Everyone Is You Pushed Out – Neville Goddard (EIYPO)

Hi friends welcome back to manifest with Armani my name is Armani and I move Law Of Attraction consultant Um This is something that Many of you have hesitated to Um really wrap your mind around when it Comes to Neville’s teachings and Understandably so because if you’re You know not used to seeing things this Way even though it’s completely true It’s gonna seem weird or there’s so many Questions you can ask but how about this How about this so here it is Like in the title probably of this video Everyone is you pushed out What does that mean it means everyone is A mirror everyone is your feedback They’re telling you what state you’re Occupying And and the awesome thing is that in Those moments where you think I’m Definitely not doing that within myself I am definitely not treating myself like This why is this person treating my Treating me like this or why did I get These words out of this person’s mouth That’s not what I’m doing Within Myself That is exactly when you need to Understand yes it is because if you know If you if you experience something if Someone says something you’re listening To you and you Like already make the connection like

Okay I know how I manifested this I know How I attracted this Okay great That’s fine but in those moments when You’re saying no this isn’t how I’ve Been feeling this isn’t the state I’ve Been occupying That that is not the variable the Variable here is not Um whether or not it’s true that the Person is you pushed out the person is You pushed out Um so you need to ask yourself what Needs to change within like my inner Conversations my mental diet that’s Where you want to look that’s where you Want to look because we’re not always Paying attention to what we’re thinking And doing why because we’re so used to It that it happens automatically a lot Of times it’s by default and we’re not Even catching it and we spend a lot of Time sometimes in those default places And if it’s a certain subject doesn’t Matter how good you are at this it Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been Studying Law of Attraction manifesting Neville’s work law of Mind love Assumption all of it doesn’t matter how Does not matter how long you’ve been Studying it researching and applying it Does not matter If someone is Reflecting something back to you

You know it don’t fight it don’t fight It just It brings you so much peace and it’s Such Uh Powerful tool For you to understand that this is what I’m Getting back so what am I going to Change within my what do I what I have To be thinking within myself that is Attracting this and what do I want to be Attracting instead what do I want to be Experiencing instead because I I know That I will always get back What I’m putting out it doesn’t matter The person you know they say oh Karma This that like when you Um when you when you do something you Get it back or or when you give um when You give a person a gift you expect them To give you Just as big of a gift let’s say or Whatever you know we all know those Things in our culture but the truth is That why are why are you holding one Person responsible for You know you do something for another Person it doesn’t mean that things gonna Come from that person yes it comes back To you because what you give outcomes Back to you but it doesn’t have to be From that person so you when you’re kind Or when you’re mean or whatever you

You’re being it it reflects back to you And it’s not just by action karma is Thought this is this is where it Completely gets misinterpreted I I don’t even know to what extent Um you know people have believed this Complete falsity that karma is an act Karma’s not an act it may be reflected In an act but it’s your thought it all Stems in your thoughts so if you’re Thinking a certain way It’s those it’s embedded in those inner Conversations and that mental diet so What you’re getting back from other People is going to reflect it it may not Be from the person you were thinking That about might become from someone Else so you might say oh I never that Can’t be it can’t be that this person is Being pushed out because I never had These thoughts about this person well You have those thoughts about somebody Else you know that counts too Um and it may sound complicated it may Sound like it takes a lot to control now You know the way you’re thinking about People but not really once you have the Habit of of thinking loving and peaceful Thoughts then that’s what naturally Would become your habit So just a reminder that’s really big it Makes a huge change I understand this From experience I’m not saying it from Reading or from listening to Neville

Abraham because I I listen to Neville Abraham Hicks all these years for like 15 years because I I know that what They’re saying is true because I’ve Experienced it so Um I still experience it there are Moments where I I behave a certainly I’m Like what was I doing and then I Couldn’t connect all those pieces so Thank you guys for watching if you like This video please click like if you want More on this topic definitely click like So I know subscribe if you haven’t done So yet and I’ll see you guys next time Thank you

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