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To see how important it is to go beyond Victim identity has nothing to do with Denial of what happened you fully see What happened You know that and you know the emotions That it created Daily I keep having the same thought Loop in my mind oh we’ve just been Talking about similar things I keep having the same thought Loop in My mind The theme is one of feeling betrayed Being mistreated basically being a Victim With the thoughts and images there’s Usually resentment and or anger This thought Loop has been occurring Over a year now I’m having challenges with being The Observer The story seems to be so mesmerizing I’m feeling frustrated that I’m Continuing to have these thoughts about The past As I understand holding on to the past Is preventing a higher energy for you to Come through me what recommendations do You have for working this issue my Suggestions any suggestions on Forgiveness And letting go of the victim rule so That I can express more of the deep eye The Deep eye is the I don’t know if I actually use this term

During our sessions here I sometimes use It The Deep eye is the The awareness deriving your sense of Self From the awareness rather than from the Surface eye which is the personality So they have the esophage eye of the Deep eye So the thought Loop here that you are Experiencing Is to do with feeling betrayed being Mistreated and being a victim Now since I believe Susan is not here Because it’s a written question from New Mexico but Um It I assume these these thoughts and Emotions that are recurring again and Again refer to actual events that took Place I assume that here So there is a reliving Of the events In the mind And the feeling of being mistreated Betrayed Being a victim And there’s resentment and anger with it Been occurring over a year now so I Assume something happened A little bit before that perhaps And people did something to you Or somebody one person

Yeah Now some people have that not only for a Year as in this case but some people Have that kind of thinking Compulsive thinking going on not not for For years and decades Sometimes going back to childhood Being badly treated In childhood or abused in childhood So you have continuing to think about That and Um The more you think about that of course The more You Feel yourself being a victim of events Or usually people other people Who did something to you And you dwell on it and you can’t stop It because the mind has a momentum these Thoughts refuse to go away And if there’s not sufficient awareness Because of the continuously recurring Thoughts You know they because they become part Of your identity your sense of self and So that you become a victim To see the necessity and the possibility Of going Beyond a victim identity does Not deny in any way that something Painful happened to you in the past that Something was done to you that some People did something to you to see how Important it is to go beyond

Victim identity has nothing to do with Denial of what happened you fully see What happened You know that and you know the emotions That it created But the first thing is how Um How does a human being how is a human Being capable of inflicting Suffering for example on a child or on Another human it happens all the time it Happens on a Individual level and it happens even More on a collective level did the ego The human Eagle is dysfunctional enough In the individual But but it’s it’s infinitely more Dysfunctional and dangerous and lethal When it operates as a collective ego in A group This is why Warfare internal Conflict killings and the humans who Participate in these Dreadful things It’s right for the the perpetrators They when they operate as a collective Ego not a personal they are capable of Far worse atrocities and acts then they Would be as an individual so in other Words the collective ego is even more Unconscious and violent and dangerous Than the individual ego It looks to sometimes when you identify With the collective my country for Example

That Mike fighting for my country or the Collective might be a political party or Whatever or it might be a religious Group and so you you people who are People who belong to these entities Sometimes it seems that they become free Of ego because they they live live Completely in the service of these Collective entities I want to sacrifice Myself for my country or my religion or Whatever It seems that they are completely Free of the personal ego and same thing Happens in sects in Cults Often people who live in Cults they are Totally selfless they don’t want Anything they give everything of Themselves they want nothing for Themselves they be and they have Identified with the group But of course the ego has actually had Not diminished the ego has become Enormously Amplified because they now Have adopted a group ego and the group Ego can only survive and subsist when it Has a sufficient number of enemies out There The group ego needs for its survival And its expansion because it wants to Expand and survive but it needs the Other Who is the very other In other words the other is the enemy So that is How humans are drawn into a deep

Unconsciousness by identifying with the Collective It doesn’t mean that you cannot it’s Nothing to do with you can belong to a Religious group you can be you can even Love your country without being Identified with and and then needing Others countries to be the enemy the the With awareness you can appreciate your Country and you appreciate other Countries too they’re different So First you see the need to be a victim Identity also unfortunately is a form of Ego Because any conceptual identity is a Form of ego and even though you seem to Be Justified in having a victim identity Because of the things that other humans Did to you you yourself are finding you Are finding yourself in a kind of prison That created by your mind So there’s no denial of that bad things Happen to you yes Now question is How do you exit This mental present The first step is perhaps to see Um That Unconscious human beings Unconscious human beings in the grip of Their own conditioning their own ego

And They have virtually no free will When you’re unconscious you are Controlled by The the Mind patterns that are lodged in Your psyche You have you cannot really speak of Free Will by somebody who has zero awareness And yet the entire makeup is uh Conditioning from the past So the famous sentence phrase used by Jesus in connection with forgiveness on The cross he said forgive them for they Know not what they do Now these these two interesting these Points put together Forgive them why forgive them They know not what they do in other Words if he had spoken these days using Our terminology He probably would have said they are Completely unconscious Because that’s what it means they know Not what they do they are completely Unconscious So when you see nobody can act beyond Their level of consciousness Then you see that it’s almost like it Becomes almost like the evil that was Perpetrated it becomes almost like a Natural phenomenon That is like you’ve been hit by Lightning or something or Lived in very unpleasant

Climatic conditions that that injured You Near volcano And my dad what had problems with anger Huge but outbursts of anger quite Frequently it was living like living the Legs through a volcano that could erupt At any moment And he could not help it it was it was Impossible there was no possibility of Being different And so these humans are run by Unconscious conditioning usually goes Back to their childhood and what Happened there I know why my father was angry I needed I realized much later that it all Originated in his childhood the the Reasons why he was so angry and also For a while also I felt a resentment Towards that and only when I was able to Awaken out of egoic consciousness I saw that there’s nothing that he could Have done differently because there Wasn’t enough awareness Now When you see that then you don’t Personalize or you don’t create an Identity for other humans out of their Unconsciousness because in essence That’s not who they are the recognition That there’s first recognition and step One you recognize that no human can act Beyond their conditioning

In the absence of awareness If there’s awareness they can transcend Their conditioning and then they begin To become conscious of their own Conditioned mental emotional Dysfunctional mental emotional patterns Yes So they couldn’t they can’t help it so That’s that’s already a useful step in Forgiveness but it you may not yet be Able to arrive at and full forgiveness Because of that Another before I continue with that Does that mean then a question may arise In your mind Doesn’t mean then humans are not really Responsible for what they do If they are unconscious how are they Responding does that mean then that we Shouldn’t punish them from what they do If they commit a crime Are they not guilty That’s an interesting question The The unconsciousness That operate in human even if you are Able to forgive a human when we come we Will go more fully into that in a minute Even if you are able to forgive and Human for their transgressions or Whatever they did Uh this does not mean and even though The human is not responsible for their Unconsciousness and yet

It is built into the structure of human Life They still need to suffer the Consequences of their unconsciousness

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