How Can You Manage Chronic Pain? | Eckhart Tolle Answers #chronicpain

It doesn't mean you cannot seek a skewer You can take steps but while it's there To see it as a purification because it Has the potential of completely burning Up your ego So what to do Especially if you've already tried A lot Of approaches Um It's always easy to Speak for somebody who is not Experiencing Physical pain at the moment I'm not Experiencing physical pain I have known Pain but not prolonged Period of time not physical pain or Prolonged period of time But I know suffering There is such a thing as conscious Suffering If the obviously you should continue to Seek ways of alleviating the pain or Finding a cure but in the meantime while It's there I suggest that you explore the Possibility of Conscious suffering That was practiced For example in Christianity and it may Still be practiced by certain people who Are strongly Identified with the Christian religion But it was a very common thing in Middle

Ages To when you went when you had pain To equate Your pain with the suffering of Christ Was the archetype of suffering it's a Whether you could see Christ as a real Person that lived I believe he did Or whether Christ is a mythical Concept it's it can work in the same way It Christ is the archetype of suffering And of transcending suffering In the same way that Buddha's teaching He himself described Buddha said I teach suffering and the end of Suffering The literal words of the Buddha I teach Suffering means I show you how suffering Arises the end of suffering is the Transcendence of suffering Jesus didn't Say that But it's all contained in his life and The image of the crucifixion and the Cross Because the cross is the instrument of Suffering it's a torture instrument and Then you see The god nailed to the cross or the man Nailed to the cross [Music] It is the archetype of human suffering In that sense one could say He represents every man and woman Because every man and woman has goes Through their suffering whether it might

Not be extreme physical pain but it is Human suffering some more extreme than Others And then He died and then the resurrection Happened and then the cross the torture Instrument The very thing that That gave him the pain Symbolizes the divine So it becomes a portal Into The Transcendent dimension By completely surrendering which is the Image on the cross is the image of total Surrender and that is in some traditions Called conscious suffering which is You don't need to necessarily if you're Not a believing Christian it would be Hard for you to say that you are Suffering with Christ But there's a deep Truth in here and that is And I have seen it in people that I have Known people who have had pain for years It can If used consciously it can erode your Ego completely If you regard it as a fire that's Burning up Burning you up the false you in burning Up and so conscious is to actually not To resist it Psychologically it doesn't mean you

Cannot seek a skewer you can take steps But while it's there To seed as a purification because it has The potential of completely burning up Your ego If used consciously And that is that is for those people who You might as well practice that because That's all there is all that's possible For you at the moment If you then see there's a Healing method or a Healer Somewhere why not go there but in the Meantime you practice conscious Suffering So that is Not only with physical pain you can also Do it with other situations that you may Be in Suffering arises and you come to a Complete acceptance She completely accept In a way we really to be strict we Should differentiate between suffering And pain Normally the way I use the words are Suffering is the psychological pain that Is generated through resistance So if you tougher physical pain it can Be terrible But you can have physical pain without Suffering meaning without any resistance Psychological resistance on top of it That's the suffering

And that applies to not just physical Pain but any situation in life Anything that goes wrong There's the the suffering is the Psychological layer that is created Through non-acceptance So that's That does not Need to be there That is a practice so we all Most of you most humans on the planet Don't have a spiritual teacher they Don't even wouldn't even want that or Haven't even her heart of a spirit Anything that's such a spiritual teacher What's that But they all have their suffering So I say that everybody has their Spiritual teacher and for most humans It's their suffering because eventually The suffering Has an evolutionary function That is both the suffering that seems to Come to you out of nowhere And the suffering that is self-generated In your mind and through unconscious Action in the world which then Draws to you further unconsciousness From others In Nations for example go to war That's unconscious action then drawing Further suffering to themselves so there Are two kinds of suffering one seems to Come out of nowhere

And other suffering is obviously Generated through unconscious mind Activity and it is that kind of Suffering that creates all the Atrocities on a collective level and the Personal drama that people are engaged In on a daily basis that is ultimately Completely unnecessary but it is Generated by unconscious mind activity In the egoic self which is mind made So those are That's the the suffering that Now if you look at the amount of Suffering that humans encounter You will see that The larger part of suffering that humans Encounter is self-generated yes there is Suffering that happens through Earthquakes Natural disasters And illness Illness is already on the borderline Between self-generated and something That just comes to you many illnesses Are self-generated through dysfunctional Thinking and emotion But If you look at the amount of suffering That self-generated it it's far greater Than the amount that seems to come to You from the outside in the lake if you Look at the history of the 20th century Especially the first half of the 20th Century

How many people died through natural Disasters or Prime diet prematurely through an Illness compared to the people that were Murdered by their fellow human beings Far more were murdered by their fellow Human beings in the 20s especially the First half of the 20th century than People who suffered through natural Disasters or natural causes Just amazing it was Hell for millions millions of people 150 million who knows the exact figure Who were murdered in the first half of The 20th century alone Many of them not even many yes between Nations But millions and millions of others Murdered by their own governments In Russia in Germany in China by Insane Governments Murdering or as in China bringing about Through absurd policies the starvation Of Millions So the if you want to if you'd have in Any doubt about the Dysfunction of the egoic mind you just Look at that look at that history and See what how much suffering humans Generate for themselves So that is something that we no longer Do and that's why we are here we don't Do that and there's still a certain

Amount of suffering that will come to us Now there is a belief especially new age People They will tell you whenever something Happens to you you fall ill or you have An accident or whatever happens they may Ask you uh Why did you manifest that And that makes lots of people angry Understandably Because they say I didn't Manifest this Accident it just happened there was a Crazy driver and he comes coming towards Me nothing I could do I didn't manifest It Or I didn't Manifest this terrible Illness I never wanted it what are you Saying Therefore I never say did you manifest It or you manifested it or you shouldn't Look into why you manifested it Why not leave it alone all I say is Whatever Happens to you once it's happening Accepted as if you had chosen it That's the important thing I'm not Saying you chose it You won't want to hear that and it's not Even literally true there's some truths Hiding there but we don't need to go There It's it's more important To choose whatever is happening this Whatever is happening in this moment or

As if you had chosen it That and then The resistance goes Foreign

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