Master Shaolin Shi Heng Yi: “If You Need Discipline in Your Life This Video is for You!”

It’s about Know Where you are standing Accept the way Accept difficulties accept the Limitations accept the pain except the Things you could not do on the first day Feel inside yourself i have problem I definitely have problem with Stretching I have problem with stamina i have Problem with running yeah i have problem With push-ups doesn’t matter what First day is Realize where you are standing And after realize where you’re standing Accept it for yourself [Music] Accept it for yourself that at the Moment it’s like this No need to find No need to find excuses Or anything to to talk you out of it You are not good enough in this in this In this area okay then at the moment if I compare myself to others it’s true This is how it is at the moment so Number one So why is it important that first of all You must accept the situation where You’re in And must see really where you are Standing Because if this first initial starting

Point is already wrong [Music] Whoever is going to Support you and try to give you guidance He doesn’t know in which direction he Should Put you Because he doesn’t know where you are Standing So before we even start to walk in any Direction I cannot tell you you must walk More North If i don’t know where are you located I cannot just say you must walk more North to another person i said okay but You you my friend You must walk more south Because he is from another starting Point than you So that means In order that somebody can give you Guidance and that you’re also really Progressing Make sure for yourself first That You accept where you’re standing You accept all the mistakes that you Have done until now And you accept the consequences that you Need to live with at the moment based on Everything that in the past maybe you Did

That you regret Okay make it one time Make it one time make it become really Strong start crying whatsoever so many Ways of releasing this But the first point is accept Yes life is unfair welcome Welcome in it Boom that’s the starting point So And now from there Think first Thing first How would i like to See myself in The future Break it down into small steps that you Are that you Think you can Realize them don’t make too big jumps Make them in smaller steps At every Day Ask yourself The way how i am Behaving right now the things that i am Doing right now Are they going to bring me here where i Wanted to go actually just one week ago When i made the plan And when you say no at the moment it’s Not bringing me there change it If there is something that is in our Hands

Then it is the way of paying attention To this type of Approach You don’t know where you’re going to end You don’t know where this life is going To bring you the only thing that we can Do is [Music] To shape The direction What you’re going to meet along this way Along this journey What you’re going to meet when you walk That direction you don’t know You don’t know But it’s about Shaping Just the direction not shaping the goal It’s shaping the direction And there are two directions One Embracing war One separating more The power lies in both The power lies in both Now when we talk about virtues right now Or Guiding principles It’s a little bit different That means If let’s say we talk about Gratitude Or thankfulness very easy thankfulness There are people in this world where you

Would say He’s a really thankful person he’s a Very grateful person and other people You look at you would say he doesn’t Have it Why he doesn’t have it Why the one doesn’t have it and why the One has it You take another one one has discipline Other one does not have discipline One of your friends you know he’s very Very loyal to you he has always been the Friend of you even you made mistakes he Was always your friend other friends you Had You were in problems they were afraid They run away Okay so why some people have this type Of attitude and other people don’t have It [Music] I don’t think it’s something that you Are born with And that’s it [Music] I don’t think it is something that you Are born with and then afterwards yeah Some people have it some don’t I don’t think so But if it’s not Coming from birth Then there must be a way how to develop Such things inside the character So and

Now just think about the moment [Music] You could be the person [Music] You could be That being Who’s going to create the perfect human In the world What type of [Music] Behavior What type of attitude would such a human Have [Music] He needs respect Respecting his life Respecting your life Respecting the life of everybody and Everything and every being Which is a life Respect Yes Make sense yes [Music] A thankful person Once again At the same time [Music] To build something up Having patience [Music] Maybe having the appropriate amount Of willpower Sometimes if

Things are happening that are coming Unplanned And you don’t know what’s the answer Right now what should i do Enough courage To Still go [Music] Go in the dark even if you haven’t been There So that means there are different Virtues So and some of them right now i just Mentioned and [Music] In if you practice the shaolin arts or In the shaolin temple we know them as The so-called virtues of martial arts It’s a wood it’s called Sometimes it’s ten virtues sometimes It’s 14 virtues it really depends on How deep you go And It’s not an invention even of Just off Of the shaolin temple but you look at Many many different Cultures also the japanese Yeah when you talk about the codex of The samurai Also them had a codex A conduct of Behavior So why because once again

This is again something Like It’s a guideline It’s a guideline you put on yourself you Keep on the mind it’s an idol But it’s not an idol of another person Who lives out there The idol is Yourself But the best version of yourself this is The best idol And so what you need to do every day is Simply by Okay did i behave at the moment as a Thankful person The way how i just talked to To him or her right now Was that A respectful way of talking to him or Her [Music] Or the way how i handled the situation Right now [Music] Was i courageous or not And that means once you have for example Such guidelines Then We think it is A way how you can improve your character In such a way that You bring out A very gentle And nice person about yourself

You gonna benefit from it People around you gonna benefit from it And yes perfect This is what you can do if you want to Change the world Change yourself first Change the way how people around you Feel then already you have made small Impact yeah you don’t need to change the World trying to fix the problems on the Other side of the world if at the moment You still have a lot of issues In your very close surroundings No problem you can donate if somewhere Is an earthquake i’m not talking about This Talking about really the approach To To keep up this mirror in front of you And watch yourself And stop Blaming people like Always Searching for an excuse searching for Somebody why he did this and he did that And they are all responsible i feel so Bad But they don’t feel bad you feel bad So It’s nothing that they have a problem You have the problem You

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