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So Puffs come go Predominantly Really awareness it's so much nicer than Thinking So I had the opportunity to interview You once before a cart about 10 years Ago and one of the things you reported To me then was that after This Awakening you experienced in 80 Percent reduction in mental activity And I'm curious in your life What it's like for you in terms of your Relationship to thoughts meaning do you Sometimes Have Hours go by where there literally are no Thoughts or are there thoughts coming But they just Float by there's no Attention is given to them so what's What's it actually like and I'm sure It's different obviously if you're in The middle of a airport doing something Than if you're just relaxing at home but I'm curious to know more about the Interior and your experience yes well There are long stretches of no thought And I can still function in that state For example you talk about airport I can Perfectly check in or Walk to the Go through security check and Then on to whatever The lounge Without any thought and this would not

Be uncommon that I would do something or Go from where I get into the car And drive to the store to buy something And again virtually no thought is not Uncommon so and and and or it doesn't Make occasionally little fragments may Come up like little puffs of clouds And then they're gone so it's there can Be Um or let's say I'm sitting at home not Doing much and Occasional thoughts can drift in and out Of awareness like clouds like the sky is Blue but but little puffy clouds come From time to time and they go The thoughts have no I don't follow them and they don't even Try anymore to get my attention as is The case with people who are still Very strongly identified with thought Every thought pulls you every thought Pulls you where it wants you to go And Thrones don't really have that pull Anymore They just when they appear there's a Blue sky and in the the clouds appear And disappear appear and disappear Um And they could even occasionally be a Stream of thoughts in certain situations Or maybe not even connected to anything About the happy particular happening Outside of me there can be times when There are certain streams of thoughts

But again they are harmless they are not They are not the thoughts that that have This gravitational pull that was and you Have to follow them with the entire Attention But it's it's a thought that yes or from Time to time there may even be more Clouds than blue sky but these clouds Are not not no longer the the heavy Weather clouds that I had in the distant Past and that other people perhaps Recognize in their own lives they are More like Innocent little puffy clouds with Thoughts but but no thought is matters That much it's and then it disappears It's not it's not Amplified by following It up and identifying with it and then Becomes a heavy thing that takes Possession of you so it never feels as If any thought were taking possession of Me So yes then to summarize [Music] Um I think if anybody entered my inner State they would be surprised how little Thinking there actually is compared to Probably what I still is still for most People normal almost continuous Follow relatively little this yes there Is some And that which there is is Doesn't have the heaviness anymore that

It has when you're identified with the Thoughts and you they have a Gravitational pull and they develop into Streams they proliferate and develop Into streams and You Lose Yourself Completely in it So that doesn't doesn't happen So I I most I'm the not thinking is Almost would say predominates unless There's something specific to think About and but then occasionally Yes Clouds come and go and so on but there's Always an awareness of the sky also It's um And it doesn't really matter whether I'm In out in nature in the walking in the Forest Looking around Let's just describe let's just describe Perhaps one minute of let me walking in The forest Walking The dog Trees No thought just looking at the trees the Plants the aliveness of it sensing the Energy field And then a thought may come and says oh When I got home I need to I need to Do this or that I I forgot to do that I Need to when I get home I still need to

Do that I need to buy some I need to buy some bananas later okay And then it's gone and then after And then some other thought comes of Something uh Maybe who could be anything a person Would try to contact me the other day Didn't and then it's gone again and back So Puffs come go Predominantly Really awareness it's so much nicer than Thinking So just to be sure that I fully hear you Correctly it never happens that one of These Puffs kind of has a little hook That comes down that catches you by the Neck or something like that and you know Just a little hook that comes in like I Forgot to do something and Good question I have experienced in the past not for Some time now occasionally Uh some thought coming in and hook is a Good word I experienced in the past Sometimes and I can't remember when the Last time was Occasionally some thought coming in and Wanting more of me than just appear and Disappear yes it goes I perceive it it Goes like this it pulls your sleeve yeah Yeah [Music] And so That's and usually I I notice it and

Then there's an intensification of Presence there's a conscious a conscious Choice at that moment To be more intensely present interesting Yeah The same thing happens when a challenge Comes in in everyday life something goes Wrong Whatever it may be and the challenge Comes in And What otherwise what could easily develop Into some kind of drop minor drama and Again at that time Usually it's not even so much a Conscious Choice which almost happens Naturally that immediately there is an Intensification of presence So that's an that's something that I Hadn't mentioned before There is the The normal level of presence is the the Taking over of the normal level when the Challenge comes in There is a I call it sometimes the dimmer switch Is turned up And there's more intense presence when The challenge comes because Only is more intense presence can burn The The thoughts that wanted to arise there And so there's then a And hard to describe or the heightening

Of present is but if if I could act it Out Um please It's like normal normal presence is uh And more intense presence is Been back to normal More intense The more intense presence is a There's this presence becomes a sharp Sword as I sometimes compare to that in Intense presence which if you're Surrounded by pandemonium Could happen then That is required and so there's the or If there's a very strong pull by some Thought it has come this way I will I will lead you to a wonderful Place it's called drama and unhappiness Just follow me you will love it And then you have to go You can't fight that thing you can't say No go away you give it more power You just go You have to have that fierceness then The presence becomes Fierce presence Whereas before Presence most gentle gentle presence

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