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[Music] Foreign Every strong woman lies a story of Courage and sheer will Hi I'm sheetal Today I am going to perform asanas and Meditations which will help you heal Pcod let's begin [Music] I am beginning with pranayama that is That helps in eliminating toxins from The body I'm sitting in sukhasana Cross-legged position I'm gently closing my eyes Now I'm blocking the right nostril of my Nose with my right thumb and I'm slowly Inhaling through the left nostril I'm closing my left nostril with the Ring finger of my right palm and Simultaneously exhaling through my right Nostril as I release my thumb from there I'm again inhaling through my right Nostril Closing the right nostril Sailing through the left as I release my Ring finger from there [Music] I have completed one round of analome Vilom here you can repeat the same cycle Of breathing for five to Fifteen rounds All throughout the practice try to keep The inhalation and exhalation equal as Much as possible if you're a beginner

Start with one minute and then gradually Extend to five minutes [Music] The first pose which I am performing is Called Buddha konasana or the butterfly Pose I am beginning this pose by sitting with My legs extended straight and spine Lengthened sit on your sit bones as much As possible I'm keeping my arms relaxed With my Palms on my thighs we have to Keep breathing normally throughout now I'm bending both my knees one by one and Bringing the soles of my feet together While I let my knees fall out on the Other side I'm drawing the soles of my feet Together and using my hands to open them As if opening the pages of a book I am taking a deep breath Stretching my spine upwards and exhaling Slowly I'm making sure that my shoulders and Arms are relaxed I I can feel the inner Thighs stretching The lower abdomen and the back relaxing With my eyes closed I'm observing my Breathing for three to five repetitions If you're not comfortable sitting on the Floor You can use a cushion too [Music] To release my pose I'm gently opening my Eyes relaxing my arms and straightening

My legs Foreign [Music] Butterfly pose I'm lying on my back with my knees bent Keeping the soles of my feet on the Floor next I'm opening my knees on Either side Bringing the souls of my feet together Keeping my legs in the same position as They were in Buddha konasana my arms are Relaxed by my side I will be staying here for several Minutes Gravity Works to deepen my stretch I'm breathing naturally throughout my Pose While in this pose Focus on relaxing the back and pelvic Area take longer and deeper breaths Which will surely make you feel better Foreign [Music] Make sure you don't push your knees Towards the floor rather than gravity Let your hip joint and thigh muscle Release this tension gradually In case you're facing lower back pain or Knee injury please avoid this pose You can hold this pose for as long as You're comfortable when you want to Conclude Come back to the initial position Where the knees were bent and feet were

On the floor I'm rolling over to one side and using My hands to support as I sit up [Music] The fourth and final pose I'm performing Is called bhujangasana or the Cobra pose I'm beginning this pose by lying on my Chest with my elbows close to my body And Palms facing up As I am inhaling I am slowly Straightening my arms To lift my chest off the floor and keep Reclining my back I could notice a beautiful stretch when I lifted my chest I'm keeping my gaze forward you can even Keep it up if your neck is comfortable I'm holding this posture for 15 to 30 Seconds [Music] If your shoulders crunch during the pose Bend both your elbows and lift your Chest higher Gradually exhaling I'm returning to my Normal posture [Music] Let's finish our session with a calming Breathing practice called brahmari Pranayama or the bumble bee breath I'm sitting in sukhasana Closing my eyes Taking deep breaths I'm closing my ear flaps with my thumbs I'm placing my index finger just above

My eyebrows And the rest of my fingers are covering My eyes Now I'm applying gentle pressure on the Sides of my nose I concentrating my mind On the area between my eyebrows as I Keep my mouth closed I'm breathing out Slowly While humming the sound off [Music] Um For better results repeat this five Times The important thing is that while doing This pranayama assume that you are being Connected to all the positive energies Of the universe Um It's time for me to relax Yoga strengthens our spirit and enhances Our happiness on this happy note this is Sheetal taking your leave until we meet Next keep growing keep glowing

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