If You’re an Overachiever, Watch This! | Eckhart Tolle on Balancing Achievement and Acceptance

So that has to be the foundation for Your life and becoming Embracing the isness of this moment how Can you run away from it How do how do I strike a healthy balance Between simply accepting life as it Unfolds and actively working towards and Striving towards goals destinations Aspirations Balance between accepting life as it Unfolds and actively working towards and Striving towards goals destinations Aspirations Well accepting life as it unfolds of Course is the foundation for conscious And sane living accepting whatever Unfolds in the present moment there is Nothing else That's the foundation doesn't mean you Cannot Have Goals You cannot have aspirations wanting to Achieve this do this do that it's Perfectly compatible with accepting what Is arriving in this moment One difference between the unconscious State which denies this moment and wants To make it into a means to an end all The time The difference then is What is the motivation for your doing If you deny this moment Can never embrace it honor it appreciate

It Then the motivation for your action is Basically dissatisfaction with what is And the action is looked towards as a Possible way of overcoming the Discontent and the dissatisfaction that You feel with the present moment And that's a very normal pattern and That's in for many many people that what Is what motivates them they don't feel Good enough They don't feel There's something they feel there's Something fundamental missing in their Lives they don't feel recognized they Don't feel loved Whatever and so they try to find Something achieve something that will Bring them that which they feel is Missing They don't realize that That is not going to work You need to start with The foundation for your life which is This moment And go deeply into that And become Okay with it friendly with it realize It's the only thing there ever is just This moment nothing ever exists that's Not this moment So you might as well Become friendly with it and appreciate It

And look around and see how actually It's okay this moment is actually okay And if it's not okay that you can still Say well that's what it is right now Something goes wrong that's what is And then things will come in that you Want to do you suddenly an idea comes or You need to do something to make a Living And then out of that state of Becoming one with the isness of the Present moment Something Rises and wants it wants to Take form in the world that perhaps you Want to create And then you created out of the joy of Doing instead of out of a feeling of Lack That you need something To make you complete or happy So the motivation change is from Neediness and discontent To Joyful doing It's not stressed anymore When stress is a sign that you've lost The present moment The next moment has become more Important than life itself The next moment of being only a thought So The future is a thought in your head Nothing else Let me know if you if I'm wrong if you

Ever meet the future let me know So you have to in your own experience You have to see whether I'm right Whether whether the future can actually Be which seems so important doesn't it More important than this moment surely Isn't it well if it's so important then Where is it do you does it ever come As I said I'm let me know If you find it You won't of course There's only this moment so that has to Be the foundation for your life and Becoming Embracing the isness of this moment how Can you run away from it There's nowhere to go Except in your mind And the mind does it all the time it Always goes somewhere else Still Because you enjoy doing and you See how It contributes To The Awakening in one way or another If you if you live if you practice Present moment living you cannot not Contribute whatever you do you cannot Not contribute to the Awakening you can Have the simplest job you can have a job At a toll booth at the bridge And the cars come up and you you say Five dollars please And even there you interact with

Hundreds of people every day for a few Seconds even there if you are completely Present Something will flow as you take their Money and say have a nice day Something will flow Out of you to the other person and you Contribute to the Awakening no matter What you do Your present state of consciousness Spreads Affects others So Discontent As the motivation for doing Is replaced by The enjoyment Of doing what you do because what is the Point if you are not enjoying what you Do What is the point Now sometimes you may say oh I can't Possibly enjoy this But you may be surprised how many things You can enjoy doing and if definitely if You find that absolutely you cannot Enjoy something Whatever your job is then of course you Need to walk out And don't stay with unhappiness Live with unhappiness and do do Something that you cannot tolerate and Be And surrender to and and do with if not

With joy at least in a state of Acceptance The world is full of people who are Doing what they don't really want to be Doing Not only their jobs but also any any Action they do at the moment if you Really look closely into them they're Going about their daily business and a Lot of the time That what they're doing there's Something inside them just doesn't Really want to they don't want to be Where they are but they are there but And they're doing this but they're Really don't want to be doing what They're doing so there's a reluctance Often in people There's a resistance to what they're Doing to where they are where they have To go It's so common people many people Have live with it their whole lives and They don't even know it anymore because When you have lived with it's an inner State for so long you don't even know it It's likely the humming of the Refrigerator it goes off well long time You don't even hear it anymore but but When it stops but suddenly then you say Wow what's this noise there all the time Didn't even know it anymore so their Inner states that people live with of Discontent and resistance but they've

Become so familiar they don't even know It anymore

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