How to Feel Truly Safe | 20 Minute Meditation with Eckhart Tolle to Get Out of Survival Mode

Welcome To our Meditation People all over the planet at the same Time Now Opening up to the spaciousness Inside Inner Space That which is prior to thoughts prior to Emotions prior to Saints perceptions Always there Can be called Stillness Presence In our space You just have to pay attention to it And that attention Already is it Attention to Awareness Or Awareness of awareness In other words you become conscious Right now Often the fact that you are conscious You can actually sense Consciousness that you are beyond the Person Completely non-conceptual Nothing to do with thinking It's that which transcends the person And that which transcends the world Without awareness of that The world and the person

Are Troublesome And without awareness of that the world Will inspire fear Because It's not all that stable Continuous flux Especially at this time Even if we are not affected directly by Upheavals that are happening or have Recently happened in different parts of The world Japan Earthquake Tsunami nuclear reactors North Africa Upheavals Middle East Even if we are not directly affected We can get a heightened sense Just knowing that this is going on We can get a heightened sense of The fact that the world is not All that safe Some people would say it's not safe Anymore It never was safe of course it never is Safe it cannot be in his net not meant To be safe It's the world of form Continuously changing so whether it's Your personal life If you're clinging for security there's Nothing wrong with arranging your life So that externally

You have a certain degree of security to The extent to which it is possible But if you're looking to Beyond the practical If you're looking to the world of form Whether it is The structures around you Whether it's in your personal life Through relationship Or through your job Or through your life insurance Whether you look to that for a sense of Inner Peace what is sometimes called peace of Mind Or whether you look to The collective structures Of your The economy Social structures Whether you look to that for a sense of Security It cannot Provide you with that for too long So it's finding some something within Where true sense of safety Arises that has nothing to do With the Externals Of your life Personal Or Collective Then if Some kind of disaster comes and of

Course Inevitably some kind of disaster will Come Because this body is going to die that's A big disaster sooner or later And of course other disasters may happen Or may not happen Or small Small ways in which Things around you dissolve doesn't have To be a big disaster It's often those Collective disasters that can bring About A leap in Awareness in many people who are Personally affected by that If that is your destiny that's fine It may not be your destiny to be Affected by some collective disaster I am sitting here In California at the moment Probably on a fault line So there is no absolute security that This chair that I'm sitting on and the Floor the chairs on Still going to be here in 20 minutes Time before we finish It probably will be We can't be sure Or even that this body will still be Alive in 20 minutes time probably we Can't be sore Now it's for many people

It's the challenge of Major or minor disaster In their lives that Can push them into Awakening Without disaster and I'm using this term Now in a very wide sense Meaning any kind of Dissolution of form Around you Without that Consciousness would not even evolve So although on One level it is true to say that Disaster it is tragic Yes It's terrible yes True On another level That also is part of Is a part of a much larger context And that larger context Is the evolution of consciousness Here Consciousness of course Is the formula's essence Or they knew Not a personal possession So somehow The fluctuation of forms Is part of The way in which consciousness Evolves here in this Dimension and comes Into this Dimension more fully

The dimension of time the Timeless Coming into the dimension of time There's a paradox here but there's ideas Timeless within you coming into Your personal life of time That which is beyond the person Shining through the person And that is Security Because you can then sense Beyond any conceptual explanations or Beliefs You can sense That which is Timeless in you which means Eternal which means Indestructible Beyond Death It's not that consciousness Don't believe mainstream culture which Tells you that Consciousness Is an Epi phenomenon or a byproduct Of brain activity The brain is born out of consciousness Not the other way around There's a more to come of Consciousness Even in in this chair or wherever you Look even in inanimate all around you All the forms around you are Consciousness Having taken on a temporary form Life Another word for it

So there's life And there are forms of life You move In that between the two That's The Balancing Act The dance of Life between Who you are in your essence which you Can sense at this very moment if this Has any meaning to you Can sense at this very moment That would just beyond the person in you Which is just the light of consciousness And you're also aware of You're still a person In the form But the security Sense of security can never come from The forms That's always an Illusory security if it's there And if if illusory security is always Threatened by an underlying fear True security True peace of mind To use that expression although it's not The mind We do not need For disaster to happen in our lives Find that And perhaps If we find that Without a disaster Or because we've already had our Disasters and it has taken us there

Perhaps we don't need to experience Further external disaster but if we do It'll just be a deepening It will result in a deepening Please know that the words That are being spoken here are only Moving on the surface Underneath the words Which You hear which become Concepts in your mind Underneath that is that to which the Words point That would just beyond concept beyond Words the underlying deeper Sense of beingness which is Consciousness itself So you say as you sit here As we sit here as I sit here I can sense that It's a little silly to quantify it but I Could say As I speak here and this can also be True for you as you listen Eighty percent of My Consciousness or maybe 90 percent is Just An aware presence And the remaining 20 or 10 percent Is the mind Formulating Thoughts Which become words But the mind that is formulating

Thoughts is Inspired by that which is beyond Thoughts it's just giving expression Always very limited To that which cannot be spoken but can Be sensed Here and Now Some traditions may call it the higher Self or whatever it doesn't As long as higher doesn't mean that you That concept could mislead you into Thinking that it's floating up there [Applause] I'm looking for my higher self [Applause] So you're already looking Somewhere else Maybe in the if you're inner self would Be a better Deeper Self Essential self Oh don't call it yourself at all as the Buddhists do the no self The empty space We'll call it the fullness The main thing is not to get attached to Any concept But just use it As a pointer What's important is not the concept as An explanation but that to which it Points That's why we're here Thank you

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