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Foreign Not even stress hi I am sheetal and Today I am going to perform asanas and Pranayama's which will help reduce our Day-to-day stress and bring joy let's Begin with a relaxing deep breathing Exercise I have sat down in a comfortable Position I'm relaxing my shoulders shifting them Downwards away from my ears now I'm Putting one hand on the chest and the Other one on the stomach Without straining or pushing I'm Breathing through the nose I can feel the air moving through the Nostrils into my abdomen As I am exhaling slowly I can feel my Stomach gently Contracting you can Repeat these steps as many times as you Can It's time to move to our first pose Sukhasana or the easy pose I am beginning in a seated position with My legs extended outwards I'm keeping my Arms to the side and straightening the Shoulder blades Now I'm slowly crossing my legs with one Leg on top of the other widening my Knees and then positioning each foot Beneath the opposite knee my arms are Relaxed on my knees with my Palms facing Upwards I'm straightening my back and Balancing my body weight across the sit

Bones by making sure my buttocks stay on The mat Now I'm taking a deep breath and holding It for three seconds before I exhale I will be repeating this breathing Exercise throughout you can simply close Your eyes and hold this pose for one Minute While this easy pose is gentle on the Hips people who have extremely tight Hips can perform this pose using a Pillow or a thick blanket one can also Use yoga bolsters to raise the buttocks And hips The second pose which I am performing is Called yoga mudra or psychic union pose I am beginning this pose by curling my Fingers to make a tight fist with my Right hand now I'm taking this behind my Back and holding my right wrist with my Left hand i'm inhaling deeply and while I exhale I'm bending my torso in the Forward Direction I'm continuing to bend Until I bring my forehead to the floor If that's not possible Bend as far as You are comfortable with closed eyes I'm Taking deep and slow breaths as I relax In this position for a minute This is yoga mudrasana To return I'm just lifting my forehead And slowly raising the Torso while Inhaling I am repeating this pose by first Interchanging the crossed legs

And then arms Now I'm back in tsukasana pose The third pose which I am performing is Called balasana or the child pose I'm beginning in the tabletop position Next I'm widening the distance between My knees towards the edges of the mat And bringing my toes together Simultaneously Next I'm sinking my buttocks on the Heels firmly with my Palms resting on my Thighs As I'm inhaling I'm stretching my arms and allowing my Spine to lengthen upwards I'm beginning To lean forward with a soft and slow Exhale while my hands are reaching the Floor My forehead is rested on the floor my Eyes are closed and I am observing my Breath for three to five repetitions I can't help but notice the ease and Lightness this posture is bringing to my Spine my head is feeling relaxed and my Mind is feeling calmer Foreign You can be in this posture for as long As you feel comfortable whenever you Feel uncomfortable go back to the Neutral position The fourth pose which I am performing is Called Marjyasana and bithilasana or the cat Cow pose

I'm beginning in the table top position By keeping a hip width's distance Between the knees and the shoulder width Distance between the Palms my trunk is Parallel to the floor and my arms are Firmly straight at the elbows I'm pressing my Palms firmly on the Floor and relaxing the muscles of the Trunk as I am inhaling Lifting my head and Chin pointing up and Driving my navel towards the floor Foreign I'm arching my spine towards the ceiling As I'm dropping the crown of my head and Tailbone simultaneously I could notice a Significant stretch on my spine while Doing this combination of cat and cow Pose While in this pose let your head drop Naturally by releasing the back of your Neck Don't force your chin to your chest Keep your shoulders relaxed and away From your ears observe how you feel the Tension being released from the spine When you're exhaling You can repeat this three to five times In one go It's time to come back to the neutral Position Our fifth pose is called Mukhaswana Sana or the downward facing Dog pose I'm beginning on all fours my hands in Line with my wrists and my knees under

The hips now I'm pressing into my hands Tucking my toes under Lifting up my knees bringing my sitting Bones up towards the ceiling I'm keeping my knees and spine straight And my heels are pressed down if you Find it difficult keep a slight Bend in Your knees and lengthen your spine and Tailbone if pressing heels on the ground Is difficult you can keep your heels Slightly off the ground press firmly Into your hands just make sure your Weight is distributed evenly between Both sides of your body paying attention To the position of your hips and Shoulders keep your head in line with Your upper arms or with your chin tucked In slightly I can notice the lengthening of my spine One can hold this pose for up to one Minute for two to four rounds each Whenever ready return to the initial Position and then slowly relax In balasana or vajrasana if you have High blood pressure or vertigo please Avoid this pose Let's finish our session with some Soothing pranayama Foreign I'm closing my eyes and breathing deeply Now I'm closing my ear flaps with my Thumbs next I have placed my index Finger just above my eyebrows and the Rest of my fingers over my eyes

I'm applying gentle pressure on the Sides of my nose it's time to Concentrate the mind on the area between The eyebrows as I keep my mouth closed I'm breathing out slowly while humming Like a humming bee Um Repeat this process five times While doing this beautiful pranayama Assume that you're being connected to All the positive energies of the Universe Yoga helps in the balance of holding and Letting go and it is the same balance You need to relieve yourself from stress On this coming note this is sheetal Taking your leave until we meet next Keep growing keep glowing

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