Awakening and Special Abilities | Eckhart on Healing Powers, Aura Seeing, and Much More

And then it has often happened and I Personally know of the people Who had genuine abilities And then they couldn't produce them all The time They only they the ability came when it Wanted to come healing for example I love your teachings and I have a small Practice I do every day I meditate I Feel it's helped me tremendously in my Life I feel that all of the questions Basically come back to the same thing Obviously being present but um in my Spiritual journey I've come across Certain ideas that I don't quite Understand and I'm wondering if you Could comment on them and those would be Things like um a manipulation of reality And I don't just mean the power of Intention which I feel that I have Employed in my life consciously but Things more like Lucid dreaming or [Music] Functioning at a higher frequency that Phrase or Octaves of the Multiverse Or um seeing auras no well all these Things at different levels Function at a higher frequency Is the one expression that I can relate To most because this is another way of Putting what this is all about so we are Learning to function at a higher

Frequency there are many other there are Other Expressions that have come to People some of them Who have gone very deeply perhaps the Person who came up with function as a Higher frequency may be went deeply and Then this is the words that came To somebody else who goes to the same D Plates different words may come because What what words you use to describe an Inner reality a deeper reality depends On the conditioning of your mind so you Will use different words But also what people consider important Also is a reflection of their state of Consciousness Seeing auras is a wonderful thing it's Not the ultimate thing that will Transform your Consciousness it can come As a byproduct Of a certain development of Consciousness sometimes it does Sometimes it doesn't It is not something to be sought as the Ultimate thing to achieve because even If you see auras you're still in the Same state of consciousness which may be Egoic in fact you may become so Identified with your ability to see Auras that your ego gets even bigger Then there are As Consciousness evolves There is it sometimes happens that Certain abilities arise that are

Considered Uh Or some almost miraculous to some people They come on some people they come in And they go again In India Those abilities that arise spontaneously As a byproduct of Spiritual Awakening Are called cities So cities are For example To be able to to telepathy or to know What somebody is thinking or to move Things To create uh Telekinesis or whatever any of these Things spontaneously very often are Things that happen and all the real Teachers in India they do not teach you To develop cities they all point to the Fact that Cities you should not give them too much Importance when they do come Because then you lose track of what Really matters which is your state of Consciousness So all the great teachers have said okay Cities are fine They tend to come and go and even if They stay it's not the main thing if you Get drawn into that you get lost and You're no longer the evolution is no Longer proceeding and in most cases if You get drawn into some extraordinary

Ability Ego usually comes in because it's Something you identify with as an Enhanced sense of self in your mind And then it has often happened and I Personally know of people who had Genuine abilities And then they couldn't produce them all The time They only they the ability came when it Wanted to come healing for example Healing through oils like the a new one Or two people personally when they went Into the healing state Suddenly there was oil that manifested Fragrant oil in their hands and they Would put their hands on people and Often there would be a healing and they Started to Practice more and then they began to Realize oh they never said that That they couldn't the oil just what Didn't come all the time then they tried There's no oil and I've got a room full Of people wanting to be healed they're Coming at eight o'clock And some because they had an ego Investment it became their livelihood And so what one of them did I'm not Mentioning the name of course One of them did as was told to me by his Personal assistant He put a Like a rubber thing filled with oil

Under his armpits and then there was a Tube going down he had short sleeves but The tube just went to up to the the edge And then whenever he when he went like This the oil was putting pressure on his Armpit the oil would be squeezed out and Would flow into his hands and nobody Would know it because it ran down there Was a tube and it here the sleeve ended There and the boy would run down into His hands And so he because he had an ego Involvement in it he became he was both Genuine and a fraud at the same time It's not uncommon for people who attach Great importance to these powers to Become They have posted genuine power and when It leaves and they are fraud So but of course that's their spiritual Path and at some point there is who Could say that this person cannot evolve Beyond it if they if he realizes what He's doing at some point awareness may Come in and then he may well give up Doing is healing So all these things what these various Terminologies Expressions they come on The one hand they come from people whose State of Consciousness values that Particular thing and then often they They create that expression say this is The ultimate thing and of course the Other thing is the one that I can do

And there are teachers who Can perform so-called miracles And in by relatively unevolved humans That can be mistaken for great Enlightenment But sometimes these abilities like yogic Abilities there are people In India who can stop breathing for an Hour two or three they can you they bury Them in in a box a sealed box and they Might March days later and does it mean That they have gone beyond ego not Necessarily In fact the ego may be very big while They're in the box and especially when They come out of it and everybody goes So but if these things come as a Byproduct of Awakening it's fine But not giving them excessive importance That's really The main thing could you say a word About octaves no no no no no idea thank You I look it up on the internet Me too

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