Is Alcohol Bad for Spiritual Awakening? | Eckhart Tolle Explains

Don’t please don’t think okay I’m going To become an alcoholic Then I’ll go into a a and then I’ll Experience Spiritual Awakening The ancient Romans believed in vino Veritas What do you believe about the effects of Drink and why do different people react In different ways In vino veritas they said In wine there is truth I think it means I suppose it means when people get drunk They start telling the truth [Laughter] Well I have partly answered this Question already The effects of alcohol Once you are Ah Disidentified from the Mind awakened I Won’t say but not not even necessarily Totally prominently awakened but Relatively awakened The You will be able to drink alcohol if you Want to It will not affect your state of mind And the desire to over indulge Will most probably not be there From my own experience I enjoy more recently than before A glass of wine with dinner And sometimes even too But almost never more than two and

Usually just one that’s all And that is a pleasure If it’s more than that it’s no longer a Pleasure it feels Wrong it the body doesn’t want it The body even rejects it And there’s not the slightest desire to Have more than that In the for those people who are Awakening Alcohol can be a hindrance Especially over indulgence in alcohol As presence arises And you drink You quickly lose the presence again And it can activate and reactivate A lot a lot of the unconsciousness in You in even pain bodies in some people In some people more men than women Getting drunk over indulging alcohol Activates their pain bodies or some men Become violent When they drink And they become Even more unconscious than they they are In their normal State much more Unconscious But even if that’s not the case with you If presence is arising in you and you Get even let’s say you’re over indulge Once a week in alcohol that can Represent a significant setback In the rising consciousness So you have to be very careful there and

If you know yourself that you know that You cannot stop yourself once you’ve had One or two drinks then it would be Better Not to drink at all Once presence becomes your Normal state You don’t need to be concerned anymore About drink you you may or may not have Drink occasionally And and even if you wear drunk awareness Would then still be there once you are Established in presence The awareness would still be there I Know that if I drank A whole bottle of wine Some people do that some people drink a Whole bottle of mine every day Not that I could ever do that If I drank a whole bottle of wine I Would probably collapse But until I Collapse the awareness would Be totally there The Ramdas famous story had a guru in India And ramdas of course was into LSD Heavily into LSD And he gave his Guru Um What do they call it hits pills whatever He gave his Guru Two or three normally you take one he Gave him three or something like that And the girl says oh I’ll have another

Gave him four let’s give me another give Him five And the guru put them in his mouth And then ramdas sat there waiting for Something to happen And nothing happened the guru sat there For a few hours And very gram Das was disappointed and Were also very impressed On the one hand disappointed because Nothing happened but very impressed Because nothing happened Wow He took all that and I believe that the the guru did see or Experience strange things but he didn’t Show it externally because it did not Affect his awareness So his awareness his witnessing Awareness was always there so he didn’t Act on anything that he perhaps Visions Or whatever he saw The awareness remained undiminished And in the meantime He experienced strange things since Height and sense perceptions Visions Whatever it makes no difference when the Awareness is there it makes little Difference whether you see an actual Person or whether whether you have a Vision it’s just things that appear in The space of awareness So the guru knew that And the guru was

Dwelled it was the awareness and so it Didn’t matter what what he saw it was Just another spectacle to him Nobody said that but I know that’s what He experienced I took it once So That’s all Awareness was not touched by that No probably if he had taken 10 or Something I don’t know what people he Might have collapsed but even then Awareness Is there so that’s the Sometimes people are surprised when they See it I occasionally have a glass of Wine and say you drink alcohol well if My state of conscience is so fragile That I can’t even have a glass of wine Then what’s the use of Awakening Foreign But if you have a An addictive pull towards alcohol and Presence is arising in you And you’re pulled towards Awakening Then It is very important to refrain Completely If that is One of the main areas that makes you Unconscious in life the the addiction to Alcohol And you can then not you cannot continue To have occasional drinks because as you

Know when you have that addiction an Occasional drink is always more than an Occasional drink because the moment you Have the first drink already awareness Diminishes you have the second drink it Diminishes even more and the third drink Is gone completely So if that is your problem then It is of absolute importance never to Touch it Otherwise you would you you’ll be going Up You’re going up the escalator And then it takes you down again it’s Like No I think this analogy doesn’t work but [Laughter] You would continuously fall back so it Says what I mean you can you Continuously fall you make a little bit Of progress you go to a retreat you come To a talk you practice in daily life Wonderful A few days later you go to a bar Okay I’m just going to have one drink Just just one because it makes me feel I Deserve a treat I’ve had a rough day Okay just one more Oh this feels so good Third one can’t do any harm can it Okay I’m losing it already so I might as Well this is the last time but I’ll do It Again and again and again and the next

Day you wake up Totally in your mind Body feels sick totally in your mind And you have to start all over again So don’t do it Quite a few people over the years have Come to me and have come to talks and Retreats Who if there had not been alcoholics Would not be Undergoing Spiritual Awakening Quite a few people have come through a a Alcoholic synonymous they do a lot of Good work They’ve come for the first time they They got in touch with the spiritual Dimensions through a a And so if they had not been alcoholics And of course encourages you To admit to yourself and to others I am an alcoholic And as long as you don’t believe that That is your the real reality of who you Truly are It is a useful recognition temporary Recognition Because it’s always good to face the Reality Instead of denying the reality So once you face the reality as they do In a a and then Several people have said to me If I hadn’t been an alcoholic I wouldn’t Be here now

But I suggest a More direct Way rather than the long way around Don’t please don’t think okay I’m going To become an alcoholic Then I’ll go into a a and then I’ll Experience Spiritual Awakening

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