Inside the 
chamber, there are two interior shafts that have  Salt residues on their walls. When these residues 
were tested in 1973 by the Arizona Bureau of  Geology and Mineral Technology, it was found 
that the northern shaft contained traces of 

Hydrochloric acid and the southern shaft contained 
traces of hydrated zinc chloride. When these  Two chemicals are combined, they produce a 
volatile reaction that generates a large amount of  Hydrogen.
This hydrogen gas flows from the queen's chamber,   Through a horizontal passage, and into the
grand gallery. The grand gallery is made   Of granite, a type of stone 
that contains quartz. When  The hydrogen gas builds up and exerts pressure on 
the granite, the quartz generatespiezoelectricity   – a form of electricity that is produced 
when certain materials are subjected to  Mechanical stress. This electricity 
ionizes the air, making it more conductive.  But the process doesn't end 
there. Inside the grand gallery,   There are many pairs of resonators –
devices that can vibrate and emit sound   Waves. The hydrogen atoms in the room begin to
organize themselves into waves that match the   Frequency of these sound waves. This causes the
granite to become even more excited, leading to   The production of even more electricity.
According to Tom Danley, a specialist   In acoustics, the King's 
Chamber and the chambers above  It in the ancient Egyptian pyramids were 
specifically designed for producing sound. Danley  Asserts that the pyramid's design and materials 
enhance four specific notes to create an F Sharp  Chord. The great gallery inside the pyramid also 
emits an F Sharp chord at a frequency of 440  Hertz. This particular chord is believed 
to resonate in harmony with the Earth.  At the top of the gallery, there is a small shaft 
that leads to the King's Chamber. The size of this  Opening, 8.4 by 4.8 inches, allows hydrogen 
microwaves to pass through and enter the chamber.  The King's Chamber itself resonates at 440 
Hertz and an F Sharp chord. Above the chamber,  There are five layers of granite beams separated 
by air gaps and stacked on top of each other. The  Beams are smooth on three sides but rough cut 
on the top. Christopher Dunn, believes that the  Rough cut was intentional and 
indicates where the beams were   Tuned. The ancient builders would
have vibrated the granite beams   And carefully chipped away at the 
stone until they resonated with  An F Sharp chord. The King's Chamber functions 
like a Helmholtz resonator, which is a device  That produces sound waves when 
air is blown across its opening.   The pitch can be adjusted by
changing the volume of   Liquid or stone within the chamber.
While many people acknowledge that the pyramid   Has acoustic qualities, some were hesitant to
accept the theory that it was also a power   Generator. In 2018, a group 
of scientists studied how  The Great Pyramid would respond to electromagnetic 
energy. They used radio waves at various  Frequencies to see if the pyramid would interact 
with electromagnetic waves of a resonant length. 

Their experiments showed that, in a resonant 
state, the pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic  Energy in its internal chambers as well as under 
its base. In fact, resonance within the pyramid  Can be induced by radio waves with lengths from 
200 to 600 meters, with the strongest effects  Occurring at the 200 meter range. In 2019, Eric 
Wilson published a paper titled "A Large-Scale  Thermal Acoustic Generator," which explains 
how vibrating granite and other rock can cause  Electrons to migrate through the rock and 
reach the surface. According to this paper, the  Pyramid's builders created a power-generating 
machine that was attuned to the natural harmonic  Of the Earth's vibration, which is primarily 
caused by the tidal energy generated by the moon's  Gravity. This technology, developed thousands 
of years ago, has the potential to produce  Unlimited clean energy, a goal that aligns 
with the ideas of inventor Nikola Tesla.  Some experts also believed that the Pyramid 
was originally capped in gold. Well,   It’s understandable how this gold came to be 
missing in the present structure. Gold is a   Goodconductor of electricity and could 
have created a conductive path for the   Transfer of negative ions to the ionosphere.
It's possible that the Great Pyramid of Egypt   Was a kind of Tesla Tower, built thousands 
of years before Nikola Tesla constructed   His own tower in 1903. Like Tesla's Wardenclyffe 
tower, the Great Pyramid was built on top of an   Aquifer and contains copper pipes and iron rods. 
When electricity was sent into Tesla's tower,   It was meant to be transmitted around the 
world through the atmosphere. Similarly,   If the capstone of the Great Pyramid was made of 
gold, the energy concentrated within the pyramid   Would have been drawn to the top and transmitted 
through the atmosphere. Tesla's wireless power   Distribution system utilized the resonance 
of the Earth, much like the pyramids. And,   Just like the pyramid, Tesla's tower would 
have been able to generate unlimited, clean,   And virtually free energy for all people on Earth.
So,Is it possible that the Pharaohs of ancient   Egypt used the unlimited clean energy produced by
the Great Pyramid of Giza to power their homes?   While there isn't much evidence to back up this 
claim, there is a fascinating theory that supports   The idea of the Great Pyramid serving as a power
plant. This theory is certainly worth   Considering and exploring further.
In 1989, Belgian author Robert Bauval proposed   That the alignment of the three Giza Pyramids
corresponds with the stars in Orion's belt. This   Idea was later expanded upon by Adrian Gilbert
and Graham Hancock, but the interesting thing   Is that these Pyramids do not align with the
position of the Orion belt as it appears in   The sky today. Instead, they align with where the
constellation was located almost 13,500 years ago.  Another piece of evidence that supports the idea 
of an ancient, advanced civilization is the fact  That the Great Sphinx exhibits signs of heavy 
water erosion, which is thought to have been  Caused by prolonged rainfall. However, the Giza 
Plateau has had an arid climate since the time of 

The Pharaohs, so this type of heavy rainfall 
would only have been possible during the Younger  Dryas period, or the end of the Ice Age around 
9700 BC. All of this evidence seems to suggest  That an ancient civilization with the knowledge to 
create unlimited energy existed in the past, but  Due to catastrophic events like melting glaciers 
and massive floods at the end of the Ice Age, this  Civilization eventually 
vanished. Then many thousands   Of years later, the Egyptian civilization
would have used the structures built by their   Ancients for ceremonial and ritualistic purposes.
So what happened to Tesla’s towers and his   Research into energy? Nikola Tesla was a 
firm believer in a source of clean energy.   This is why he fiercely opposed coal-burning 
power plants and saw rich capitalists who   Profited from the fossil fuel industry as 
“ignorant, unimaginative people, consumed   By self-interest.” However, he did depend on 
wealthy industrialists for his research funding.  Nikola Tesla began his Wardenclyffe Tower 
project, later known as the Tesla Tower,   With an investment of $150,000 from financier 
J.P. Morgan. The tower was initially intended   For intercontinental wireless communication, but 
after Guglielmo Marconi had success with his own   Wireless transmission experiments, Tesla decided 
to expand the project to transmit power around   The world. He had already demonstrated that 
wireless power could work on a small scale,   Famously illuminating light bulbs scattered on the 
ground when a Tesla coil was activated nearby.When   He explained his revolutionary technology 
to J.P. Morgan and requested more funding   To complete the project, Morgan instead withdrew 
his support, claiming breach of contract. This was   Because Morgan owned companies that would become 
obsolete with the widespread adoption of Tesla's   Technology. Instead of supporting Tesla, Morgan 
chose to fund Tesla's competitors Edison and   Marconi, who were improving upon and profiting 
from Tesla's inventions. Morgan also spread   The word to other wealthy investors to avoid 
Tesla, effectively blacklisting him. By 1915,   Tesla had accumulated so much debt that the 
bank foreclosed on the Wardenclyffe property.   The tower was demolished in 1917 and sold for 
scrap, and the project was never completed.  On January 7, 1943, Nikola Tesla died 
alone in a hotel room in New York City,   Leaving behind a collection of documents 
stored in 80 numbered boxes. The FBI,   Concerned that Tesla had invented a particle-beam 
weapon called the "Death Ray" and fearing that the   Technology might fall into the hands of America's 
enemies during World War II, took possession of   All of Tesla's property and documents from the 
hotel room. The contents and ultimate fate of   These documents remain unknown and have generated 
numerous conspiracy theories. In 2016, the FBI   Declassified some 250 pages of Tesla-related 
documents under the Freedom of Information Act,   With two additional releases following in 2018. 
However, many questions about Tesla's files remain  Unanswered, and 20 of those 80 boxes confiscated 
at Tesla’s hotel room are still missing. 

Tesla was a forward-thinking inventor who saw 
a bright future ahead. Despite the possibility   That some of his more sensitive innovations may 
still be hidden, Tesla's legacy remains highly   Relevant in the modern world. He is credited 
with the invention of wireless technology,   Encryption, and remote control robots that are 
integral to our lives today and will continue to   Be so in the future. This one quote from the man 
himself sums up the legacy of Nikola Tesla, better  Than any other, “The present is theirs; the 
future, for which I really worked, is mine!”

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