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Get ready some opportunity is going to land 
in your lap now you’re the vortex of creation You don’t really actually create wealth you 
generate wealth the moment you start teaching your   Body emotionally what that future is going to feel 
like before it’s made manifest it’s the scientific   Fact that it’s the environment that signals the 
gene the end product from an experience in the   Environment is an emotion so when you begin to 
embrace an elevated emotion you’re beginning to   Signal the gene ahead of the environment what’s 
the importance of that well genes make proteins   And proteins are responsible for the structure 
and the function of your body and the expression   Of proteins is the expression of life so by you 
creating an elevated emotion and teaching your   Body what that future will feel like before it’s 
made manifest your body’s starting to live in that   Future reality in the present moment now here’s 
the key if you were able to become familiar with   Gratitude become familiar with wholeness become 
familiar with abundance to become familiar with   Freedom and you’re able to generate those 
chemicals every single day more than likely   You would be walking around feeling like your 
future has already happened then you would no   Longer be looking for it to happen you would 
already feel like it has happened now what   Is the importance of that well you’re literally 
becoming somebody else so you’re leaving your lack   You’re leaving your guilt you’re leaving your 
emptiness behind your personality literally yet   Is made up of how you think how you act and how 
you feel and how you think how you act and how you   Feel is your personality and your personality is 
intimately connected to your personal reality your   Life so then if you want to change your life 
your personal reality you got to change your   Personality and here we go again you gotta start 
becoming conscious of your unconscious thoughts   How to start noticing how you act how you speak 
you gotta pay attention to how you’re feeling   Some people would live in guilt their whole entire 
life and don’t even know it’s guilt because at   Least it feels like them so then when you start 
doing that you begin to objectify your subjective   Self so when you begin to make small changes back 
to thought a new thought should lead to a new   Choice a new choice should lead to a new behavior 
a new behavior should create a new experience and   A new experience should create a new emotion and 
that new emotion is teaching your body chemically   To understand what your mind is intellectually 
understood now your body is embodying the truth so   Then the new emotion should inspire new thoughts 
and that’s called evolution so how do we get stuck   It’s really simple the stronger the emotion 
you feel from some event in your life be it a   Betrayal or a trauma or whatever the more altered 
you feel inside of you the more you pay attention   To the cause outside of you so the brain takes 
a snapshot it freezes an image and embosses that   Pattern neurologically in the brain that’s called 
a memory so we create long-term memories from   Strong emotional events certain people 
have a strong experience in their life   And it catches all of the brain’s attention so 
now they think neurologically within the circuits  

Of the past experience and they feel chemically 
within the boundaries of those emotions and so   How you think and how you feel creates 
a state of being now here’s the problem   That if you don’t know how to mediate or 
control your emotional reaction to that event   And you keep that refractory period of 
chemicals going on extended periods of time   So that the event produces a chemical 
change and the body needs to return back   To homeostasis or balance but if it can’t 
then the elongation of that emotional reaction   For weeks say for days or weeks is called the mood 
so you say ed what’s wrong with you i’m in a mood   Why are you in a mood well this thing happened to 
me five days ago and i’m having one long emotional   Reaction so then what you do is you keep telling 
the story about it keep firing and wiring the same   Circuits and you keep conditioning the body into 
the past so then you wake up in the morning you   Look for the emotion so that now all of a sudden 
you keep it lingering for weeks or months that’s   Called the temperament well why is he so angry 
i don’t know let’s ask him why are you so angry   Well this thing happened to me eight months 
ago i’m having one long emotional reaction i’m   Memorizing my emotions you keep it going on for 
years on end that’s called a personality trait so   Then a person then is memorizing themselves by 
living in the past and so then you say to them   Well tell me the story now the latest research 
on memory says that 50 of what we talk about   In our past isn’t even the truth so we make 
stuff up about the past in other words people   Are reliving a life that they didn’t even have 
just to reaffirm that they can’t change so then   What’s the significance of this where you place 
your attention is where you place your energy   So then the stronger the emotion that you have to 
some problem or condition or person in your life   The more you’re paying attention to 
them so they captured your attention   So you’re giving your power away there’s 
an energetic connection to every person   Everything everything in your past present reality 
has your energy connected to it so now this is the   Significance when a person really decides to 
be defined by a vision of the future instead   Of the memory of the past the hardest part about 
it is all of a sudden becoming conscious and not   Making the same unconscious choice if you lower 
the volume to your frustration to your hatred   To your anger if you truly knew how to do that if 
you lowered the volume to that emotion you would   Take your attention off that person which means 
you would begin to break those energetic bonds and   Now you’re taking your power back you’re calling 
energy back to you we’ve measured this and all of   A sudden it builds this bigger electromagnetic 
field around the person’s body that’s energy to   Heal that’s energy to create a new future with if 
you didn’t want to lower the volume to the emotion   Then just take your attention off the person and 
every time you take your attention off the person   If you became conscious of that you wouldn’t 
feel the emotion body though has been addicted to   That emotion because you’re using that person to 
reaffirm your addiction to hatred or frustration  

And if that person died you’d find another one so 
then here you go now so now you’re in a position   Now where you begin to lower the volume to that 
emotion and the body’s going wait a second you’ve   Been doing this for the last 20 years and all of 
a sudden you’re just going to stop hating and the   Body says well i’ve been conditioned this way and 
conditioning is based on the past so when the body   Feels the lack of that emotion just like a drug 
addict it says hey you’re off schedule here so   Now the body starts influencing the mind to think 
about experiences that are embossed in the brain   That are based on that emotion so the emotion now 
is causing you to think in the past if we teach a   Person then how to trade that frustration or that 
hatred for an elevated emotion and they’ll say   Yeah but you know it was my ex’s fault or i got 
betrayed by my partner in business yeah yeah yeah   We know that okay so let’s take your partner in 
business or take your ex duct tape them put them   In a cannon and shoot them to the moon now what 
are you gonna do sooner or later you gotta reckon   With yourself and change right teach a person then 
how to trade that emotion for an elevated emotion   So you’re going to give that up and you’re going 
to practice feeling gratitude the person says well   I can’t feel gratitude and i say absolutely you 
can because you don’t practice feeling it you   Practice spending most of your time feeling hatred 
and frustration so now it’s going to take a little   Time to cause that heart of yours to bloom once 
they’re able to feel even the smallest measure of   Gratitude where they start feeling appreciation 
thankfulness gratitude it’s emotional signature   When you get something when you’re receiving 
something when something has happened to you   Or when something is happening to you you say 
thank you because you’re receiving something so   The emotional signature of gratitude means the 
event has already happened where it’s happening   To you so the moment you open your heart and 
you feel gratitude well that emotion then   Is telling the body that the experience has 
already occurred and the thought then can make it   Into the body because it’s consistent you’ve got 
to maintain that modified state of mind and body   Your entire day independent of the conditions in 
your outer environment independent of your body’s   Cravings of those emotions and habituations 
and independent from time and if you can   Get ready because something weird or unusual some 
synchronicity some coincidence some opportunity   Is going to land in your lap and you didn’t have 
to go and get it it came to you now you’re the   Vortex of creation so if you say to me well i was 
feeling gratitude but then there was traffic or my   Co-worker sent me a nasty email then i would 
say oh my god you mean you’re allowing your   Environment your outer environment to control how 
you feel and think you’re back to the unconscious   Program that you’re the victim to your life but 
when you start producing those outcomes in your   Life you’re going to pay attention to what you 
did inside of you and you’re going to believe   You’re the creator of your life unless of the 
victim of your life we’re changing our brain   And body to live in that future present reality so 
that you feel connected to a future instead of the  

Past and when you’re connected to the past you’re 
looking for it and if you’re looking for it you’re   Separate from it if you’re being it there’s a 
complete change in energy and nobody changes   Until they change their energy and when 
you change your energy you change your life   After 8 500 brain scans i can tell you that you 
and i are at our absolute best when we get beyond   Ourselves that is the elegant moment where we’re 
free enough to create without any encumbrances   The majority of our thoughts and feelings are 
connected to our sexuality to our victimization   Our guilt our suffering or shame or unworthiness 
or self-doubt or our importance our control   Our fear our anger our frustration our hatred our 
judgment those are first three hormonal centers in   The body and and those first three centers have 
everything to do with survival and those centers   Are energy consumers orgasm stress a lot of energy 
that we’re drawing from our very vital life force   Resource of light and information and we’re 
turning it into chemistry and we’re literally   Robbing the body’s energy so then living like 
that for the short term is okay because the body   Can move back to homeostasis it can restore itself 
but when we’re over doing that consistently then   There’s no energy for growth and repair there’s 
because you’re living constantly in survival so   Again you can eat all the right food you can 
do all the right things but if you’re living   In anxiety and fear and you’re viewing your world 
from the worst case scenario that could possibly   Happen because that’s what you do in survival 
there’s no energy for growth and repair there’s no   Energy for healing so the majority of our thoughts 
are signaling certain circuits in the brain that   Signal another part of the brain limbic brain to 
make what’s called a neuropeptide neuropeptides   Are chemical messengers that signal hormonal 
centers so now you’re taking thought and you’re   Storing it as energy in these energy centers 
and and if you’re living in survival why would   You open your heart i mean it’s just not a time to 
open your heart if you’re getting chased by t-rex   It’s not a time to meditate it’s not a time to 
learn it’s not a time to connect it’s not a time   To communicate it’s not a time to sit down and 
go within it’s not a time to be vulnerable it’s   Time to run fight or hide when you’re living in 
survival at the infinite potentials in the quantum   Field you’ll select the worst case scenario in 
your mind and you’ll begin to emotionally prepare   Yourself for the worst case scenario because you 
have better chances of surviving if you prepare   For the worst people spend their whole life 
thinking about the worst thing and emotionally   Embracing it while you take a thought an emotion 
or an image and an emotion you’re branding or   Conditioning your body into what anxiety so then 
you keep doing that over and over again over and   Over again the body becomes the mind of fear and 
whether you think you can control it or not you’re   Gonna have a panic attack panic attack is the body 
saying you’ve conditioned me this way try as you   May with your conscious mind and control it you 
programmed it subconsciously you start worrying   About the next panic attack and it’s that very 
anticipation keeps the person on the hamster  

Wheel so they don’t believe in possibility when 
they’re living in that state in survival it’s not   A time to create all the blood flow is going 
to the hind brain and away from the forebrain   There’s no physiology really for a person to 
begin to create a new future 70 of the time   People in the world are living anticipating the 
next moment based on their past moment and so   They’re laying reality down moment by moment with 
the next known the next predictable moment and   So the hormones of stress endorse the senses our 
senses become heightened when we’re under stress   And we become materialists we narrow our focus 
on the danger so then you’re focusing on matter   You’re focusing on the material world and when you 
do that you put all your attention the arousal of   The stress hormones puts all your attention 
on your body when people start reaching this   Moment my goodness they’re overcoming themselves 
and now they’re at that perfect place to create   And my definition of creation is when i forget 
about myself that’s when you’re free so some   People can do it because they’ve practiced it 
other people can’t get beyond the addiction   Of a certain emotion that means their body is 
still their mind so then if you’re sitting in   A meditation and your body’s thrown the kitchen 
sink at you and saying you’re a loser you’re never   Going to change this is too hard why don’t you 
quit and you’re aware that that’s your body doing   That and you say to your body we’re going to sit 
here and we’re going to sit in this fire and i’m   Going to keep applying the formula and your brain 
starts running to all the emails you have that   You return back to the present moment you tell the 
body it’s no longer the mind that you’re the mind   Now your will is getting greater than that 
program and there’s a liberation of energy   And every time you do that that’s a victory and 
now you’re taming the animal the body is the   Animal and you’re like a dog you sit and if you 
keep doing this keep doing this you’re climbing   On top and the body finally acquiesces it finally 
says i’m not going anywhere and then boom there’s   This liberation of energy what’s the side effect 
joy person’s heart just automatically opens up and   Every time they do that those victories add up 
there’s no such thing as a bad meditation only   Overcoming yourself and so then all the chatter 
in your head listen to all day long that is called   The default mode network in the brain my research 
shows that shuts off not just shuts off during the   Meditation it stays shut off for the rest of the 
day so the critic in your head that’s telling you   This will never happen you have enough time that 
there’s no voice there so you just have a clear   Flow where you’re going and you trust yourself 
more so then when you start practicing creating   That brain and heart coherence you can believe 
in a future that you can’t see or experience with   Your senses yet but you’ve thought about enough 
times in your mind actually there’s physical   Evidence in your brain to look like it’s already 
happening and you can begin to understand you   Can select a new potential in the quantum field 
and every day emotionally embrace that future   Reality to such a degree that your body begins 
to believe it’s living in that future reality in  

The present moment and you’re signaling new genes 
and new ways to change your body to look like it’s   Already happened now think about this if there’s 
physical evidence by thought alone in your brain   And body to look like your wealth or your future 
has already happened and you’re already it so it’s   Not about your wealth it’s not about your health 
it’s not about your freedom it’s who you become

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